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 TITLE: Second Chances

SERIES: Denver Diaries

AUTHOR: Rain Carrington


PUBLISHER: Self Publisher

COVER ARTIST: Rain Carrington

LENGTH: 650 pages

RELEASE DATE: May 16th 2016



Losing love, real love, can break a man. The pain it causes cannot be taken away, but when that love walks back in, the possibilities of a second chance are too tempting to pass up. Brian Lauder lost a love, the love of his life, when Morgan Cherik walked out two years before. He wallowed in self-pity and alcohol until he tried to get past it, moving on to a new man, who came into his life as a rent boy but became much more.

Morgan’s rain drenched skin couldn’t contain the strawberry scent of him, or camouflage his tears of regret. As Nicolas Perez, Pez, steps aside, Brian takes Morgan back, wondering if he can regain all they’d lost.

It wouldn’t be easy for Morgan to earn his place back at his beloved Master’s feet. Brian was angry and hurt, and the sadist in him put Morgan through paces he’d never imagined. Still, there was a great love there between them, if only Brian could forget Pez.

A chance encounter at a club lets him see what Pez has been up to since walking away from Brian, and he comes back to the house, to the couple he’d allowed to get back together with his leaving. Right away, he and Morgan fight. The hatred and jealousy enrages them, but Brian realizes he wants them both and enlists help to make it happen.

Tensions do not abate easily. The two men are both passionately in love with Brian, but when their own desires for one another ignite, they begin to think that the threesome could work and they could be happy.

Morgan goes back to work, modeling kinky gear for Slutae and Pez’s dream also comes true when he is hired as the company’s marketing executive. With a huge launch at Chaps coming, where Pez has a contract with Travis Walton, the club’s owner, for his staff to wear the company’s products exclusively, Morgan is set to be the star of the show. Who thought anything could go wrong?

Tragedy strikes and strikes again. Brian starts to question his own sanity even as he attempts to help the clients at the women’s prison he works for as a psychologist. His boys feel helpless and alone, but a friend from Brian’s past comes to get him back to the old Brian, dominant and confident.

Twists and turns, this threesome is never sure they can work out. Watch as these men attempt to overcome jealousies, turmoil, pain and loss. Friends step in when needed, and their lifestyle of BDSM gets them through times when nothing else can.

“Each couple in the relationship must have a strong love. It’s a triangle. Brain and Morgan, Morgan and Pez and Pez and Brian being the corners; if they all aren’t strong, then the triangle itself isn’t strong. It’ll buckle.”



The pride in him swelled so much that he could float on it. His boys were helping each other, and he did not miss that sweet kiss they shared. Not one bit of jealousy lingered, though why it had left so quickly, he was sure he would analyze to death another time. That was for another time, though. Right now, he was in another world, one where only beautiful men and leather existed and in the center of this world of his were the two most beautiful men. 

On his third go ‘round, he slid his hand between his boy’s mouths and cut off Pez’s voice while he brought the crop across his ass in seven fast and hard strikes. He moved in his hips and rubbed his confined cock against Pez’s shoulder as he growled, “Feel that, boy? Want that? You can have it, just tell him to come. Make it easy on yourself.”

As he moved his hand, Pez spit out, “No, Sir! I won’t! I want you, I do, I’ve missed you fucking me, but I won’t give him up to get it, and you know that!”
Moving to the other side of them, he held Morgan’s mouth while he gave him an equal seven and asked him the same as he rubbed on Morgan. “Morgan, are you keeping the same deal? He blackened your eye! You still want to help him?”

Morgan was quieter, but every bit as sure. “Sir, I love you, and I love your cock, but if this is what you want, for us to be together, then this is how it’s going to work. Equally.”
Lin started it, and the others followed quickly with a loud and emotional applause. Brian turned around to the others that he’d frankly forgotten were there. Lonnie was next to his Master’s cock, unable to keep from watching, and Travis was smiling proudly. “Good job, Master Brian.”
Lin came to him and licked his lips as he looked down on the bound men. “I think they’ve earned some fun, but that is your call. We’ll leave you to it.”

“You don’t have to leave, any of you.”

Joe helped Andy, who was on shaky legs, walk across the room. “Sir, the rest is something that should be private, but thank you, sincerely, that was the hottest fucking thing!”

Morgan started groaning and he ignored him for the moment. “Thank you all for your help and for making a nice mess for my boys to clean tomorrow!”
Lin shoved Travis playfully as Travis said, “Told you he came like an elephant!”

“Fuck you, kid, you’re just jealous.”

They bantered on the way out, and as bad as Brian felt for not seeing them to the door, he had his boys to deal with. He stepped away from them and took the scissors from the bureau before he came back to them and squatted down. “I could let you go, now that you’re both shaking so sweetly.”

“Master, we’re…” Pez could hardly speak. Brian decided to show a bit of mercy, so he reached under their cocks and twisted the vibrator off. 
Morgan broke into tears and Pez told him, “Shh, it’s okay. We did it.”

“That’s right, Morgan, baby. You both did so well.”

He started to cut the tape, taking his time. He knew the minute they were free, their muscles would relax so much they’d fall, and he had no clue how he’d catch them both. 
The tape from their waists were free, then their arms, Morgan shook his, moving it to clear the stiffness, Brian presumed, but Pez wrapped Morgan up to rub over his back. “There. Almost free, and Master can take you first.”

“No,” Morgan whispered weakly. “You go first.”

“Boys, let’s not start fighting again. I think I know a way where we’ll all be satisfied.”
After the hoods were off, Brian saw how red both of their faces were. Bright from desire, frustration and in Morgan’s case, tears. Brian took him from Pez and kissed his cheeks that were wet with sweat and tears and comforted, “Such a good boy. You figured me out pretty quickly, heh?”

Morgan didn’t speak a word, just collapsed in his arms, his muscles jumping and weak. Pez leaned in to kiss his cheek, then Brian’s mouth. “We pleased you?”

The way he felt at that moment, elated, that was it. He was elated like he was made of helium and could float through the heavens. “Yes, babe. You pleased me.”



Hi I’m Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I’ve written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!



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