#NewRelease — Home Fires (Common Law) #4 by Kate Sherwood — Review & Giveaway

Title: Home Fires

Series: Common Law #4

Author: Kate Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary/Suspense

Length: 174

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Publication date: April 3, 2017

Star Rating: 5


Trouble comes to Mosely, Montana, from the outside world. When the residents of Mosely are left on their own, they can make things work.

Sure, there’s always been a militia operating up in the hills, but they were small-scale—just survivalists doing their thing—until organizers came in from out of state.

Now Jericho Crewe and the rest of the sheriff’s department are facing down a heavily armed band of fanatics, and the feds are busy elsewhere.

The odds are hopeless, but Jericho swore an oath to serve and protect the citizens of Mosely. He won’t walk away from that, even if Wade Granger’s begging him to run away somewhere and finally be together the way they always should have been.

But this time, it’s Jericho who refuses to leave Mosely, even if staying kills him

ISBN: 978-1-62649-533-3


“Is there any possibility it’s a practical joke?” Jericho Crewe asked. “Or just a rumor, maybe?”
Unfortunately, Sheriff Kayla Morgan shook her head. “I was the one who called them,” she said, leaning back in her battered leather desk chair.
“You called the feds.” Jericho waited a few seconds for the words to make sense, then gave up. “We have feds in town worrying about the border, feds in town still cleaning up the biker mess, feds in town investigating your dad, feds in town trying to catch Wade—and you woke up one morning, looked around, asked yourself, ‘What does this town need more of?’ and the answer you came up with was ‘feds.’ Honestly?”
Kayla’s scowl suggested that Jericho wasn’t the first person to express a similar opinion. “I’m not going to let my pride get in the way of doing my job, Jay. The FBI already knew about the basic situation—they’re tracking about a dozen little militia groups in this part of the country—but they needed to know Tennant and his boys are flaring up. Receiving a big shipment of illegal weapons is definitely a break in their typical pattern of behavior.”
“And you know that because you got an anonymous tip?” Jericho hated to do it. He didn’t want to think it, much less say it. But . . . “Have you considered the possibility that this is more of Wade’s bullshit? I mean, he—” Jericho’s throat tightened as if the words shouldn’t be spoken, but he was fairly used to his body betraying him when Wade was involved “—he was with me all weekend.” Maybe Kay hadn’t formally known that, but she wasn’t clueless, and Jericho would be damned if he’d hide it. “So maybe this was just another case of him using me as an alibi, setting up something to distract everyone else, and then having one of his minions run a shipment across the border.”
“I never thought I’d say this, Jay, but not every criminal activity in Mosely is connected to Wade Granger. Ninety-five percent of it, yeah. But I think this may have been something from that other five percent.”
Jericho wanted to believe it. The weekend had been—well, not perfect, not considering the long car ride with two highly unpleasant children and then a lot more snakes than Jericho had ever wanted to see in one place—but it had been memorable, all the same. Jericho and Wade, outside of Mosely, weren’t cop and criminal. They weren’t their parents’ sons, weren’t men with painful histories, weren’t running, and weren’t refusing to run. They were just Jericho and Wade, and that was all they ever needed to be, as long as the world left them alone.
There had been nothing romantic about taking Jericho’s half siblings on a road trip to the Billings zoo in order to fulfill Jericho’s promise to get Elijah more access to snakes. Nothing romantic at all. And the two nights together had been fairly tame since Elijah and Nicolette had been sleeping in the adjoining motel room, but that hadn’t mattered. It had still been Jericho and Wade in bed together, warm bodies and hot kisses, and Jericho was pretty sure he’d remember it all for the rest of his life.
They’d driven back the night before, dropped off the kids, and gone to Jericho’s place as if it was the most natural thing in the world for them to stay together, and with no kids to worry about the night had been considerably hotter than the previous two. Then a late breakfast before Wade had left to do whatever Wade did all day and Jericho went for a run. Jericho hoped to be able to remember it as something pure, rather than as the latest episode of Wade’s endless series of manipulations and games.
But Jericho was at work now, wearing the brown and beige polyester even if it was for one of the last times, and he needed to think like an under-sheriff, not a hormone-raddled teenager. “So if it wasn’t Wade, who was it? Who do you think the tip was from?”
“Someone with knowledge of a single shipment of illegal weapons and ammo. So that means probably someone on the arms-dealer side, because it was only one shipment, no mention of the overall arsenal the militia has stockpiled.”
“Or a disgruntled ex, or a neighbor who doesn’t like the guys and wants to stir shit up. Might not be anything at all. The department’s had an eye on these guys since well before I got here, and we’ve never seen anything to worry about before.”
“Are you negging me, Jay? Is that what you’re doing?” Kay frowned for a moment before her brows lifted in understanding. “Oh. You’re worrying about how this is going to affect you. A bit harder to bail on me, guilt-free, if I’m in the middle of a big situation. Is that what you’re thinking?”
Damn. Maybe it was. For too long Jericho had felt as if his life was out of his control, and he’d only recently started clawing it back. The weekend had been his announcement, to himself if no one else was listening, that the situation was going to change. But now? “Is it harder for me to bail out now? I mean, my reasons for quitting are the same as they were—I don’t think I can be a good cop, the kind of cop I want to be, when I’m not sure I believe following the law is always the best idea, and—”
A shout from the main room interrupted his declaration. “We have agents down! Agents under fire, agents down!”




OMFG! Wade Granger is the BADASS of the BADASSESS!!

Brilliant ending in the best of ways. I was grinning so freaking big and I can’t tell you why.. sorry not sorry. Maybe a little sorry cause I want to gush but I can’t.

Action-packed drama!! I can’t even imagine what my face must have looked like when Wade does what Wade does best. I was, literally, cheering him on. Insert big ass smiley face emoticon!

All the feels!!

This is what you call, saving the best for last. Home Fires, book four, in the Common Law series was the best in the series bringing the finale to a heart-pounding close.

Jericho and Wade are so freaking good together and even though the romance is still on a low simmer they are together and everyone knows it and they don’t even care...and it was freaking awesome.

Was there dancing in the streets? No… but they may have been kissing in the streets!!!

Okay, that’s all you get.

Wade will do whatever it takes to keep Jericho safe and if that means he must play nice sometimes, well... as I said—whatever it takes.

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give any spoilers and ruin it for anyone else because if you’ve made it this far... then you deserve to enjoy this moment for the awesomeness that it is.

Great ending, and great writing by Kate Sherwood. Riveting series that I, literally, read back-to-back and I haven’t done that for quite a while so that speaks to the level of my enjoyment in and of itself. Highly recommended for suspense lovers with a side of romance.


5 stars

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from netgalley.com *





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about the author

Kate Sherwood started writing about the same time she got back on a horse after almost twenty years away from riding. She’d like to think she was too young for it to be a midlife crisis, but apparently she was ready for some changes!
Kate grew up near Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and went to school in Montreal, then Vancouver. But for the last decade or so she’s been a country girl. Sure, she misses some of the conveniences of the city, but living close to nature makes up for those lacks. She’s living in Ontario’s “cottage country”--other people save up their time and come to spend their vacations in her neighborhood, but she gets to live there all year round!
Since her first book was published in 2010, she’s kept herself busy with novels, novellas, and short stories in almost all the sub-genres of m/m romance. Contemporary, suspense, scifi or fantasy--the settings are just the backdrop for her characters to answer the important questions. How much can they share, and what do they need to keep? Can they bring themselves to trust someone, after being disappointed so many times? Are they brave enough to take a chance on love?
Kate’s books balance drama with humor, angst with optimism. They feature strong, damaged men who fight themselves harder than they fight anyone else. And, wherever possible, there are animals: horses, dogs, cats ferrets, squirrels… sometimes it’s easier to bond with a non-human, and most of Kate’s men need all the help they can get.
After five years of writing, Kate is still learning, still stretching herself, and still enjoying what she does. She’s looking forward to sharing a lot more stories in the future. Visit the author on her Website or Goodreads.