#NewRelease — Fame F#$K*D by Marissa Holt — An M/M Steamy Novel Available Now!

Few people achieve both fame and love… even fewer can handle it…


Brian Hurst has taken care of his troubled sister for the past four years after their parent’s death. Now that she is starting college, he is ready to concentrate on his own life…a calmer life. That is until his Aunt Peggy persuades him to interview as a personal assistant for her newest client, Nash Jameson – a bad boy pop star, currently topping the billboard charts. Brian is reluctant to take a job working with the difficult singer, but the pay and the fact that Nash is absolutely gorgeous is too enticing. But Brian isn’t prepared for the flirtations, enormous ego, and underlying issues that come with Nash Jameson and his celebrity life. Trying to remain professional may prove to be too much.


Talent and good looks have brought Nash Jameson everything he thought he wanted – Fame. And that fame has come with an entitlement that Nash enjoys to the fullest, including both women and men. But when he lays eyes on Brian, all that changes. Brian is the only one Nash wants in his bed. But Nash also needs an assistant to help run his life that almost seems to be breaking apart at times. And Brian is the only glue holding it together.

When Nash and Brian realize their feelings for each other may run deeper than simply physical…Nash’s crazy life of fame, fans, and paparazzi could rip them apart.   If that happens…they’re both F#$k*d!

Fame F#$K*D is a 75,000 word M/M novel, steamy to scorching heat level and guaranteed HEA.



Fame F#$K*D by Marissa Holt brings two men together who live completely different lives. One rich and spoiled, an ego the size of a mountain, AND the other living paycheck-to-paycheck raising his sister on his own, more mature than his years and always looking out for the well-being of others over himself. However, behind closed doors, they may be more alike than they realize. 

Nash Jameson, rock-star and womanizer, needs a personal assistant. Someone he's not tempted to take to bed, woo the next day or have any emotional attachments with because he doesn't do feelings or committment...ever. 

Brian Hurst needs a higher paying job to help with his sister's college and keep the electricity on. When the call comes from his aunt (also Nash Jameson's publicist) asking for help, not only to save her own career but to keep Nash on the straight and narrow, the money is too good to pass up.

Nash is mostly a heavy metal/pop singer and Brian...country. He's never really listened to Nash's music and because of the media, his name always in the headlines—usually, with a girl draped over his arm—Brian has no interest in rectifying his decision. 

When these two begin working together, it's a hit and miss. Nash determined to push every button and continue with his partying behavior and Brian a little star-struck—worried about being too controlling and demanding—may result in a plane ticket back home.  

However, as the walls come down and Nash sees that Brian isn't easily pushed around, they begin to form a tentative friendship. 

Nash has issues stemming back to his childhood that paves the way for his adult behavior. Deep down he admits to himself, he craves companionship and someone to love him for himself. He's never been able to find that picking up women, although he tried with his 'now' best friend, Lexi, discovering they were better friends-than-lovers. 

Thanks to Lexi and her mischievous and relentless pursuit to find Nash the perfect partner, she instigates a fun game of Truth-or-Dare. With some alcohol smoothing the way, confessions are made, but actions speak much louder than words. 

Now that things appear clearer, Nash and Brian, both, give in and take what they want. Their chemistry is explosive and hot, but they also have fun. Laughing and joking, flirting on the side, is just as sexy as what happens under the sheets, however, they must keep themselves from appearing anything other than business in front of the media. 

Of course, keeping the media at arms-length is easier said than done and sometimes being careful and cautious isn't good enough. Especially when passion explodes and you forget yourself...and your surroundings. 

Nash and his bad judgment have kept him on the path of self-destruction—heading towards downfall—for a long time. Brian sees through his many layers and offers him more than just a warm body for the night. Nash, however, lives for his music and putting his career in jeopardy, if their relationship were to be exposed, pushes him to reconsider and reevaluate his priorities. 

Fame F#$K*D has a great cast of secondary characters with Lexi, the always supportive best friend, and Doris, the amazing and wonderful cook, who is a very approving and thoughtful mother figure for Nash.

With every good character, there are usually one or two with questionable ethics and morals. Ray, Nash's manager, and Aunt Peggy fell into this category, for me. They appear to be on the up-and-up, but do they really have Nash and Brian's best interests at heart—or are there motives just for the money? Grrrrrrr!

At any rate, I really enjoyed Holt's newest release and compared to the first and only book I've read prior,  In Southern Deep, a book I enjoyed but never really felt the chemistry and connection between the two MC's, I completely felt that connection in this book. The writing flowed much better, as well, plus the humor and snark the author instilled kept me smiling and turning the pages quickly.

Fame F#$K*D is not without a little frustration, denial, push-and-pull, and hurt feelings, but overall it was a very rewarding read. Brian has been selfless and committed to raising his sister for years...it's time for a little good luck to come his way.

Nash has a good heart underneath his fame and fortune and it takes someone like Brian to break through his facade and show, not only the people around him but Nash himself, he deserves to have what he wants.

 * I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. *