#ReleaseDay — 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson — Review & Giveaway

Title: 245 Days

Series: N/A

Author: Isabelle Peterson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 290 Pages

Publisher: Self Published

Publication Date: March 7, 2017



Ashley Brennan, son of a luxury hotel chain billionaire, is happy teaching business and consulting.

Moving from California to an opportunity in Connecticut at the prestigious New England University, Ashley takes it to escape a string of bad luck in the romance department.

Meeting Taylor at the off campus bar, The Library, Ashley, feels his luck may be changing.

Taylor Davis is nearing the end of his college career and looking forward to moving out west, escaping the cold winters of the North and possibly the judgement of his parents, who don’t yet know his sexual orientation.

After only a handful of brief “relationships,” Taylor’s not so sure love is in the cards for him, until he meets Ashley. Everything with Ashley feels so comfortable, so natural. 

When Ashley and Taylor put together that Ashley is Taylor’s professor, how will they make it 245 Days to the end of the school year when Taylor graduates and is no longer off limits?

And even if they can make it to the end of the year, will everything else in their lives still line up?





 The energy was intense with these two– their chemistry is off the charts – and their comfort level immediately felt like they’ve known each other forever.

245 Days by Isabelle Peterson is a hot mess of sizzling chemistry and romance. From the minute Ashley Brennan and Taylor Davis make googly eyes at each other they form a connection, and even though Ashley is older—more experienced—he has never found anyone that he wants to make a relationship with...until now.

 He’s surprised by his attraction to Taylor, the younger—muscled jock—with the tan and surfer looks because that is the opposite of what he usually goes for. But there is no denying that these two have intense heat when they are together. I must point out that this is insta-lust to the hottest degree, however, the author slows it down and they actually talk, date, get to know each other on a very intimate level. It was very believable , realistic and most of all—enjoyable.

As soon as they figure out they are facing teacher/student "no fraternization rules" they are distraught to go no further in getting to know each other, but with an attraction and chemistry as palpable as these two—accommodations must be made. They are extremely careful because Ashley doesn’t want to lose his job, nor does Taylor want to be the cause of any trouble at the college so they really do try to limit their time together and they stick to phone calls, texting, and so forth. However, at times, they were like young bucks in doe season. Hot and Horny!

I loved their moments of sneaking off together to have some quality time and they really were a match made in heaven. Taylor was mature and level-headed for his age and a good fit for the sophisticated and swoon-worthy Ashley who wore horn-rimmed glasses and button-up shirts in class but didn't hesitate to pull up on his motorcycle in leathers to  take Taylor for ride when he wasn't being a professor. Taylor was also a virgin in a lot of areas and less experienced and Ashley was very patient with him.

As much as I enjoyed the story, I did have a couple quirks that bothered me. Taylor’s family wasn’t aware of his sexuality and at first I thought they were going to create some real drama but eventually they came around—thanks to a little arm twisting,—but I wasn’t sold on the drama that occurred with the step-father in order to keep him in line. It was a bit far-fetched.

Also, Ashley has an ex come back who creates some unexpected havoc which felt out of place to me in the story-line. He was out of the picture already so I’m not sure what purpose he served other than to fill up the page.

With that said, however, I did thoroughly enjoy the story, I love the romance and intense chemistry between Ashley and Taylor, I love that they worked together to fix their problems, and I love their honesty between each other... and the ending was completely unexpected, but I really loved seeing that far in the future for these two. I would definitely read more books by Isabelle Peterson and 245 Days gets 4 Stars.


* Many thanks to the author who provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *