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RELEASE DATE: 11.28.17

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After running from a past destined to kill him, Snow has been hiding on the streets.


Tell nobody your name.

Tell nobody your secrets.

Trust nobody!

These are the rules of the streets.


His entire life changes when he saves an eight-year-old boy from a violent end.


Christopher Manos is one of the most powerful crime bosses in the country.


Don’t ask anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself.

Secrets can get you killed.

Trust nobody!

These are the rules he lives by.


When his eight-year-old nephew disappears, he never expects the boy’s savior to end up being his own.


A man with a dangerous past and a man with a dangerous future find love amidst murder and mayhem. But with Snow's life being threatened at every turn, will Christopher's best be enough to prevent Snow Falling?



I should have known I wouldn’t get far. Frank grabbed my arm. “He’s not my kid. His pop will very much want to speak with you. Something tells me if you walk out that door, you’ll disappear, and I don’t have time to go lookin’ for you. So, I think you’ll come with us for now.” His firm tone made it clear it wasn’t a question.

When I looked around the police station, I was shocked that no cops were interfering in what was clearly a kidnapping. I shouldn’t have been too surprised. After all, in my book, police didn’t have a very good track record for doing what was right.

“Stranger danger!” I yelled, which just made Simon laugh.

“No, Snow, we aren’t strangers anymore. You come home and my pop will protect you. That’s what he does.”

Who the hell was his pop? Surviving was a lot about picking your battles. Looking around the precinct, it was obvious my choices weren’t going to win out. Frank and his goons weren’t going to let me pass. On the off chance I got away, then I’d have Roy and these guys chasing me.

“I don’t think I have a choice, do I?” Frank shook his head. “Okay then. Onward, my good man!”

If the limo wasn’t a huge giveaway that Simon’s pop was disgustingly rich, the enormous mansion with the iron gate was.  Two large Ms were worked into the iron. The house had a medieval look about it. A fountain of fear was on display in the middle of the circular driveway, some sort of gargoyles spitting water out of their mouths… or was it their eyes?  Gray stone, iron, and darkness made up this house. Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t just rich, he was powerful. Leaning over, I whispered in Simon’s ear, “Is your pop Tony Stark?”

 Simon chuckled. “No silly, he’s Christopher Manos.”

Christopher Manos? Oh, son of a bitch. At least Iron Man was on the right side of justice.

“Come on, Snow, you can meet my pop!” Simon grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the limo with all his might. When we came to the stone steps and I looked up, I came face to face with not only the most dangerous man in this city, but the most gorgeous. He was broad, and I could see the muscles in his arms and legs even through his expensive suit. He had midnight black hair and obsidian eyes. There was no doubt he and Simon were related.

“Pop!” Simon ran into his arms. The man didn’t miss a beat. He scooped Simon up without ever taking his eyes off me. “That’s Snow. He saved me.”

“Mr. Manos, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ll have you know, I didn’t want to come here. I was forced. You have a beautiful home and a great kid and if you just let me go, I’ll happily walk home.”

He stared at me coldly. “You don’t know my home is beautiful, you haven’t seen it. Let’s rectify that. Come in.” He turned and walked inside. The nudge from Frank was likely the only encouragement I’d get.

I hope I don’t die.




About the Author


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Davidson King, always had a hope that someday her daydreams would become real-life stories. As a child, you would often find her in her own world, thinking up the most insane situations. It may have taken her awhile, but she made her dream come true with her first published work, Snow Falling.

When she’s not writing you can find her blogging away on Diverse Reader, her review and promotional site. She managed to wrangle herself a husband who matched her crazy and they hatched three wonderful children.

If you were to ask her what gave her the courage to finally publish, she’d tell you it was her amazing family and friends. Support is vital in all things and when you’re afraid of your dreams, it will be your cheering section that will lift you up.


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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17286464.Davidson_King




Snow Falling, the debut novel by Davidson King, depicts the life of a young man known only to those around him as Snow. 

Due to tragedy and misfortune, Snow finds the streets his home but even under these horrible circumstances he appears to be free of jaded and bitter animosity and when he witnesses a small child being kidnapped he rushes in to save him putting himself in harm's way and in the face of scrutiny.

On the other side of town, Christopher Manos, a powerful and well-connected crime boss, will stop at nothing or no one to get the answers he needs to find out who took his nephew. 

When Christopher and Snow meet, they butt heads in the best of ways. Both are independent and used to doing things their own way, however, now with eight-year-old Simon in the mix, they need to work together to ensure his safety.

I loved Christopher's rough and controlling ways and I loved Snow's on-point and snarky attitude, I loved that underneath the layers of both men they were selfless and loved deeply for those that were closest to them. I think this was one of the reasons Snow was never fearful of Christopher even though he had every reason to be considering things of his past, but he saw the man behind the name.

Snow Falling has a good cast of secondary characters that help round out the story, give extra layers of warmth and humor plus more insight into the main characters. 

This is a romantic suspense with the story focusing more on suspense than romance. Simon's kidnapping has turned into something bigger, Snow's past is hidden and there are enemies within the camp. With so much tension and uncertainty, there is still an underlying chemistry between Christopher and Snow fighting to get to the surface. 

Some elements of the story—the bad guys getting an upper hand over a powerful and deadly crime boss, more than once, seemed far-fetched—however, the story was fast-paced playing
into the right hands at the end. 

Snow is smart, caring and resourceful and after years living on the street, feeling as though he is falling, Christopher Manos sees him for who he really is and offers him something he thought he would never have. Love and Family. 

Snow Falling flows well enough to keep you turning the page and for a debut novel, it was very enjoyable.

* I was gifted with an ARC in exchange for an honest review *