#ReleaseDay #Review — Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett + Giveaway

Title: Unforgiven

Series: N/A

Author: Ruth Clampett

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 375 Pages

Publisher: Clampett Studio

Publication Date: March 9, 2017

Star Rating: 5 Stars


Would you live a lie to hold onto the one you love?

Dean and Jason are best friends, like brothers since boyhood, now architecture students and college roommates. They’ve always had each other’s back, but when one walks in on the other with another man, everything changes. How do you explain to your best friend that he’s the one you’ve always wanted, that until now your life has been a lie? 

Desperation and shame are two dirty words that run through Jason’s veins. He carries the scars from a wayward priest who stole his innocence and left him shattered. Meanwhile for years he’s watched Dean pursuing woman after woman, as his own heart slowly breaks.

When their world blows apart, they learn the powerful bond between them has more fire than either understood.

Can two broken souls find the light in their darkness and come together to make a whole, or will sins of the past be forever unforgiven?

This standalone is a M/M love story with graphic sex. Trigger warning.





Wow! I can honestly say that this is one of the most powerful, raw, gut wrenching and emotional books that I have ever read…and I was completely—enthralled—consumed, and couldn't put it down.

Strange as it may be to some readers—I had never heard of Ruth Clampett—until this book came across my blog for the ARC. This is her first M/M and I can say unequivocally, with no hesitation, that should she write more—I will be grabbing them as fast as I can.  

The author summarizes the story well in the blurb...you already know Jason and Dean are best friends since childhood. Now they are in college soon to be graduating and preparing to start their careers as architects. Hopefully, in the same state—even better for the same company—but they try to be realistic.

Their downfall starts at a party when Dean sees Jason in a compromising situation with another guy. He’s furious, confused, sure there must be some kind of mistake—or reason…like Jason must have been given drugs or something and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but the most surprising thing that he realizes out of the whole catastrophe of the night—Dean is turned on from watching.


Why in the hell would he be turned on watching his best friend with another MAN?

This revelation drives him crazy. Crazy! He wants to confront Jason—ask him if he’s gay—but he’s afraid of what he may find out so they dance around the issue...for days and days.

In the meantime—OMFG…Jason. I cannot tell you how tortured this young man is and the hell he has been through. You will rage, scream, curse, want to reach through your screen and grab him and hold onto him so freaking tight and hug him and never let go.

I can’t even imagine what the author went through to get these words and his story out and onto the page, but I am so glad she did.

Dean and Jason have a lot of maturing to go through—a lot of healing—because in their own way they are both broken and damaged.

Some readers won’t like this story as it takes you through Dean and his straight sexual relationships with girls. I didn’t necessarily like reading it myself—I haven’t read M/F in over 5 years—however, I feel like Ruth Clampett set me inside a real life living and breathing scene that started on page one of this book and didn’t let up until the last page.

Dean was straight or, at least, bi and he enjoyed sex with women. Of course he did. Until he really starts to understand what Jason is going through and starts to really listen and understand—and in turn understand his own feelings that he has suppressed—he’s going to have sex with girls. It’s life, it’s reality, and that’s what I want to read, so personally I want to thank the author for not leaving it out and for making it a believable, realistic story.

I worried, at first, about Dean’s reactions to Jason and how he was handling this new discovery. He was a jerk, more often than not. Jason has been used and abused—too much—for his best friend to do it also...but my fears were unfounded. I have never seen a better man and best friend than what Jason was to Dean. They have a beautiful relationship and their sexual chemistry was some of the hottest—intense—animalistic—raw—toe-curling—absolutely beautiful encounters I have ever had the pleasure—yes... pleasure of reading.

This is a tough story to get through. There are a lot of mine fields that if you don’t tread carefully will blow up quickly in the form of tears and snot running down your face before you know what happened. It’s not all doom and gloom though as I sit here  vividly remembering STILL  with a smile across my face  their words to each other—their promises—their shared moments. The courage, bravery, strength, devotion, love and loyalty Jason and Dean have for each other is truly what love is love is love is all about and wow it is so beautiful.  Without a doubt…Amazing Book!!


 * My thanks to the author/promoter for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and most heart-felt review*