Masters Among Monsters #3




Series: Masters Among Monsters #3

Author: Ella Frank

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Publisher: Ella Frank

Publication Date: January 26, 2017

Cover Design: Hang Le

Star Rating: ★★★★



Thanos Agapiou has always been a charmer. For over two millennia, the vampire had no problem acquiring whom and what he wanted with a flash of his handsome smile. He took for granted the boyish good looks he presumed he’d possess for the rest of eternity. 

How very wrong he was. 

A nearly fatal attack distorted his entire existence. With his appearance now matching the title many have bestowed their kind—monster—he hides away from the world and all of those who know him, including his Ancient, Eton.
Until one night when a stranger draws him out from the shadows. 


Ever since Paris Antoniou was thrust into a world of vampires, his reality has become stranger than the history and the myths he’s studied for the past decade.

When he learns the truth about his origins and the power he wields, his confusion and fear have him running for his life. What he doesn’t expect is to run into the arms of Thanos—a vampire who doesn’t intimidate him as much as he intrigues him.


As their worlds collide under extraordinary circumstances, an attraction neither can deny takes hold. But will that be enough to save Thanos from his demons, or will he condemn Paris to his fate? 

Destinies have been changed. Lines have been crossed. And, with tales of the vampire race coming to an end, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?
After all, in a world run by vampires and gods, only one can be the true Master among the Monsters.





After all,

in a world run by vampires and gods,

only one can be the true Master among the Monsters

 So… who is the true Master among the Monsters? Well, in my opinion, I say the true master is Ella Frank for the spectacular ending that I never saw coming. It was cleverly and brilliantly executed and . . .really was quite the game-changer.


But, let’s go back to the beginning. If you are reading Thanos—or contemplating—you know this is the third and final, in the series. We’ve met Leonidas who is paired with Alasdair and Vasilios, in Book One. We’ve met Elias who is with Isadora and Diomêdês, in Book Two.

Now we meet Paris. We find him with Thanos and Eton, his Ancient, confused, scared, and a little exhilarated—intrigued. . .possibly turned on - by this beast of a man staring him down.

Fact—There are three Ancients:

Vasilios, Diomêdês, and Eton.

Each of them have their first-sired. One they share their blood, knowledge, and power. This creates a complex relationship between them and makes them as one. If one dies they both die.

Eton has been cursed with something horrible that sends him into a rage, disfigurement, and a true beast that must be caged and shackled. The only thing that contains this disease/infection within him is—Thanos.

 His (T) own need for pain and control on others—a curse of its own—in his mind, makes Thanos and Eton the perfect match. . .except. . .they have hidden so much of their bond. Seeing Thanos hiding in despair, pain, and anguish was. . . heartbreaking.

“STAY WHERE YOU are. Do not come any closer.”
“I said do not come any closer.”
Eton stopped where he was, obeying Thanos’s words, as he always did. “Let me talk to you.”
“I do not want to talk,” Thanos spat. “Especially not with you.”
The venom in those words stung.
“I said no. You will at least grant me the simple courtesy of your absence, since I am already to endure an eternity of torment you have inflicted.”

Witnessing Eton break their ties was. . . devastating. His pain was truly a palpable, living and breathing entity that swallowed his existence.

Hope and heartbeat comes in the form of a beautiful soul, Paris, who doesn’t shy away from the damaged and broken vampire. He sparks something in Thanos that has been long forgotten and pushed so far back that he’s not sure if he can bring it back to the surface.

Throughout the ages, Thanos and Eton have kept the beast at bay—with a few exceptions—those of which have now caused discourse between the two—and as more time passes, the distance continues to grow.

Thanos is angry and bitter—reclusive—after his injury and cannot see past his hurt and betrayal of Eton’s actions of saving him so when Paris suddenly appears in his room, he uses him to further hurt Eton not thinking of how those actions will—in the long run—affect. . .not only him, but the entire vampire race.

 Eton—quite frankly—is pissed!

I mean, fang—claw—blood-dripping pissed!

This cannot go well.

The Gods may have something to do with this!

You must read to find out.

Follow the bloody prints.

Thanos and Eton—powerful and deadly beasts—broken and damaged—both longing for something that will never be, hating each other for needing each other. 

The highlight of the book, for me, was Leo with his beautiful—arrogant—commanding men he seems to have eating out of his hand and wrapped around his finger. These two strong-willed, force of natures, who have vampires cowering under their leadership, stop in an instant to offer him a word of courage—or praise—a smile—or simply hold his hand in comfort and unity.

They know him so well. . .it’s quite funny when Leo finally catches up to things they have known all along. I love-love that he can have sexy thoughts about Vasilios that will cause him to halt in mid altercation to thank him for thinking of him that way. Their sexual escapades in the bedroom are intense, toe-curling, and extremely HOT.

I have been anticipating Thanos since I finished reading Isadora and we left him a broken and deeply damaged man. I must admit, I’m disappointed we didn’t get more of Thanos—the man himself. . .vampire—than we did. I feel his story just barely touched the surface.

I so wanted to see him come out of his depression, lay the charm and dimples on Paris, and be whole again and—even though my imagination can take me there—I wanted to read it with Ella’s all-consuming, spine-tingling words. With that said, however, the magic and mayhem is spellbinding, the story-line is intricately weaved and cleverly foretold and as I said above, the ending was outstanding. A mind-boggling revelation. Another place, another time.

A highly recommended series that must be read in order.



* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *