Love buried his heart in the cold, hard ground

And that’s where Max Kelley plans for it to stay.

Until a blonde, blue-eyed spit fire comes into his life meeting every challenge Max throws out, the thawing of his heart was never a concern. . . now it’s a living, breathing fear.

Kora Knight takes the reader back to the beginning of Max Kelley’s life in her latest novel, Unearthed The Dungeon Black Duology – Book One to his teenage years and what molded the boy into the man he is today.

We first met Max in Kora’s, Upending Tad, series which I highly recommend and I also recommend reading it first to fully understand the dynamic between Max and his roommate Scott and the feelings that, you the reader, have towards Max before you learn who he really is.

I didn’t like Max, that much, in Upending Tad because he comes across as overbearing, a control freak, and arrogant so I was looking forward to having my expectations of him changed. Did Knight turn me into a Mad Max Junkie?

Yes, I am addicted to all things Max and couldn’t get enough of him in my system. Max is all of those things above, but now I know why. His pain and desperation that later turned into anger needed an outlet or he was going to destroy himself.

Finding BDSM, mastering it, being the absolute best, gives Max a connection and release without involving feelings and that’s what he needs to have control.

Sean is a college senior who models part-time but he has goals and aspirations of his own that put him behind the camera instead of in front of one.

Through a series of events that lead Max and Sean to the same place, both of their worlds become tilted and even though they try to right themselves it’s not working. There is a pull that neither understand and a mutual respect. Sean has an uncanny ability to make Max smile which is a very rare occurrence and he likes it, A lot, so he tries to make it happen, A lot.

Unearthed is unparalleled in its content with the BDSM scenes and will hold you in its grasp as each one plays out. They are intense and guaranteed to elevate your heart rate. They make up a major portion of the book, but not only are they imperative to the story they are exhilarating and captivating in there narrative.

Unearthed is a continuation so we are left to wonder where things may stand between Max and Sean. Max has a lot of things to think about just as Sean does as well. Both men are courageous, strong, and lonely and have found in each other a connection they didn’t really know they were looking for until they found it. Now they just have to decide what to do with this new information.

I highly recommend reading Upending Tad first then going straight into Unearthed. I am “not so patiently” waiting for Revived, Book Two, The Dungeon Black Duology, coming this fall. 5 Stars


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the author/promoter *