#NewRelease — Business as Usual by Alison Hendricks — Review + Giveaway

Title: Business as Usual

Series: Standalone

Author: Alison Hendricks

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 219 Pages

Publisher: Self Published

Publication Date: February 21, 2017



Ever since my partner died, my life has been spiraling out of control. I’ve lost everything important to me, and now I’m losing the company he and I built. Investors are breathing down my neck, dictating my every move, and now they’ve hired some young, starry-eyed brand consultant to make me more palatable to the general public.

He’s ambitious, optimistic, and kind-hearted. Everything I’m not. And despite my best efforts, he’s starting to get under my skin. I’m not averse to mixing business with pleasure, but if he’s looking for more than a one night stand, he’s going to be sorely disappointed.


It’s always been my dream to work for Arion, one of the most innovative, fast-paced tech companies in the world. But now that my dream’s become a reality, I’m realizing it’s not what I thought it would be. This isn’t a think tank for genius minds, it’s a mess of red tape and bureaucratic bullshit. And billionaire CEO Darren Wilkes, the man I’ve idolized for years, is way more arrogant and aloof than I ever thought he’d be.

Unfortunately, he’s also a lot hotter than I thought he’d be. He’s definitely got the dark and brooding thing down pat. Somehow I have to ignore all that, though, since I’ve been given the impossible job of rehabilitating his public image.

I never expected to make it past Darren’s prickly exterior; to find the man who’s suffering beneath it all. But no matter what happens between us, I have to keep my head--and my heart.

I can’t afford to fall for my boss.

Business as Usual is a steamy romance between a jaded CEO and the man who helps him learn to take a chance again. This is a full-length, standalone novel.




I really like the change Alison Hendricks made from her Eastside Shore Tigers series to her new standalone, Business as Usual. The writing was edgy—the sex was crazy hot—and the story-line was interesting and believable.

The romance was a little on the weak side—due to the main character’s struggles they had to overcome—but I feel the author more than showed—by the end of the story—that the romance was the guiding force between the two.

Darren is the CEO of Arion, a tech company he and his now deceased partner, Ethan, started from the ground up. Losing Ethan caused Darren to lose his motivation and will to live - basically and he’s been a hollow shell within the company ever since. Now the investors are trying to run him out and if they can’t get his image and company back on track—which is why they have hired, Jamie—a social media guru, he’s out the door.

Jamie has been in love with Arion products for a long time and in turn with Darren because of course he knows who he is. However, he is shocked by his behavior at the board meetings and his rudeness. But, after picking up on office gossip about the boss he starts to notice more about Darren, himself, and he realizes how empty he is and he really wants to put the passion and fire back in his eyes.

Together they made a great team and they start working together on projects outside of the office. They have amazing chemistry and Jamie is not intimidated by Darren—at all—which is funny because he is the only one that doesn’t hesitate to tell him like it is—which is so refreshing to Darren. Most people walk on egg shells around him or gossip behind his back.

They like to rough it up in the bedroom also which was HOT but don’t worry it wasn’t BDSM if that isn’t your thing . . .but it was SUPER HOT. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed Business as Usual and read it from start to finish without stopping. I thought the writing was realistic and could see those things happening right now. If it does, it would be disheartening.  

The angst is low key and it moved at a fast pace. I must say I wasn’t keen on Jamie’s best friend, Cass, as I felt she didn’t come across as supportive as she probably felt she was trying to be. She rubbed me the wrong way and I felt she stood in the way of Jamie and Darren. Thank goodness Darren was persistent, lol. The ending was great and I know I was smiling from ear-to-ear. In my opinion, very well done.

*I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review from the author*



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