#NewRelease — More Than Luck (Legendary Pairs) #2 by Casey Cameron + Giveaway

Title: More Than Luck

Series: Legendary Pairs #2

Author: Casey Cameron

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel

Publisher: Self-Published

Publication Date: February 12, 2017



Drey Harper isn't looking for love; he had more than enough heartbreak after a betrayal cost him everything five years ago. Now at 40, he's the art director for the hit collectible card game Legendary Pairs.

Between long hours at work and countless anonymous hookups, Drey's life seems pretty full...until the day he meets Lucas Cho.

In the world of Legendary Pairs, 24-year-old Lucas Cho is a superstar. He plays for big money and parties like a rock star, and his arrogant swagger gets him what he wants, at the gaming table or in bed.

But when a chance encounter with Drey in a crowded bar leaves him wanting more, all his fortune and skills count for nothing.

The company thinks Lucas's glamorous playboy lifestyle is good for business, but it's going too far—Lucas is spinning out of control, and Drey has been sent to clean up the mess and save Lucas's sponsorship.

With a major tournament coming up and Lucas's contract with Legendary Pairs on the line, it's up to Drey to keep him out of the bottle and walking that line.

For Lucas, the stakes have never been higher, but the game he's playing has nothing to do with cards and everything to do with the stoic older man who's captured his attention.

Drey knows a relationship between them is out of the question—Lucas is too young, too reckless, too broken—but the more time he spends in Lucas's company, the more he wants what he shouldn't have in this steamy May/December romance.


*UPDATE: At the time of posting—the e-Book link is still waiting to go live on Amazon. 




More Than Luck brings us back into the exciting gaming world of Legendary Pairs by author Casey Cameron. Told from both points of view—40-year-old Drey Harper and 24-year-old Lucas Cho—these two are like oil and water, yet they can’t stay away from each other.

Drey Harper, divorced father with a 15-year-old teenage daughter, feels out of his element in the dating world and is not interested in having a relationship after being alone for five years. He’s lonely and wants companionship but he has trust issues and he’s not sure he can open his heart just to be stomped on—AGAIN.

However, sexy, smart-mouthed Lucas Cho is really turning up the notch for him and making it hard to remember why he has these rules in place.

Lucas Cho has been called a prodigy in the gaming world but he’s burned out and he may be blowing his chances if he keeps shirking his responsibilities.

He loves to party—drink, a lot—loves sex—knows how to play his cards, not just Legendary Pairs, the cards of life that will get him what he wants. . .and right now, he wants Drey.

He knows there is an age difference, but he can’t understand why Drey won’t take what’s being offered to him. Seize the moment is kind of his philosophy.

Lucas has a few issues he deals with by drinking instead of talking. This is where we see a division between he and Drey as Lucas finally has to face these head-on. Instead of turning to Drey for support and/or advice—he leaves—but in the end, I think he gained a much needed maturity by handling them on his own.

More Than Luck is fast paced with humor and lots of sexy dialogue that kept me turning the page until the very end. Whereas Perfect Game, book one—had very little sex—this one more than made up for it with phone sex, dirty talk, and raw and gritty bedroom scenes that were scorching.

This is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone, but you should read the first as it helps to fill in some back history and it’s a great story.

More than Luck is hilarious, sexy, but more than that, has a great story-line with great writing and an ending that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Highly Recommended.


*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the author*










Casey Cameron lives in a rare urban center in the U.S. Midwest, where she can be found among her fellow deviants writing porn in coffee shops.
She writes contemporary and paranormal gay romance and erotica with diverse characters, sex-positive relationships, and subversive themes, and apparently has a penchant for writing about men cooking for each other.
You can find her on Twitter at Casey B Cameron