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Today is the 1 yr anniversary for Chasing Mr Wright, the first book in the Fated Heart Series, by Aimee Nicole Walker.  I love Gray and Chase and I fell so hard for their story. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it. It's so funny, the banter between them is hilarious and Aimee was spot on with everything. She is an amazing author and I am proud to call her a friend, also. So, with that said, she doesn't know this, but I thought I would gather a few lines from her 5 star reviews on Chasing Mr Wright in remembrance of her first release. Congratulations, Aimee!!!! You are a rock star.


Aimee Nicole Walker has pulled out all of the stops with her newest release. This story has everything you could possibly want in a contemporary read. The main characters, as well as the secondary characters, are hilarious with quick wit and comebacks that will have you laughing aloud, and smiling from ear to ear.  —KathyMac


This book grabbed my attention from the start, with that horribly awkward meeting, and held it until the very end. The way Walker wove the stories together, connecting several characters and their lives in such quirky or unique ways was amazing.  —T.M. Smith


I loved how this journey was shared by both points of view. Seeing how each of them reacted to the situations they found themselves in. Aimee wrote a beautiful love story, with angst, some tears, lots of fun and laughter, all that's needed for a really great story! Well done! —Maggie


 This is a heartwarming tale of finding your one and only. Of course it's complicated, but the ride is funny, sweet, and loving. Beautifully written, with intense emotion, all consuming desire, and true happiness for these wonderful guys. Loved it!! —Denise H.


What a brilliant, light hearted and up lifting story this was !!
Chase and Gray's story was brilliantly written and i loved how Aimee kept the laughter and lightheartedness continually throughout the book with either Gram's or Preston. Such amazing characters and the circumstances in which they first meet was genius!!—Booklover



I am thrilled to bring you the cover for Always You, Book Six, in the Fated Heart Series, by Aimee Nicole Walker. 

  Cover Artist -  Jay Aheer    | Photographer -  CJC Photography    | Cover Model - Assad Shalhoub

Cover Artist - Jay Aheer   | Photographer - CJC Photography   | Cover Model - Assad Shalhoub

Release Date: June 2016


I’d often felt lost in the shadow of my older brother, Sebastian Blake. People either ran from me in fear or tried to use me to get to him. In my struggle to forge my own path, I’d taken a wrong turn a time or two, which nearly cost me my life. It’s true that what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t filled with self-doubt and questioned my worthiness of being loved. 

The minute I met Tomas Sarantos, I knew there was something special between us. I felt a connection to him that I’d never felt with anyone else, but I sadly watched the heat fade from his eyes the minute he learned who I was. My only choices were to accept his offer of friendship or nothing at all. 

Tom became the best friend I’d ever had and I fell deeper in love with him every day. I died a little bit inside every time he talked about the love he was hoping to find and the family he wanted to have with someone else. My heart screamed at me to tell him that his search was over and that I was right there in front of him. Yet, I held my tongue and battled myself daily for over a year to hide my feelings from him. I lacked the courage to make a move, no matter how tired I was of denying my feelings for him.

*    *    *

I finally had everything I’d dreamed of when I accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer at Blake Industries – well, almost everything. I still hadn’t found the man I wanted to build a life with, until I met Wesley King. He was everything I ever wanted, but he was also the one I could never have.  Dating in the workplace was risky enough, but falling in love with the CEO’s only brother was professional suicide. Too bad my heart wasn’t in agreement. 

Wesley became the most important person in my life, the one I shared everything with except the one thing I wanted to give him – my heart. For an entire year, I tried to talk myself out of loving him and focused my efforts on finding someone attainable. I probably set a world record for dating disasters and all that I accomplished was to make me want Wesley even more.

Then life threw me a curveball and made me reevaluate everything. I could either take a chance that Wesley still felt the spark I once saw in him or continue on being miserable in the “friend zone.” It would either be the happiest time of my life or the most mortifying, but I’d never know unless I tried.

*    *    *

Always You is the sixth book in the Fated Hearts series. It can be read as part of the series or as a standalone novel. Always You also includes the return of Sebastian and Adam Blake from the novel Only You. 

This book contains sexually explicit materials and is only intended for adults 18 and older. 


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Not only is JJ here, but Aimee is giving 5 $20 Amazon gift cards away to five lucky winners. Sweet!!

I know you all are just as excited as I am to see what JJ has to say and which questions he picked to answer. So without further ado, here is JJ "stands up to applaud" "The floor is all yours, you handsome thing."

1. Jennifer R. would like to know if there are more kids in yours and Miller’s future.Hello Jennifer. Thank you for the question. Miller and I are definitely planning more kids in our future. [leans forward and lowers his voice to a whisper] Between you and me, I would even be so bold as to say the near future! 

2. Patrick L. would like to know if you and Miller fight a lot and over what issues.  [laughs] This is a fun question, Patrick. We actually don’t fight very often. We jokingly fight over who gets to top or top first. [winks] Sometimes we get a tad bit jealous and possessive, which usually means an argument. We sometimes disagree about what’s best for the kids, like all other parents. We never exchange harsh words nor do we go to bed mad. Bed is the place to have wild sex or make love, not be angry.

3.  Racheal Y. wants to know the most memorable romantic thing that you’ll always remember and will want to share with my grandkids.Thank you for your question, Racheal. [sappy smile spreads across his face] The most romantic moment for me was when Miller told me that he loved me the first time. I not only heard the words, but I saw how much he meant them when I looked in his eyes. It was a palpable moment that I’ll never forget and will gladly tell our grandkids about. 

4. Gary L. would like to know where you are in your lives now. Hi Gary. Thank you for the question. Life is crazy busy with work and the kids’ activities and sports, but I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. The kids spend a lot of time with their grandparents so we do get breaks to go out on dates, which helps keep the spark going. We’ve decided the time is right to expand our family and we’re moving forward with that. I’m certain she [points at me and rolls his eyes] will keep everyone updated. She tells the most personal details of our lives. 

5.  Pam E. would like to know about your most embarrassing memory.  Hello, Pam. Thanks for the question. Me and another guy in my high school went to the state park on a “date” and got caught mid-yank by a park ranger. He called our parents to come pick us up from his office. All I can say was at least I was already out to my mom. [cringes]

6.  Margie J would like to know what you did on your honeymoon and whether or not a pool boy was involved. [waggles eyebrows] That’s a great question, Margie. Miller and I went to St. Croix for our honeymoon. Most of our time was spent naked, but it did not involve a third person. I won’t lie and say I don’t notice other guys, but there’s no way I could ever share Miller with anyone else. He’s all mine.

7.  Laurel L. would like to know what has been the best “daddy” moment [smiles sweetly and his eyes lose focus for a few moments while he thinks] I love this question, Laurel. It was the first time that I lifted a sleeping Lily out of the car and carried her inside after a long, busy day. She wrapped her arms around my neck and laid against my chest so trustingly and told me she loved me in a sleepy voice. I’ll treasure that moment for eternity. 

8.  Keith F. would like to know if you’re going to name a future son, if you should have one, after your brother. Hi Keith. [smiles broadly] Thank you for your question. If Miller and I are so lucky to have a son someday then he will be named after both of the brothers we lost. 

9.  Katie T. would like to know the most romantic moment you can remember that you can’t wait to tell your children and grandchildren. [rubs his chin in concentration] Hi Katie. Thank you for your question. Hmmm, romantic but PG enough to share with kids and grandkids. [more pondering] I would have to say the little gifts that Miller sends me at work. You know, we still do those things weekly. Sometimes they’re funny and sometimes they’re sweet, but they always mean the world to me. My favorites are the notes he puts inside my briefcase before I leave in the morning, although the content is most definitely not PG. [wink]

10.  Linda D. wants to know was it jealousy or resentment of Chase for having the life with Grayson that you so desperately wanted, and did you think Chase wouldn’t understand about your brother and not blame you? [raises eyebrows in surprise] Hi Linda. That’s a very insightful question. I think I was honestly both jealous and resentful of Chase and Gray’s relationship in the beginning. At that time, I thought I was still in love with Chase. I resented Gray’s intrusion into our lives and I was jealous that he was going to get what I thought I wanted. I realized how selfish I was being and eventually put Chase’s happiness before my own and look what I got in return. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to and now Gray and I are really close friends. As for the second part of your question, I only worried that Chase would blame himself for asking me to stay an extra night with him. I thought I was protecting him from hurt when all I was doing was causing him more pain. I’m glad he was able to forgive me.

11.  Eileen H. would like to know your favorite family moment. That’s an easy one, Eileen. [grins broadly] We took the kids to Disney World last summer and it was the trip of a lifetime. Miller had gone before when he was younger, but it was the first time for the kids and me. It truly is the happiest place on earth.

12.  Mary B. wants to know what is the most endearing quality you find in Miller. [sits up straighter and smiles sappily] That’s a great question, Mary. I love how Miller truly accepts me for exactly who and what I am. Complete and absolute acceptance is a beautiful gift to give to someone you love. I no longer worry about not being enough for him because he has proven that I’m the one he wants to grow old with.

13.  Gina C. wants to know if you could sum up the trials, tribulations, and love that came with your relationship with Miller in a few sentences, what would they be? [raises brows] Gina, this is a very good question. Love and relationships are never a one-way street. It takes two people to create and maintain a lasting, meaningful relationship, but all the hard work is worth it. You never give up.

14.  Temberly W. would like to know if there’s one thing you’d like to do over with Miller. Hi Temberly. Wow, let me think a second. [rubs bottom lip as he contemplates] I think my initial reaction would be to say our first time having sex, but that seems trite to me. I’d have to say that I wish I hadn’t taken so long to make a move on him. I would like to get back the time we could’ve spent together.

15.  Evie W. would like to know the one thing you want to share with your grandchildren. Unconditional love and acceptance, Evie. It’s a great question, by the way. There’s no such thing as giving kids too much love or acceptance. My grandkids will never know a day without love and acceptance as long as I have breath in my body. I want to be just like Gram when I grow up - sans filter and all. [winks]

16.  Avril S. is wondering if you have any regrets that you would do over if you could. [cringes and looks uneasy] Wow, these readers don’t pull any punches, right? Thanks for a great question, Avril. There are probably a handful of things I wish I had done differently, but the most obvious regret is hurting Chase. I would love to get a do-over there. I wouldn’t want to change the outcomes of our lives, but I would want to be honest with him and not reject him the way that I did. I don’t know why he was so forgiving, but I’m grateful that he was. 

17.  Kessler S. would like to know what made you want to be a lawyer. She’d like to know your career path. [smirks playfully] Hi Kessler. Great question! Initially, I wanted to be a lawyer for the income earning potential. I wanted a career that would help me escape poverty and my English teacher jokingly told me once that anyone who was as argumentative as I was should be a lawyer. I had this notion of becoming a hugely successful defense attorney. There was a gay bashing incident at a bar near our college and I felt that neither the public nor the police took the crime as seriously as they should. It changed my entire outlook on life and the world around me.

18.  Rob M. would like to know when did you first know that you cared, loved only one and no one else. [goofy grin] Hi Rob. I liked the way you phrased your question. Um, I’d say that once I started putting Miller’s wants and needs before my own was the moment that I realized that I was truly in love for the first time. 

19.  Laura K. wants to know how Miller and the children filled the gap in your life that left you lonely for so long. [lovesick expression crosses his face] What a wonderful question, Laura. Honestly, I don’t think I realized just how lonely I was until I met and fell in love with Miller. He and the kids brought happiness and joy to my life that I neither expected nor thought I wanted. How wrong I was though.

20.  Cindy G. wants to know what your favorite gift is that you’ve given, what is your favorite gift that you received, and what makes them your favorite. [sighs happily] Hi Cindy. Thank you for such a sweet question. Miller and I have exchanged so many gifts over the years and all of them have been meaningful. I have to say that our wedding rings are the things I treasure the most. 

Wow, you all asked some great questions, and thank you, JJ for taking the time to answer them. May I have a hug before you leave? It may be my only chance "sigh" This will stay between us, I promise. "snickers"

This has been so much fun and I hope you all enjoyed it just as much. Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter for the amazing giveaway from Aimee. Remember 5 winners will be announced May 12. Good luck!!!!