#Review — Strong Enough by Melanie Harlow and David Romanov

Title: Strong Enough

Series: Standalone

Authors: Melanie Harlow & David Romanov

Publisher: Self

Publication Date: June 19, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Page Count: 300+

Blurb: I wasn’t looking for Derek Wolfe.

I wasn’t looking for anybody. All I wanted was to start a new life in America. But when I found myself stranded here with no place to go, he came to my rescue, offering me a place to stay.

He’s smart, successful, and sexy as hell—I can barely sleep knowing he’s right down the hall. And when the chemistry between us explodes one night with fierce, fiery passion, it’s hard to deny there’s something real there.

But he does.

He says he was drunk. He says it was a one-time thing. He says he’s not into guys and what we did meant nothing.

He’s lying. Because it happened again, and again, and again. And it’s better every time. 

I know we could be good together, and I want the chance to try, but I’m done hiding. If he’s not strong enough to admit the truth, I’ll have to be strong enough to walk away.




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Beautiful! A Must Read!

If there was ever a book of #loveislove and being #strongenough to live your truth —THIS BOOK IS IT!

Captivating, engaging, and intense, Strong Enough will literally hold you to your kindle till the very end. 

Two men, polar opposites on the outside, but on the inside, they share so much and Derek cannot deny, even though he fights it—strongly—the power and the beauty of Maxim and what he has brought to his life. He wants that, he needs that, he craves that and allowing himself one taste opened his world to a whole new stratosphere of fireworks. He knew it existed, these feelings, these desires and wants but until Maxim, he never felt them. 

Maxim, a beautiful and kind young man with a free spirit came to the United States, specifically California, from Russia for his chance to be something more. To live his dream. He didn't expect to meet Derek but he did and it's changed his dream. He still plans to fulfill what he came here to do but now he sees Derek being a part of that journey. 

Derek has always known he was different but being raised in the Catholic church and having religious parents it was instilled in him that being gay was wrong. For years, he tried so hard to find the perfect woman but she wasn't there. 

I've never read Melanie Harlow before but I can absolutely say this will be one of my top reads this year and with David Romanov co-authoring and knowing that parts of this story are true and came from him only made this story so much more beautiful, inspiring, and heartfelt. 

I was pulled into Strong Enough from the first page and I did not stop until the very end. The anguish and the pain Derek goes through of self-discovery—the hunger and aggressiveness—at which he and Maxim come together expressing their attraction, their chemistry will have every hair on your body standing at attention. Powerful and beautiful!!

When Derek stands at a crossroad your heart will break for him as he struggles with life and what his choices will mean for him and those around him. 


The feelings, whether emotional or physical, leaped from the pages and I was living this journey with them. I highly recommend this story. The descriptive narrative was so well done the authors had goosebumps breaking out all over my body. Witnessing Derek's transformation and the realization of the beautiful love he and Maxim shared...awe-inspiring.

In case I haven't stressed it enough, this story is breathtakingly beautiful and two men have never been more made for each other than Derek and Maxim. Whether by fate or divine intervention, these two were meant to be together. Strong Enough will be a re-read for me many times.



* I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review from the promoter and I can't thank them enough *