#NewRelease #Review — Guarding Mr. Fine (Tough Love) #3 by HelenKay Dimon + Giveaway

Title: Guarding Mr. Fine

Series: Tough Love Series #3

Author: HelenKay Dimon

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length:  240 Pages

Publisher: Loveswept

Publication Date: February 14, 2017



In this steamy novel of seduction and international intrigue, two brave men are stripped of their defenses—and exposed to dangers and desires that simmer below the surface.


As an agent with the CIA’s special activities division, Seth Lang lives for risk—and yet he’s stuck playing bodyguard to the U.S. consul general in Munich.


Although Seth’s last assignment nearly killed him, babysitting some desk jockey in a suit sounds way too easy.

But when he lays eyes on the new top man, tactical expert Rick Fine, Seth’s thrilled to see just how hard this job is going to get. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Quiet has a body worth guarding—and he requires hands-on attention day and night.


Dispatched to a German consulate to expose the murder of his predecessor, Rick finds himself in an extremely vulnerable position. He needs a man like Seth—in so many ways. This mission will inevitably plunge them both into jeopardy, but each new threat only brings them closer.

Rick just hopes that he can keep his deepest, darkest secret hidden—or else risk imperiling a relationship they’re both fighting for their lives to protect.


Fall in love with the men of HelenKay Dimon’s thrilling novels:



ISBN:  9780399180415

Product Link: Penguin/Random House


HelenKay Dimon spent the years before becoming a romance author as a divorce attorney—not the usual career transition. Now she writes full-time and she’s much happier. The author of more than thirty novels, novellas, and short stories that have twice been named “Red-Hot Reads” and excerpted in Cosmopolitan, she’s on the board of directors of the Romance Writers of America and teaches fiction writing at UC San Diego and Mira Costa College.



HelenKay Dimon books are sexy, stimulating, intriguing, exhilarating and Guarding Mr. Fine is all the aforementioned and more. Her characters are strong, intelligent, and bold and they don’t back down from anything—as a matter of fact—they are usually the ones heading in first.

If you’ve read The Talented Mr. Rivers, the book released prior to this one, in this series, then you're familiar with the hard core “love is not for me” Seth Lang. Super smart, sexy, and willing to die—if need be—to get the job done, are just a few of his attributes. He lives and breathes for the job. He doesn’t get personal with anyone, even his friends have a hard time getting past his hard shell.

Taking on a new—temporary—job as bodyguard already has him questioning everything because this isn’t something he normally does, but when he walks in and sees his Friday night one-night-stand looking back at him—he forgets his training for a split second.

Easy going, laid back, Rick Fine, may act like he’s not affected seeing tall, dark, and absolutely gorgeous, Seth Lang, standing in front of him but he’s thought about him A LOT since their make out session that left scratch marks and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to do it again. . .and again. Now that he’s going to be his bodyguard, getting him in his bed is looking a lot easier.

These two are a perfect match and they are hilarious together as they banter back and forth, and they CAN NOT keep their hands off each other. Working undercover as a consulate in Munich—and now with Seth by his side—as they both look for clues to a possible murder, A LOT more than ill-timed explosions heat up. The sex is HOT, but Guarding Mr. Fine is very romantic with cuddles and late night talks—even though Seth will deny it if ever confronted. The angst is very low with the exception that Rick is harboring a secret that involves the sexy Seth and he’s worried how it will affect their relationship if/when he tells him.

HelenKay Dimon is a master writing sexy, suspenseful, black-operative special-agent stories and I love the action-packed drama that ensues and stays within the pages from start to finish. This entire series is a favorite for me and a win-win and I hope there are more in the works because there are more agents that need a story. A definite recommended read.


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