Nicholas Bella, in his words, is just a person with a wild imagination and a love for words. He was sitting around one day and said "Why hasn't anyone written something like this before?" So he did just that...  For more information on Nicholas visit his website here 


Interview with Nicholas Bella...


Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicholas Bella, author of the new, New Haven series. I couldn’t wait to pick his brain a little about his addictive world of Vampires, Dragons, and Werewolves. Grab a drink, prop up your feet, sit back and enjoy.

Nicholas…Thank you for coming over to my dungeon today. I know you have one of your own with lots of smexy pictures and other goodies. I hope it wasn’t too hard to leave it in order to come here. I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and chat with me.

Before we get started, may I offer you a drink? I sat a few snacks on the table so help yourself.

Okay, if you’re comfy, let’s get started. I want to pick your brain a little about your series and the current Season 2. Feel free to answer or pass on any of the questions.

Season 1, Chained in Darkness, just came to a close after 6 “deliciously” sadistic novelettes.

What pulled you into the dark, erotic, paranormal world, instead of…oh, let’s say, Contemporary? I love vampires, werewolves and the like. My kindle is full of books dealing with the paranormal. So, it just seemed right that I write about what I love.

I’ve read paranormal, quite a few times over the years, mainly shifters, but this was my first experience reading paranormal with such harsh and graphic content. That’s not a bad thing, quite the contrary, because I love them. But…

You’ve made it clear with every warning you have posted that this series is not romance, no fluff found here, no happy ever after’s.
Did Théoden tell you he was not a romantic? I can’t really see him being all lovey-dovey, anyway, but did he put down his foot? LOL!

In all honesty, I didn’t want to write a paranormal romance. There are so many already out there. To quote Michael Jackson, “I didn’t want to be another can on the assembly line.” I wanted it to be gritty, realistic, hard-hitting, sexy and raw in the most basic sense of the word. I want my series to shock and entice and not just pull you out of your comfort zone, but aggressively push you out.
I always felt like Théoden wanted Noel to embrace his new lifestyle. To accept his place in the house. I know he demanded it but is it just my wishful thinking that he wanted him to do it more freely, on his own? I know, I know, he is not romantic, LOL.

Théoden has a type, and he knew he’d have to do just what he did to push Noel in the direction he wanted him to go in. The man knows his children. ;) By the way, these cookies are delicious, thank you.

You’re welcome

From my perspective, Noel has done really well with conforming to his new life. I know he was tortured, brutally, at times, but he still had to be pretty strong-willed to make it through the process. Again, I know being strong is nothing for a vampire, but mentally, he met every challenge and succeeded. Is that one reason Théoden picked him? He knew he could make it?

Exactly. If he didn’t, then turning him would have been a mistake, and Théoden doesn’t make mistakes. At least none that he’s aware of. ;)
One of the many tests and trials Théoden puts Noel through is making amends with Jonah. ARGH!!! What a bastard he is. Will Noel ever get his revenge with Jonah or are these two over themselves?

You’ll have to read season two to see what happens with that situation.

Lol, a tease as always

May I get you a refill? Do you need to get up and walk around a bit, stretch your legs? I have some amazing toys in the cabinet over here if you want to take a gander while I fix your drink.

Don’t mind if I do take a gander.

Okay, shall we continue? I have just a few more questions if you have time.

Please go on.

I’m curious about the attitudes the “brothers” have. Donovan, for example, is pretty dominant, mouthy, in your face, specifically Noel’s face. They all taunt Noel and are smart-asses most of the time. They must have gone through the same treatment and conditioning that Noel did, or did they?

Some did, some didn’t. More about their histories are revealed or will be revealed as the series continues. Season three will bring even more surprises.
How did the creation of Théoden come about? Did you always know that he would be feared by everyone?

Funny this is, I sat down to write this story with only one thing in mind. I wanted to read a book about a rebel leader being turned by the creatures he was trying to destroy and having to join their ranks. I didn’t know beforehand that Théoden would be this badass until I wrote his character in book one to come out on that stage. It wasn’t until book two that I knew where I wanted to take Théoden’s origins. This story flows along with my imagination which gives it limitless possibilities.
Is there anything, anything, at all, that you can tell us about the sexy, powerful, dragon Tylendel? Will we be seeing more of him in the new season?

Tylendel’s historic relationship with Théoden will be revealed in season two and you’ll see more and more of him in season two and future seasons. You can never have too much of Tylendel. :D

Boy, isn’t that the truth, lol

Was it always your intention to have a season 2? Or are you surprised that your characters are demanding more stage time?

The characters and my fans can’t get enough of New Haven. LOL. That’s awesome to me because it’s such a joy to write. I had every intention of creating multiple seasons for this series. It’s like a TV show. Each book is an episode to the current season. To me, that’s exciting and a very demanding writing schedule.
And, speaking of season 2, what may the readers expect? Anything you can share?

There is so much going on with season two. The story evolves and you’re going to get more characters and the plot thickens. For one thing, the werewolves will be introduced and you don’t want to miss out on them!

Will there be a lot of new characters with the new season?

Yes. And every last one will leave a lasting impression on you.

On a more personal level, and remember, you don’t have to answer, but do you have a special place you go to when you write?

Not really. I like to prop my feet up and type on my lap top in my massage chair.

Your book covers are absolutely gorgeous. I was clear across the room and zeroed in on them. Were they your creation?

Thank you. Yes, they are. I like to make sure each cover reflects the story.

Is there anything personal, about Nicholas Bella that you can share with the readers? Just a hint about the man behind these addicting stories?

I hate the sight of blood. LOL

WHAT????? Lol that is priceless.

The series, as a whole, and individually, are getting great responses and reviews. How does it feel to see 4-5* reviews for your work?

It’s such an amazing feeling. I’m really honored and humbled that so many people are enjoying my books. I didn’t know how the series would be received when I published it. But I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from people thanking me for writing it because it’s something they’ve been waiting to read for years. A new take on the paranormal and as a writer, that means the world to me.

You have self-published all your books. That has to be a huge undertaking, not to mention, time consuming. To write, design, market, and promote, is a lot of work. Can you shed any light on what goes on behind the scenes?

It’s been pretty rough for me. I took a huge blow when Facebook banned my ad account unjustly. A lot of times, I can’t write because I’m busying promoting. I have to look for various avenues to get the information out about my series.

What’s helped me the most are my wonderful, loyal fans spreading the word about the books through reviews, sharing my posts, blogging about my books and recommending me and my books for contest nominations. Word of mouth is an author’s best promotion.

Last question, Nicholas. I promise, lol

How long does it take you to write, on average? Each book was released pretty close to the other, so did you have them ready to go, or no?

No, LOL. I wish I did. It takes me anywhere between three days to a week to write a book. Next, I have to get it edited and then proof read by my beta. I have a wonderful team for that. Two beautiful ladies that mean the world to me. Heidi Ryan and Jen.

I know I am looking forward to Season 2, House of Théoden, as I’m sure everyone else is too. You have been so gracious and generous to share your time with me and answering my questions. If you would be so kind, I would like to play a game before we say good-bye. It’s called THINK FAST and it’s just a fun way to get to know you a little better. Okay?

Coffee or tea? Tea
Dog or cat? Both
Black or white? Both.
Sweet or dill? Sweet.
Hunky or chunky? (men) Both. I like them thick. ;)
Quickie or candles? Both.
Hand or paddle? Hand. I like that personal touch.
Dark or light? (As in lamp or shades pulled) Dark.
Suits or boots? Suits.
Top or bottom? Top the position I like.

LOL, Thank you so much Nicholas for stopping by today. This was a lot of fun and very enlightening. Was there anything you wanted to add before we close?

Thank you for having me. This was a lot of fun. :D

You are so welcome and may I say thank you for your time and I know I speak for many that Season 2 cannot get here fast enough. Hopefully, we can do this again down the road.

Thanks again. Nicholas