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Release Date: September 19, 2017 : Page Count: 200 : Publisher: Self (Kindle Unlimited)


Superstar NFL running back Travis Morrison has been chasing down the same dream since he was a kid. The down-home, aw-shucks, former Eastshore favorite has always known his talents lay with football, and he’s never hoped for much more. But when the man he was going to marry leaks a sex tape of the two of them, Travis’ golden boy image—and his world—is turned upside down in an instant. Keeping a low profile at his brother’s place in Kentucky to save his career seems doable… if he can resist the temptation of his brother’s smart-mouthed best friend. 

Shane McMillan was on the inside track to the Kentucky Derby when a devastating accident destroyed his career and his confidence. After five years, he finally feels like he’s managed to escape the limelight thanks to his best friend and the welcoming folks of Glen Springs. The peaceful life he’s built rehabbing horses on his small ranch is everything he needs, until temptation arrives in the form of a disarming smile and a hot, athletic body. His best friend’s brother is definitely trouble—but he’s the kind Shane just can’t seem to resist. 

When a misunderstanding leads Travis to work at Shane’s ranch, the growing attraction between them starts to burn out of control. Long, hot days lead to even hotter nights when fantasies become reality. Just as their desire starts to turn into something deeper, a photo of them becomes hot news that threatens to shatter everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. With Shane’s past exposed and Travis’ career in jeopardy it all comes down to the final stretch. 

Final Stretch is the first book in the new Glen Springs series which centers around a small, close-knit town in Kentucky. It's a full-length gay romance novel featuring a kind-hearted (but kinda naughty) football star, a gruff (but lovable) ex-jockey, a cast of well-meaning small town folks, and a little donkey who thinks he’s a guard dog. This book contains explicit scenes that make the most of the rustic surroundings (ahem), so reader discretion is advised! 



Final Stretch, Alison Hendricks first book in her new series, Glen Springs, opens with NFL superstar, Travis Morrison facing a scandal over a sex tape put on the internet by no other than the man he was about to marry. 

Forced to lay low for a while he heads home to Glen Springs seeking refuge with his brother, Jake. A brother whom he hasn't seen in ages due to his football career and always being in his father's spotlight so there is animosity between them. However, Jake welcomes him with open arms and they hope to rebuild their relationship and get back what they've lost over the years.

Shane is Jake's best friend and owns a ranch where he rehabilitates racehorses, his true passion, and calling, as he was once a jockey on his way up to stardom before he made a terrible decision that ruined his career and put him on a downward spiral towards depression and solitude.

Jake feels Travis is the perfect person to help Shane on the farm as it will keep Travis busy and give Shane some much-needed help that he always refuses to accept. 

Once these two get past their posturing they realize they have a lot in common, they make each other laugh, and they have instant chemistry. 

The Final Stretch will bring you into the world of horses instead of football that we usually get with a Hendricks book and I really enjoyed this new aspect. I love horses even though I'm afraid of them, but I love to hear about them. 

I would definitely consider this insta-love/like/lust, which most of the time I'm not crazy about because they aren't believable. I prefer the slow-burn, but in this case, I did feel their connection through their heart-to-heart talks even though they were only together for a few weeks.

Which brings us to decisions needing to be faced. Travis loves football more than anything. It's his whole world, and he's really good at it. Shane will never leave his ranch. Not only has he become a recluse, but even if he could get back out there again as a jockey, racing and football are miles apart.

My only complaint—there were a few issues brought to light that never found a resolution, such as Jake and Travis never really sat down and talked about their childhood and why they felt so distant, and if it hadn't come up so many times in the book I probably wouldn't have kept looking for the "talk" and the "ex"...surely he didn't get off with just a slap on the wrist? I don't know, he was never mentioned again. Probably not important, I just like closure. 

At any rate, I enjoyed Final Stretch, a lot, and read it from start to finish. The chemistry is hot and sizzling between them but the sex was more low-key which I enjoyed because it was fun watching them getting worked up. 

I've always enjoyed Alison Hendricks books and I'd recommend this one, as well, for a feel-good, nothing-too-deep, afternoon read. 



Alison Hendricks is devoted to creating contemporary M/M romances that are sexy and emotionally satisfying. She loves making her boys work for their Happily Ever After and believes love stories are better with just a little angst thrown in. 

Born and raised in Florida, Alison has always had a passion for writing, and romance novels of all kinds are her number one escape when life gets a little too hectic. 

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