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After my wife died, I was positive I'd never be able to move on. I held myself together with glue and Scotch tape for my daughter's sake, but I haven't been the same since. I thought a new start in Glen Springs would do us both some good, and after a rocky transitional period, it seems like I was right. 

Riley's happier and healthier than she's ever been. She's doing well in school, she's got friends I don't want to throttle with my bare hands, and I know if anything goes wrong, her history teacher will do everything in his power to help her. 

There's just one problem: I'm starting to look to that same teacher to help me put my life back together, too. At first, it's just a friendship. But it only takes a few words to plant ideas in my head, and soon I'm questioning if I'm really as straight as I thought I was. 

I want him in my bed, in my life... but Riley has to be my top priority. I can't afford to give my heart to someone new. 


I've spent my whole life looking out for kids who've got no one in their corner--kids whose parents don't give a damn about them. It's a natural enough fit, considering my own father barely acknowledged my existence growing up. 

But David isn't like that. Yeah, maybe he's a little anxious and has a tendency to helicopter parent, but I know he genuinely wants what's best for his daughter. Even if he and I don't always agree on what that is. He's one of the good guys... but it doesn't help matters that he's also exactly my type. Kind. Funny. A big ginger teddybear of a man I'd love to let hold me forever. 

I can't fall for the father of one of my students. I just can't. Especially when I'm on thin ice as it is for my unconventional teaching methods. But every time I'm in a room with David, I'm drawn to him. And when that dam finally breaks, we both get caught in the flood. 

I could lose my job over this; everything I've worked so hard to build for myself. But for some reason, I just can't seem to stay away. 

Last Bell is the second, full-length gay romance novel in the Glen Springs series. It can be read as a standalone, but features side characters from past and future Glen Springs books. 

  • Available on Kindle Unlimited
  • Release Date: November 8, 2017
  • Publisher: Love Light Press
  • Page Count: 221



Last Bell, book two in the Glen Springs series by Alison Hendricks, is Jake's story whom we met in book one. 

For me, this was the complete opposite approach to Travis and Shane's story in book one which was more insta-love to a slow-burn, which, imo, wouldn't have been appropriate any other way. 

Jake, a high school teacher, has known for some time he is bisexual, however, David—for his entire life, till now, has never considered himself anything other than straight. He's a recent widower with a teenage daughter trying to make the best out of a horrible situation. 

Jake puts in a lot of effort with his time and compassion working with his students showing them they can be whatever and whomever they choose to be. When he sees he's getting a new student, Riley, he decides to reach out to her father in hopes of building a support team to help them acclimate to their new school and home. 

Jake is immediately attracted to David, but once he learns his backstory he puts his feelings on the backburner and tries to be a friend. 

It's at least 50% into the book before anything between Jake and David even start to reciprocate shared emotions and feelings and what is shared is not rushed or overly acted upon. David is just beginning to realize he may have some hidden sexual tendencies he wasn't aware of but, at the same time, he struggles with guilt over cheating on his deceased wife...the love of his life. 

There's also a teenage daughter that can't be overlooked and David is extremely paranoid he is going to do something that will harm his daughter's opinion of him and drive her away. He's struggling to be a single father, but with the help of Jake and their new friends, Riley shows much improvement and she really grows and matures throughout the course of the book. 

In fact, Riley was a delight in the book and, at times, was much wiser and braver than her father, but she was no less supportive of him than he was of her and it was awesome to see them both find the balance and grow their relationship. 

David has quite the stubborn personality where he wants to handle every situation alone and that was a tad frustrating, especially how much Jake opened himself up to be there, so Last Bell has its share of angsty moments and heartache. 

Eventually, everyone gets on the same page and it was smooth flowing from there. This was a sweet, low-key romance and enjoyable addition to the Glen Springs series.


About the Author

Alison Hendricks is devoted to creating contemporary M/M romances that are sexy and emotionally satisfying. She loves making her boys work for their Happily Ever After and believes love stories are better with just a little angst thrown in. 

Born and raised in Florida, Alison has always had a passion for writing, and romance novels of all kinds are her number one escape when life gets a little too hectic. 

She’s currently working on her first series, Eastshore Tigers. Each book in this series is a standalone romance that throws together two hot college athletes who always “play for the same team,” even if they don’t know it yet. 

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