OMFG!!!! This book rocks! Aced by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine will definitely be one of my top reads this year. This is the first time reading a collaboration of these two authors and wow did I love it. From the first page till the last you will smile, laugh out loud, giggle…yes, actually giggle and just be filled with so much joy as you go on the ride of your life with Ace and Dylan.

Ace Locke is a big time movie celebrity and every day he goes out of his way to drive by a billboard that has the most gorgeous Calvin Klein model in a skimpy pair of tighty whities that he has to ogle over. He is obsessed with this man who now stars in all of his fantasies so imagine his surprise when he walks in to go over the script for his new movie and there is Mr. Billboard himself.

Dylan cannot believe he is going to be working with Ace Locke. He has watched every one of his movies more than a few times, but being around him in person is a whole other experience. One he’s not sure what to make of just yet, but he’s pretty sure Ace is flirting with him and he’s not stupid. He flirts back.

We met Dylan in Devil’s Kiss as Derek’s roommate and I couldn’t wait then to get his story and here it is. I have to say that it is everything and more that I could have hoped for. Dylan is sweet, funny, and very charming, and used to getting what he wants and he doesn’t like to take no for an answer.

Ace came out publicly with his sexuality but he’s not been seen with anyone because of the paparazzi so he’s really low-key and very reserved but Dylan doesn’t let that stand in his way. As a matter of fact, being behind locked doors and closed windows works in their favor... most of the time. When these two are together, they exude passion with so much intensity that it will cause you to hyperventilate if you don’t pace yourself while reading. They are super hot!!

"Correction, commander. This look... this look means I want to be fucked."
— Dylan

Their chemistry is off the freaking charts and you will not be able to get enough. Besides the chemistry, they also have an understanding between them that usually just takes a look or a touch and they know what the other one is thinking or needs. They are so in tune with each other making them a perfect couple. They can't even fight without getting turned on. :) 

Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine have captured everything in this book that makes reading such a delight and the reason I have an addiction to it. The descriptive narrative captivates the reader and keeps you glued to the pages. 

The magnetic pull between the two characters is undeniably strong, the banter these two engage in is hilarious and your jaws will ache from smiling so much, the plot is edgy with a little mystery and suspense that will be continued on to the next book and the sex and the intimacy is explosive.

 The passion they have for each other, at times, is raw and aggressive, and when it’s not, it is sensitive and tender. Another major factor that does it for me, they are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of each other because they know they are safe. Both, Ace and Dylan are stepping into uncharted territory but they agree they want to do it together.

This book took so many detours I never saw coming and I can only say that wow, holy shit, hang on, cause it’s fast and furious. It’s hotter than the depths of hell, and it’s all kinds of awesome!!! So freaking awesome and OMG, it's continued.!!! YES!!! Absolutely 5 Stars.

* Many thanks to the author and promoter for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. *

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