#NewRelease In Southern Deep by Marissa Holt — Available now on Kindle Unlimited!

Title: In Southern Deep

Author: Marissa Holt

Publisher: self

Publication Date: July 11, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance, MM

Page Count: 284

Blurb: What do you do when one man could give everything you need in the world…but the whole world is against you having him?

Unexpected reunions…

Jeremy Lyles can’t believe his eyes. Sean Sax — his onetime best friend, who disappeared from his life seven years ago — is working as a bouncer at an Atlanta nightclub.

Muscular, tattooed, and very much the bad boy, Sean is irresistible…even though Jeremy considers himself straight.

Impossible dilemmas…

Sean knows he should stay far away from Jeremy. His troubled background and rough ways will never be welcome in Jeremy’s world. More, Sean doesn’t want his kind of trouble to intrude on his friend’s life. But sensitive, adorable Jeremy is exactly what he wants, and Sean finds himself unable to say no.

Fateful choices…

Afraid of his father’s disapproval, Jeremy tries to hide his relationship with Sean even as the heat between them intensifies. But constant meddling from both families strain things to the breaking point, especially when Sean learns that Jeremy’s keeping secrets.

When Sean’s past returns with a vengeance, Jeremy must risk everything to save the man he loves. 



Jeremy and Sean were childhood friends and were very close, closer than they should have been, but Jeremy never gave it much thought. Sean was the big, stronger, take charge male between them that always took care of the bullies picking on Jeremy so from the get go he had an infatuation with Sean. 

Jeremy is from a wealthy family and Sean's mom is their maid so you can imagine how that goes over with a dad who is mentally and physically abusive and thinks his family is much better than the low-level people he employs. He suspects something between the two boys and unbeknownst to Jeremy the dad takes action that will alter the course of their lives and separates the two never to hear from each other again. 

Until...seven years later. 

Jeremy can't believe when he runs into Sean working at a bar in his neighborhood. The feelings from years ago come back with a vengeance and he begins to understand why stronger feelings for his ex-girlfriend never came to fruition. 

Sean can't stay away from "Rem" even though he should especially considering what his father put their family through but he's always wanted him and now that Jeremy is willing...

In Southern Deep is my first time reading a Marissa Holt book and I enjoyed the story but I wasn't in love. Stacey, Jeremy's ex is portrayed as your typical diva with an ax to grind, although I felt she did redeem herself towards the end. The father is an obnoxious and bigoted jerk who tries to backstab his son repeatedly. Sean, in my opinion, may have taken care of the bullies for Jeremy when they were in school, but he is one, himself. 

I never really felt their connection, what pulled them together, other than their childhood friendship, and Sean's jealously and his treatment towards Rem made me irate. 

However, some of Sean's insecurities came from his past and knowing what he does about Jeremy's family and once it was out in the open their level of communication improved considerably. Also, Sean and his sister have a dangerous past that continues to follow them which now puts Jeremy in danger. 

Overall, it was still a good story that I enjoyed and I would read more by this author. 

3.5 Stars

* I received a copy through Instafreebie from the author in exchange for an honest review. *