Rating A Review

Effective January 1, 2017


MM Book Escape Review Rating Policy

will follow the guidelines established by

Goodreads and Amazon as follows:

  • 1 Goodreads Did not like it -Amazon I hate it
  • 2 Goodreads It's OK - Amazon I did not like it
  • 3 Goodreads Liked it - Amazon It's OK
  • 4 Goodreads Really liked it - Amazon I like it
  • 5 Goodreads It was amazing - Amazon I love it

*These ratings can be found on both sites by hovering over the stars listed.

If the story reflects a little more—one way or the other—it will get a .5 and be rounded—up or down—accordingly. 


All books reviewed are either purchased by me or given by the author and/or promoter in exchange for an honest review. No money or gifts are ever exchanged for a review. There are no incentives, commissions, or pay-outs of any kind—paid to me— by recommending books.  Thank you