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I am thrilled to have Rodd Clark here today to talk about his books and life, in general. If you haven't read,Rubble and the Wreckage, yet, I implore you to pick it up now. Especially, since Torn and Frayed, Book 2, has just been released. 


If you had it to do all over again, would you change anything about Rubble and the Wreckage?  First of all, great question.  I’d have to say that I first considered making it a single book, only longer and with more detail to describe a finite resolution.  But the Gabriel Church Tale in-itself would have to be a lengthy novel indeed, at least to fully encapsulate everything I wanted to say without boring the reader to tears.  Therefore, I decided to break it down into smaller chapters if you will, because I needed to tell the complete story and that sometimes means a series run.     The main characters in Rubble and the Wreckage are intimately significant for me, and I thought each one required a closer examination to fully comprehend why they often made such stupid and dangerously ill-advised choices.    As it turns out, it was just one more reason to put out another book in the tale, which makes me secretly happy since I’m able to spend more time with each character’s life as they struggle to escape the pages.

How did you come up with the title of your book? It’s hard for me to write about characters that seem outwardly normal.  All my heroes are flawed in numerous ways. So when I considered this story and the importance I felt in writing it, I knew that I needed to express his dilemma from the title, from the very beginning of his story.  His life is unusual to say the least and he is forever fighting his own personal demons.  Church wants a traditional life for himself, as much as he wants the happily-ever-after for Christian Maxwell.  But he is a man plagued by his own tragic circumstance.    I want every reader to want the same things for Gabriel that I do myself.  I want them to hope that this man pulls himself from whatever depths he has fallen into, regardless of his history or any terrible things he may have done in his past.  I want the best for him and I think that is exactly what the title suggests.


Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?  Yes several; one being that life and love can be things other than what’s expected.  There are complex situations and unique individuals out there after-all, but that doesn’t mean they are any less substantial in the grander scheme of it all.  Whether you’re in love with an addict, or someone who is terminal or in bad health, or possibly even running to stay one step ahead of the law, as in this case.  It is still a love…all-consuming and involved, and every bit as essential to the story.            What I love most about Rubble and the Wreckage is that it breaks down the conventions we have ingrained in our perspective.  Readers have made many comments suggesting they wanted to hate the characters because of things they did or how awful they were supposed to be, but instead they found themselves rooting for the so called villain, hoping all would work out for them in the end. I think I favor those reviews most.


 Is there a scene that is harder to write than others? Such as love, action, racy?  Hell they’re all tough at times, but I’d have to say writing racy entries can be difficult for me.  More than others I know in my field.  I think this is because I want to write proper fiction and I understand how each situation should sound real or authentic.  But I don’t wish to confine myself solely to writing erotica.  I would say the balance between reality and sex can be intimidating for me personally, but it’s something that I know I work on with every new release.  Writing action or love scenes are relatively easier for me.  I suppose that because content and emotion run deeper than lust and sex do in my own world.  But don’t tell anyone, I have some around me who believe I am quite the stud. 

Do you read your reviews? And, if so, do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad? Yes I read all my reviews and those who say they don’t are probably lying.  It’s helpful to see what others think about your work and it can’t help but creep into any future novels.  It can change your writing and can force you to focus on that which readers have commented on.  Even the bad reviews are helpful, though I consider myself fortunate that I have received so few.  Still, harsh words can sting, but you have to take in the whole picture and allow that to drive you forward.

How hard is it to send your characters out into the world? For me not hard at all.  I found that if you draw your characters from real life they seem more genuine to the readers.  It’s all about conviction and seeing people as who they are and not how they think they’re presented. We all have flaws, each and every one of us.  So writing characters with idiosyncrasies and personality ticks is often the best route to good fiction.  I’m not afraid to send my visions into reality because I know somewhere there are a select few who appreciate my creations, almost as much as I do.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your attention? Yes many, too many to list here completely. But when you read a great book and find yourself falling into the tale by a writer’s voice and imagery, you can almost feel yourself growing as an author.  Every writer has come across their own version of Talent Envy, and I’m no exception to the rule.  It generally starts with a fantastic opening line and then becomes something powerful as every description seems an unusual choice but one you think is oddly perfect in your head.  I am a fan of many authors, most are fresh new voices I admire greatly.  All the ones I personally like are writers who are deserving of greater praise.  Just ask me about my favorites sometime…we can discuss each one in detail, over a drink if you prefer.

 Can you share some of your current work with us? Do you have a time-frame in mind for the sequel to Rubble and the Wreckage? The sequel is scheduled for release January 9, 2016.  I am hopeful fans will enjoy “Torn and Frayed” as much as my first foray into Gabe and Christian’s world. It is a safe bet to say that it’s a deeper exploration of the relationships formed already and I think I have plumbed each person sufficiently within the second book that I can concentrate on future events taking place in the third and final book in the Gabriel Church Tales.  I will admit now that I will be both eager and sad whenever I write that final paragraph on that last page.  But I hope it completes the story for those readers who stuck with me and wraps up everything nicely while still making the story whole.


 If you had a free day and your only mission was to enjoy that day, what would you do? I would spend it out and away from my house and off my ass.  Just any place other than being in front of a computer monitor and trying to self-edit, write or promote something.  Sometimes I think I need a break and fortunately for me the State Fair of Texas is finally here in my neck of the woods and I can picture one great day of strolling the midway and seeing all the rides and fun faces.  If you are out and about you will find me eating a corny dog and hanging at the auction barns and petting zoos.  Possibly even sitting in the stands and watching the pig races with a big smile on my face.



 Do you have any strange writing habits? Not really, though as I mentioned earlier I have a heck of a lot of critters and writing can be harder when you have cats jumping in your lap to get petted and dogs that needs walking or fed.  My mornings are taken up by chores like those and I have to struggle sometimes just to get time to write.  But it’s a life I wouldn’t want to give away for all the success and fame I don’t presently have.


Now, just for fun, let's play a game I like to call "THINK FAST"... Ready and Go!



Both.  I have 9 cats and two dogs.  I smile sheepish when I tell you I’m practically running my own Cathouse.


Gray, definitely Gray.


 Boots, they’re sexier.


Coffee in the morning Tea at night.




 Really?  I’d have to say Hunky


 Paddle, but I’m not going into why I say that


 Quickie first then candles afterward.  Because I like to get it going, then get it going for an even longer quickie later. 


Dark  Because you should come with me to the Dark side…I’m bringing snacks. 



Thank you so much for playing along. ❤ Thanks for having me darlin’


This was so much fun, and I love your answers to all of my nosy questions. 😪

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