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Title: Crossroads~ A Quest for Love~

Author: James Lee Hard

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 23rd June  2017

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Ethan has spent his entire life not wanting to admit that he’s gay. He didn’t feel like he had a choice.

His mother has been clear, since he was a child, that she wouldn’t tolerate what she deemed deviant behavior.

However, on the very day of his engagement dinner with Rachel, he realizes he can’t pretend any longer.

When he tries to call off the wedding, though, Rachel hints that she’s known all along he was gay and threatens to kill him if Ethan does anything that jeopardizes their engagement.

Compelled to start his life anew and be true to himself, Ethan seeks shelter in his grandmother’s house, the only place he’s always felt happy and safe.

It’s in this heartening background that he runs into Daniel, the son of the former property’s caretaker. Daniel is a lifelong fantasy of Ethan and someone he hasn’t seen in over thirteen years. Dan has grown into a big, strong man, a man’s man whom Ethan simply can’t resist. 

Caught between a hurricane of new emotions and desires, his smothering mother, and Rachel’s threats, Ethan will have to find the strength to battle for his happiness.




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James spends most of his time looking at his computer screen, trying to summon the magical words that make the ingredients for a great story. He dreams about being able to move people and becoming a great writer one day.


He writes contemporary gay romance and erotica but he wants to write about much more. His mind is filled with sci-fi gadgets, swords, wizards and dragons and he has trouble trying to choose one theme. Maybe one day we’ll read something starring sinewy heroes battling giant dragons in tight pants. But the romance will always be there. And the abs. And the happy endings – James is a sucker for them.


James draws inspiration from everyday life, books, movies, songs, pictures and much more. Almost everything can ignite his desire to write but not all will end up on his stories.

James is an indie author who relies on friends and a growing base of lovely beta readers to help him with his stories, ensuring that each book is better than the previous one.











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