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RELEASE DATE: 02.07.18





Once upon a time, a bunch of authors wondered… What if a dating app that guaranteed you a love match broke down just in time for Valentine’s Day? What if you found yourself on a blind date with a random guy who might be your opposite in every single way? It could be a disaster. Or… When the code breaks down, fate just might take over.


Eleven of your favorite gay romance authors have joined forces to light up your Valentine’s Day with a collection of sweet, sexy, silly, and hot short stories, featuring a wacky cast of characters chosen from your reader suggestions! Morticians and magicians, superheroes and spies, lawyers and lobstermen, will all learn that love has nothing to do with algorithms… and sometimes you find it in the least-likely places.


And the best part? All proceeds from this collection will go to the authors’ favorite LGBTQ charities, to ensure that love in all its incarnations will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!


It will only be available for 90 days, so Tuesday, May 8th will be the last time you can purchase this anthology.








Can you tell us a little bit about your characters?

Noah is a horror writer. He's like a lot of writers in that he'd be quite happy to stay in his flat in his pyjamas and write rather than do people things. He's warm and funny but a little awkward, and convinced that he's boring. Sage is his opposite. He's cool and arty. He's very sociable and people gravitate to him. The two men have been best friends since childhood, but have always thought that their differences stopped them from being compatible.


Was writing this story easy for you to do? Or was it a little bit outside of your normal writing zone?

It was totally outside of my comfort zone. I'm used to writing slow burn romances with lots of space to build a relationship, so it was a different feeling to be restricted to how many words I could write. I did enjoy it though.



What were some of the reader submissions that stood out to you, and why?

I liked all of them. It was amazing to read the document, and for an author it was like being in a sweet shop. So many ideas and wonderful characters.




Since the anthology is only available for a limited time, (90 days) do you have any plans for your story after that?

I'm not sure. I think I'll probably add an epilogue.



What do you think of the line-up of authors? How does it feel to be in such great company?

It's an amazing line-up. I'm honoured to contribute to a book that has so many authors whose books I love.


Is this something you'd like to be a part of again in the future?

Yes - if I had a larger word count!



Other than your own, do you have a favorite story (or two) in the anthology?

Lol! I never like my own work. I love all the stories so it's hard to pick one. I do love Hailey Turner's story because she writes these huge, powerful books with amazing world building, so to see her write a fun and contemporary short story was great.


You're donating the entire proceeds to charity - can you tell us more about where the money is going?

The money is going to three wonderful charities:

  1. The Trevor Project that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people.

  2. The Bisexual Resource Center that advocates for bisexual visibility and raises awareness about bisexuality.

  3. One-n-ten Youth Center that is dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and providing them with the tools to improve self-esteem and self- acceptance.


Have you ever been set up on a blind date? If yes, how did it turn out?

No. I'd be utterly awful. I'm like poison ivy in that I tend to grow on people, so to only have an hour or so to make an impression is too horrifying to contemplate. To give you an idea of my ineptitude - on my first date with my husband I fell backwards and knocked myself out on a radiator!


If Heart2Heart were to match you with someone, who do you think you'd get paired with?

Jason Momoa. It's meant to be!



"He clears his throat and I look up to find his gaze on me, curiously intent. Then he smiles slowly. “So, you have spare time for this date?” I nod, and his grin widens. “So have I. What a coincidence. How about we go out?”


I choke on my own spit. “Wait. What?”


He laughs merrily. “Come on, Noah. I haven’t seen much of you lately. I’ve missed you.


Let’s go out and spend some time together.” He stares into space, an idea obviously forming, and I groan.


“The last time you looked like that, I lost most of my clothes in that bet.”

He smirks. “Well, that’s not going to happen today.” He pauses. “Not unless you ask nicely.” He laughs at my look of disgust. “Come on, I’ve had an idea. How about you take me out on your date, and then tomorrow I’ll take you out on mine?” He settles back against his chair and looks challengingly at me.


I stare back. “Why?”


He smiles. “Look on it as dating experience. How long is it since you’ve been on a date?”


He pauses. “The last time was probably Hugo.”


I laugh at the look of disgust on his face, because he hated Hugo, my last boyfriend, and the feeling was entirely mutual. Sage thought Hugo was stuffy and snobby, and Hugo thought he was frivolous and a bad influence on me. “I think that was the last time.” I admit.


He leans forward and I catch the scent of bergamot that clings to him. “Well, what have you got to lose? At least you won’t be out with that arsehole.” He huffs. “I fucking hated him.”




“Because it was like he had a dimmer switch where you were concerned,” he says grimly.


“Any time you laughed and shone bright, he’d press that fucking switch and I’d watch you button yourself back up again.”


He shakes his head and I stare at him. Since the first day I met him, he’s had my back, and sometimes I forget that. He looks at me challengingly, the customary renegade lock of dark, wavy hair falling over his forehead. Before I can think about it, I reach up with the old familiar ease and push it back. It’s silky smooth, and I catch the brief scent of almonds, and for a second our eyes seem to catch, and the room narrows around us as if we’re standing in the hallway of the House of Fun.


Then he blinks and cocks his head to one side, and the mood is gone. “Well?” he demands, and I laugh, feeling the energy sparkling through me, the way it always does with him.


“Okay, Sage. It’s a deal.”



Thank you, Lily Morton,

for stopping by and sharing with us, not only an excerpt, but a great interview!

The Tattoo and the Writer is an incredible story between two awesome friends who've loved each other for a long time. More-or-less—on a dare—and through the Heart 2 Heart dating app, they venture out on an eye-opening experience. In Lily Morton style, there's humor, snarky bits, and sexy good times. I would love to follow-up with Sage and Noah and see what else they've realized they do have in common.  

The Heart 2 Heart Anthology has 11 funny, passionate, and creative stories from the best of the best. I can't recommend it enough.

Grab your copy, now! 

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We are pleased to be donating 100% of our proceeds to 3 wonderful charities:

The Trevor Project: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/

Bisexual Resource Centre: http://biresource.org/

One n Ten: http://onenten.org/

We encourage all readers to learn more about these groups and consider making a donation of your own. Every little bit helps.

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What began as a random idea quickly turned into a collaborative and completely voluntary effort from

11 authors,

more than 130 readers,

cover designer,

2 proofreaders,

and one cat herder

to keep it all together.


Readers were asked to submit ideas for characters, both typical and off-the-wall, and from that list,

each author picked 2 seemingly mismatched guys and helped them find love.


May Archer - The Baker and the SEAL


Charlie Cochet - The Assassin and the Dog Walker


 Poppy Dennison - The Electrician and the Event Planner


Alison Hendricks  - The Professional Gamer and the Paranormal Photographer


Sloane Kennedy - The Florist and the Lawyer


Lucy Lennox - The Uber Drive and the Phone Sex Operator


Ruthie Luhnow - The Lawyer and the Lobsterman


Lily Morton  - The Tattoo Artist and the Writer


Chris Owen - The Criminal and the Sommelier


Hailey Turner - The Superhero and the NSA Agent


AE Wasp - The Magician and the Mortician


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