The pain, anguish, and torment that Micah is going through is heartbreaking to witness as Melissa Collins painstakingly unfolds his journey in Unsteady, book three, in the On Solid Ground series. 

Running from a teenage love was Micah's biggest mistake—now ten years later—he's running again, but it's back to the only man he's ever loved in hopes that he may get it right this time. 

Jude has missed and ached for Micah and regretted so much about what happened and how he handled things graduation day. He had no idea he wouldn't see him again to explain why he did what he did, now a decade later he's back, and his feelings are just as strong as they were then. 

Micah and Jude have a lot of time to make up for and even though Jude knows there are things Micah can't talk about—right now—he's just happy he's there with him. 

Micah suffers from PTSD and thanks to his service dog, Sarge, he's able to ward off panic attacks before they get too bad but he's keeping secrets from Jude that need to be told sooner rather than later and the stress is getting to him causing turmoil between the two. 

My heart was breaking for Micah as he admits some of his truths with Jude. Going straight to war after school and doing what he felt was right, at the time, has left lasting repercussions causing Micah to doubt himself and the validity of his worth.

Jude hasn't fared much better over the years. He and his father are in much the same situation as they were in high school but once Micah sees with his own eyes he realizes what's going on and goes out on a limb to make some improvements. It was awesome to see the changes and the smiles that it brought to the faces of Jude and his dad.

Unsteady is an emotional and gripping story that will pull on your heartstrings but it's also uplifting and rewarding as Micah and Jude find each other after so long and realize they still love each other.  They both will have to decide how and if they want to move forward together as neither are out of the closet and there's still secrets Micah is keeping from Jude that could upset the whole dynamic. 

This is my second book by Melissa Collins and I love how I immediately connect to her characters and feel the emotion as if they are right in front of me. The angst, the pain, the chemistry and the joy was intense and alive on the page. A great story that will bring tears to your eyes one minute and a smile the next. An emotional journey with a great ending. 


5 stars

* my thanks to the promoter for my copy in exchange for an honest review *