I am a huge fan of Kindle Alexander books and all of them are incredible stories. However, Full Domain has just catapulted itself to the very top, passing Double Full, the current top place holder.

Everything I love to read in books I choose... is in Full Domain. There is mystery, suspense, humor, hot-smoldering-super-hot-incredible sex, and I do mean HOT, and an intricately planned, all consuming plot that was captivating. It's over 400 pages of intense and sexy dialog that will keep a smile on your face for a long time. Every time I thought I may have found a place I could break for a few minutes, I was pulled right back in.

Full Domain, in my opinion, can easily be read as a standalone, but the experience is so much better knowing what the first two books, Double Full and Full Disclosure, contain. The backstory adds insight and the comedy relief aka Colt and Jace, and Cody and Mitch, is priceless.

The blurb does an excellent job of laying out the storyline so I’m not going to go into it here, other than to say that it gives you no idea the emotional journey you are going into. This is the third book in the Nice Guys Series so by this time you are invested in these characters.

We met Kreed in Full Disclosure and we knew his story was going to be powerful. Pairing him up with the computer geek, Aaron Stuart, was perfect. Watching Kreed fall for him was epic and such a thrill.

Kreed has lived by three things his entire adult life. HONOR – LOYALTY – INTEGRITY, but now he needs to add Trust. Can he trust Aaron with this mission? Most importantly, can he trust him with his heart?

Aaron is a computer genius and he lives most of his life behind a computer screen. Being on the front lines is a new experience and working with Kreed will seem like a death sentence for him. Only because he is completely infatuated with the muscular, tattooed, alpha male who manages to turn him inside out with just eye contact.

Aaron has always preferred to stay behind the screen and he has his reasons for that. He carries a magnitude of knowledge but what scares him more are the magnitude of his secrets he also carries. He’s falling fast for the Deputy Marshall but will he bail when the heat gets too much?

This is an intense and gripping story that will keep you glued to the pages. I was consumed by Kreed and Aaron, the connection they had, and the chemistry that was burning hot between them. So much so that I carried my kindle everywhere I went. Sentences such as this...

"That's it... Fuck yourself on my fingers,"


"I need more, Sin. Want to feel your cock stretching me. Please."

Gah, so good!

If you have read the first two books in this series then you will be thrilled to know that the characters we already love will play vital roles in this story. I love catching up with previous couples and seeing how their lives are playing out in the present.

Kindle Alexander has hit a home run with Full Domain and I couldn’t get enough of Kreed and Aaron. This will definitely be a re-read for me just like the first two. I always feel as though I’m being serenaded by the descriptive narrative of this author duo. I connect with their stories, I feel the hurt and pain but more so the happiness and love of their characters so what more could you want.

Full Domain is a definite recommended read to any lover of the MM genre. I love the intricately, fast paced, story-lines that have the ability to pull me in, surprise me, and capture my full attention  from the get-go and Full Domain does that. This novel gets 5 stars from me.