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Exclusive DELETED SCENE from T.M. Smith's - How to Deal - An All Cock's Story - Book 3



★NOTE★ This scene is unedited since it was cut before the final editing.

From chapter 8 Thankful, an alternate ending…

Kory could tell by the smoldering look on Jon’s face that the only thing stopping his hunky 

boyfriend from fucking him in the elevator were the presents that weighed down both their arms. 

They barely made it into the apartment before Jon dropped them and grabbed Kory, turning and 

pinning him to the door, ravishing his mouth with a deliberate kiss. 

“Jon.” Kory groaned as Jon ground his already stiff cock into Kory’s hip. When Jon ran his 

hands down Kory’s back to his ass, grabbing a cheek in each hand, Kory welcomed the invitation 

and jumped into Jon’s arms, wrapping his legs around Jon’s waist. Jon fumbled for the door, 

found the lock and clicked it before turning and carrying Kory into his bedroom. 

Jon managed to get Kory into the bedroom, naked and lying spread eagle in the middle of the 

bed without breaking the seal of their joined lips. When Jon stood at the foot of the bed, looking 

down at Kory and licking his lips, the look Kory saw in his eyes was somewhere between 

predatory and primal. He groaned and fell back on the bed when Jon turned and walked out of 

the bedroom.

“Where the fuck are you going?” Kory all but whined, like a petulant child.

Jon’s laugh grew louder as he made his way back into the bedroom, the gift bag from Gran in his 

hand. “Needed supplies,” Jon said, turning the bag up and dumping the contents onto the bed at 

Kory’s feet. He grabbed a condom and a packet of raspberry lube then climbed onto the bed, 

crawling up Kory’s body and leaving a trail of wet heat along Kory’s already sweat damp skin 

with his tongue.

“Oh God,” Kory whispered.

“No, just Jon,” was the reply. Kory couldn’t help but laugh, reaching around and smacking Jon 

on the ass. It was then that he realized Jon was still dressed. Well, clothes were loosely hanging 

from Jon’s muscular frame at least. His white button down shirt was undone and open, 

displaying Jon’s muscular chest and abs. His blue dress pants were also unbuttoned and 

unzipped, and Kory had to wonder why he was naked, but his man wasn’t. 


“Too many clothes Jon,” Kory mumbled into Jon’s ear before gently biting down on the lobe, 

drawing a long moan from his lover. 


Jon sat back on his knees and Kory sighed, certain his man was fixing to get naked then fuck him 

into the mattress. Best Christmas present EVER as far as Kory was concerned. Jon seemed to 

have other plans though. He bit the corner off the small packet of lube, spitting the tiny piece of 

wrapper out as he coated his fingers with the greasy substance. Without any preamble or 

warning, Jon reached between Kory’s legs and breached his tight hole with two fingers. 


“OH FUCK!” Kory cried out, wincing, his body going rigid. The sharp pain was immediately 

replaced with pleasure as Jon bent his fingers, the tips rubbing over the tiny bundle of nerves 

inside Kory channel, making Kory’s eyes roll back in his head and his toes curl. “Oh, fuck, 

yeah!” Kory bit the words out between clinched teeth. 


Instinct took over and Kory’s hips began moving on their own, riding the three fingers Jon had 

buried in his ass. Kory gasped when he opened his eyes to look up at Jon. He was staring down 

at Kory, mouth agape, panting, and his pupils were completely blown, eyes glassy with want and 

need. With his other hand, Jon reached behind him fumbling until he had a condom in his hand. 

Another tear of plastic, another corner spit in the same direction as the first as Jon managed to 

unwrap the condom before rolling it down his supremely stiff dick. 


Jon pulled his fingers free of Kory’s body and jerked his shirt off, tossing it on the floor, before 

gripping the base of his shaft and guiding himself into the warm, tightness of Kory’s ass. Both 

men groaned in unison as Jon sank all the way in with one, long push. He toyed with Kory for a 

while, fucking him hard and fast, then leaning back and slow fucking his hole almost to the point 

of insanity, holding Kory at the brink of orgasm far longer than normal. 


After their first orgasm, Jon finally stripped off his pants and lay behind Kory on the bed, their 

bodies molded perfectly together. It didn’t take long for either of them to get hard again and Jon 

reached for another condom, quickly gloving up and pushing back into Kory from behind. It 

didn’t take long for Jon to push Kory over onto his stomach, pulling his ass up in the air until 

Kory was on his hands and knees, driving into Kory with slow, deliberate strokes that nailed 

Kory’s prostate with each pass. 


“Come here babe,” Jon wrapped his arm around Kory’s chest and pulled him up until they were 

both on their knees. With a tight grip on Kory’s hip, the other hand holding him by the shoulder, 

Jon drove up into Kory’s body like a jackhammer. 


Kory writhed and moaned and came dangerously close to being bucked off Jon’s dick a couple 

times before reaching back and grabbing hold of Jon’s thighs and holding on for dear life. Jon 

chuckled, “I got ya babe,” he told Kory, tightening his hold on Kory’s hip to the point of pain. 

Kory knew he would be sore and bruised by morning, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. 

Right now, it just felt so fucking amazing he never wanted this to end. 


“Oh God, Jon, you feel so fucking good.” 

“As do you Kory, I could just stay buried inside your body forever,” Jon replied. He wrapped 

one arm around Kory’s chest, pulling him back flush with his own and nuzzled Kory’s neck, 

biting down into the sensitive flesh of Kory’s throat. Kory whimpered before turning his head 

and seeking out Jon’s lips with his own, the two meeting for a sloppy, uncoordinated but perfect 



“Kory, babe, I’m close, grab your dick so we can come together.” Jon told him. Kory did as he 

was told, reaching down and wrapping his fingers around his already leaking cock. It didn’t take 

but a few quick strokes before Kory was crying out, come shooting out of him, landing on his 

chest and the bed. Kory’s constricting channel made quick work of Jon’s cock as well and he 

came buried balls deep inside his lover, groaning and falling forward on top of Kory, both men 

breathless and limp.  


Two hours, three condoms and five packets of lube later they both lay in bed on their backs, 

staring up at the ceiling, trying very hard to catch their breath. “Holy shit Jon. That was probably 

the single most satisfying sexual experience of my life.” Jon laughed, rolling to his side and 

grabbing Kory by the hip, pulling his body close. 


He kissed Kory’s forehead and closed his eyes, ready for a good night’s sleep after the workout 

they just had. Kory’s body shook next to him, silently laughing. “What?” Jon asked. 

“Well, I have to know, did it really taste like raspberries?” Kory asked, the humor evident in his 


Jon laughed before pulling Kory’s head close, leaning in for a quick kiss. “I don’t know, you tell 


Kory licked his lips, “Mmmmmm, yes, I do taste a hint of raspberry mixed in with the taste of 

my come.”

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