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★★ Blog Tour ★★ Maybe by Rain Carrington +  Interview with Lonnie Lane, co-owner of Chaps

★★ Blog Tour ★★ Maybe by Rain Carrington + Interview with Lonnie Lane, co-owner of Chaps

TITLE: Maybe
SERIES: Denver Diaries
AUTHOR: Rain Carrington
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
COVER ARTIST: Rain Carrington
LENGTH: 450  pages


Of all the men in Chaps, the huge leather club in Denver, Colorado, Beast is by far the largest. His size belies his gentle nature, however and has made it hard for him to find his perfect submissive. Either men want him to hurt them, or they run away in terror that he will hurt them. All he wants is a man to pamper and dote on, controlling only his pleasure without pain and to share him with others with group kink play. 

As part of Chaps’s lonely hearts club, he and his best friends commiserate that they will never find their soulmates, or even their matches in their kinky lifestyle, while Rebel and Jack Colton find a new way to keep their fires lit. Meeting Hunter and Ethan Westmore, they discover they had been neglecting their passion and when the men get together, the heat they share cannot be contained.
Sebastian Blacksnake is young and doesn’t believe in love or relationships. He has nowhere to go until, after the death of the man he was staying with, Lonnie Lane and Travis Walton take him into their home and their life. They get him a job at the sub house, a home for displaced submissives, and he meets Beast, who takes an instant like to the much younger man.
Lonnie Lane has a devastating loss in his family and as he deals with the aftermath, he comes to realize that things are missing from his life. He finds a journal and learns things about his lost family member, a story of love and loss that breaks his heart. It also brings him closer than he could ever imagine to Sebastian. 

Miscommunications keep Beast and Sebastian apart. Neither realizes for a long time how much they belong together until Sebastian reads the journal and it reaches into his heart, making him open to the thought that he could not only have the freedom he wants, but a great love as well.
With visits from Dennis, Deb, Rebel, Jack, Hunter, Ethan, Brian, Morgan and Pez, this books within a book gives the reader a glimpse into many hearts and many ways of life, with some very unexpected results. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. After all, all life really is, is maybe…

Interview with Lonnie Lane, co-owner of Chaps

Q: You experience some major life changes in the course of the book. How are you handling them?

A: The song from The Lion King says it best. Circle of life. Life is nothing but changes, good, bad. We are born and die and another is born. Travis and I have been through so much, but we realize it’s all made us stronger.

Q: Even before you read Charming’s journal, you were drawn to Sebastian. Why?

A: Sebastian reminded me of myself at that age. Sure, I was really shy and Sebastian isn’t, but he was searching. He didn’t feel like he had a place in the world and I wanted to give him one. Yes, I wanted to give him a family like my uncles and my friends did for me. And I may treat him like a son at times, but he’s a friend now too.

Q: Speaking of your uncle’s journal, it was heart wrenching and yet you wanted others to read it. Did you want to make them cry?

A: (Lonnie laughs, half humor, half irony) No, of course not. We don’t often learn from other’s mistakes, we have to make our own, but sometimes we do need to understand that everyone makes them. Everyone makes mistakes and we do come out on the other side, whether for the better or worse.

Meet the Author

Hi I’m Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I’ve written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!



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