.•´¸.•* ´¨)#ReleaseDay Blitz ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.• Debt by K.C. Wells + Review

Mitch is still hurting from a 2 year relationship that went down the drain. He isn't necessarily hurting as much as he feels defeated and a bit unworthy when he finds out what his partner was looking for.

After 2 months he agrees to go to with a work colleague to a nightclub although he's not that excited about the idea. Mitch is old-school and he wants a connection and someone to come home to not just a one night stand. After sharing some of his concerns with Aaron, his coworker, and why he doesn't like hooking up with strangers Aaron introduces him to a secret club within the club.

He's ready to turn around and go home and then he sees Nikko in the corner and he's pulled to him. Nikko is one of those characters that you will love from the minute he opens his mouth. He comes across shy and reserved, and he is, but he's also fierce and loyal and he has the spirit of a lion when provoked. 

His reasons for working at the Black Lounge are personal and with the intentions of repaying a debt, but the debt continues to grow and each day it appears that Nikko is getting further and further from his dreams and a future he had visioned.

What he thought he was going to be doing at the club is no where close to what he ends up having to do in order to keep those "behind the camera" happy. I would like to point out though that the author doesn't go into detail about any abuse or rough scenes and whatever takes place happens off page. The focus is on the healing and not the pain.

However, as the reader, you still feel the emotion and despair from Nikko at his situation and your heart breaks for him when he feels there is no hope for him. How long will he have to expose himself, to what depths will he have to go? 

This is where Mitch excels also as a listening and caring partner. He's always very observant and very aware of Nikko and his feelings and most of their time spent together at the club consisted of cuddling and talking. Mitch was the one factor that got Nikko through the days and nights until he could get away from there.

There is a 25 year age gap between Mitch and Nikko but it was never an issue. Nikko is rather mature for his age with everything he has endured and comes across, at times, the more relevant thinker between the two. On more than one occasion Nikko has to pull Mitch back from reacting without thinking the problem through first.

This is a tender story about everything in one man's power to help another man, to give him time and space, and ultimately his love. To connect with another human being on the same level and just know they are the one. What Nikko gives back in return is just as powerful. In the bedroom they are very compatible, and the more comfortable Nikko becomes the more he has a dominant streak that is hot and sexy and he's quite the dirty talker turning Mitch inside out.  

I love how the author included all of Mitch's family into the story. I love that they showed a united front and they loved unconditionally. Mitch's mom is amazing and one of my most favorite characters ever,  and if you are a mother yourself you will definitely relate to her and get a kick out of her actions. It's nice to read about a family that is open and accepting to all of their kids and grand-kids, regardless to who they love and for people to see they do exist. 5 Stars.★★★★★