Release Day Review - Blood Visions by L.J. Hamlin

Title: Blood Visions

Author: L.J. Hamlin

Genre: Gay Romance/Paranormal

Length: 193 Pages

Publisher: Torquere Press

Published Date: May 25, 2016

Heat Level: Explicit

Star Rating: 3.5 - 4.0




— Blurb —

 Private detective Ronan Bayne is a former cop who now runs his own agency specializing in all things paranormal. After several women have gone missing, Ronan gets called in by the police chief. 

Dustin McPherson is a psychic who’s worked with the police in the past. After having a vision of one of the missing women, he meets Ronan. Together, they must solve a case more complicated than either of them expected.


— Review —


 The blurb is fairly vague on what to expect in Blood Visions but it still peeked my curiosity enough to give it a go.

Ronan is an ex-cop, now private investigator, who investigates supernatural/paranormal activities. He has personal reasons as to why he believes in the supernatural, and as a cop, he was not allowed to look in this direction for clues. So, through his own frustrations and limitations, he chose to open his own agency and investigate his own way.

Ronan has close ties with his ex-boss, Chris, so when he gets a call about ten women missing and requests him to do some digging of his own, Ronan knows right away that Chris believes there could be something supernatural at work.

Walking up to the latest crime scene and seeing someone bent over and what appears to be tampering with the evidence immediately sets Ronan on edge. Pulling his gun on the trespasser starts a whirlwind of events that Ronan never could have anticipated.

Dustin McPherson lives life the way he wants to and answers to no one. His purple hair, his skintight jeans, his Doc Marten boots, and his eyeliner are just a few things that express who he is, but he is so much more if you care to look further.

He’s also a psychic that has cost him friends and family but he’s learned to embrace this part of who he is and accept it in order to help people in trouble. He knows he looks weird to those who don’t understand and he’s okay with that, now. 

Ronan is older, straight-laced, and a rule-abiding citizen and Dustin is attracted to him immediately. He’s kind of surprised because Dustin is just the opposite. He loves to break rules, he’s only twenty-one to Ronan’s thirty-two, and remember…purple hair. But, even though these two are complete opposites they agree that working together on the case can only help find the missing women and that’s what’s important.

Over a course of a week, they travel different states looking for clues and gathering information, but during this time something else starts to happen. A friendship starts to develop that leads to a kiss. Ronan worries he may have stepped over the line and immediately pulls back but Dustin calls him out on it which I really enjoyed. 

 When everything is working great between them they are burning up the sheets and they have some really hot moments together. For the first time in a really long time, Ronan and Dustin, have found that someone who looks after them and is concerned about their happiness and health and it’s doing them both a lot of good. Unfortunately, Ronan throws up more road blocks causing Dustin to doubt his feelings.

The story started off a little slow but picked up speed the more I read. This is my first time reading anything by this author and I found the writing a little odd. I felt like I was being told the story instead of watching it play out.  We get both character’s POV and its present tense and then all of a sudden it switches like the author is narrating to us and its past tense. This tripped me up in a few places until I kind of got the hang of what was going on. There was also quite a bit of repetition with Ronan asking a question or stating a fact and then Dustin asking the same thing right after.

 But, with that said, I found myself becoming really absorbed in the plot and a little tense with anticipation as they got closer to capturing the killer. This is a paranormal mystery and I liked the way the author established the back story of the killer and why it was doing what it was doing. It was also a very interesting take on Dustin and his powers as a psychic. An overall enjoyable story. 3.5-4.0 Stars


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