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The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander

It was fun to revisit The Current Between Us with Trent, Gage and the kids. I love M/M stories that involve children when they are nestled in the family with lots of love and humor and Kindle Alexander always shines through in this area.

Gage is an investigative reporter getting ready to open his art gallery and suddenly needs an electrician to stay on schedule and that's where Trent comes in. He owns his own business while raising his two adopted children after his sister and her husband die unexpectedly.

Trent is a wonderful father, devoted to his children, spending quality time at home and never mixing single life with his life at home. Gage takes one look at Trent and he's obsessed with having him, he's arrogant, and comes across stalkerish.  

I forgot how insta-love this story is, which usually isn’t my thing, but it works for me with Trent and Gage. I think because Gage is so hell-bent on making Trent his that he won’t take no for an answer and Trent has been without any affection or sex in his life since becoming a father that he can’t believe Gage could possibly want anything from him, but he's so infatuated by him he can't say no either.

Trent is positive when he agrees to go out with Gage that this will be a one-date-deal, especially when Gage sees how different their lives are, his rat race life at home with two children, and how boring he really is.

Gage knows differently and he knows he must convince Trent that he is serious, not only about Trent but about wanting a permanent relationship. He has a bunch of nieces and nephews but until he’s around Hunter and Emalynn, Trent’s children, he never considered having any of his own, but he’s really starting to like and get the hang of being part of a family.

As Gage wines and dines Trent and they burn up the sheets in the bedroom—because they are HOT together—Gage is also working on the story of his career, in the background. A story that he’s been working on for six years that he plans on retiring his career with going out in a blaze of glory.

As diligent as Gage has been, as thorough as he could possibly be, with every I dotted and every T crossed, he still missed something very crucial that has the potential to, not only destroy his career, but also his love life.

Utterly devastated and completely taken by surprise, Gage spirals out of control, and throws Trent off kilter with accusations being thrown so fast he has no clue what just happened.

One minute, everything is so right in their world that nothing could dampen their joy and the next minute they are destroyed with no idea what the hell just happened.

Once Gage has time to gather information and check his facts he may have jumped to the wrong conclusions, however. . . Trent may not forgive so easily.

The Current Between Us is a sweet, fun, and loving romance story between two strong willed men who both want love and have so much to offer each other. Their family times are adorable and I really enjoyed the moments with the kids because the banter is so believable and if you’ve ever been around a couple toddlers gathered around the kitchen table - you can relate.

Trent and Gage go from insta-lust to insta-love in a very short time but they’re adults and know what they want and they want each other. They work well together, in and out of the bedroom, and their sexual encounters are very hot and sexy, although Gage did get a tad cheesy at times with his endearments lol, but it was cute.

I really like the investigative aspects of the story-line even though it wasn’t the main focus and I liked the underlying suspense waiting for it to play out. We just see bits and pieces of Gage at work, in the field, tying up loose ends but it was thrilling to see him in action.

The deleted scenes, at the end, are a bonus and it was great to see what’s going on now. There are quite a few, each one a different look at what’s going on in their life. It was awesome to see what they are doing and how they are getting along. Love the sneak peek. 4 Stars


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