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Title: After the Snap

Series: N/A

Author: Peyton Miller

Genre: Contemporary/Sports/Romance

Length: 334 Pages

Publisher: Peyton Miller

Published Date: May 9, 2016

Heat Level: 5



Seth Mercer is at the top of his game when a secret threatens to topple him. Lust draws him into a dark pit and he’s unsure how to break away from a destructive force. Angry at himself, and his mistakes, he vows to never enter into another relationship again, until he has a special hook up with Colby. 

Colby Larsen learns the truth about his ex and is devastated. He throws himself into his work, vowing to never get emotionally involved again. When he meets Seth, Colby is unprepared for how connected they become. 

Seth has a secret and he can’t tell Colby. Colby can’t accept betrayal of any sort after being fooled by his cheating ex. When he finds out Seth has been hiding important information from him, will it end their relationship or draw them closer together? 


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REVIEW: The book cover is what grabbed my attention, then the blurb, so I was excited to start reading After The Snap, by Peyton Miller. This is the author’s debut novel and stories with football, two guys finding love and football, are right up my alley of favorite reads.

The author tells the tale of Seth, a college football player, with higher aspirations of being drafted into the NFL. He knows he’s gay, but has never shared it with anyone, not even his parents. His goal is to work hard, make good grades, make his parents proud, and of course be a star football player.

Throughout his four years in college he was always under the assumption his coach hated him. He was constantly yelling at him, barking out plays but off the field he wouldn’t even speak to him. His last year, however, takes a very bad turn, when he is confronted by the coach in the locker room.

When Colby is introduced he is already living with his boyfriend, Neil, but suspects he is cheating on him. After catching him in the act, Colby gathers his belongings and moves out but realizes he is pretty much homeless. He finds a ratty, run-down apartment but vows to never be in that situation again.

Seth and Colby cross paths in a gay bar they both find themselves in when the each decide they need a warm body and a little action. It’s supposed to be a one-night fling, but they are surprised at the level they connected to each other and what’s even more surprising they both want to see each other again.

Seth is now living in San Diego playing professional football but he can’t stop thinking of Colby. Luckily, Colby travels to San Diego with his job so over the course of several weeks they rekindle their attraction and move pretty quickly into a relationship. Seth remains in the closet but as he and Colby get closer to each other and their feelings continue to grow staying hidden gets harder each day.


The story has potential but it was a 3.0 star read for me, at most. I believe the author will be someone to watch for but this book has several problems that continually pulled me from the story.  The overuse of a character’s name is something I notice right away and when I find myself counting and highlighting I know I’m not where I should be with the story.

In the first chapter, there is a scene with Seth in the locker room and his coach corners him, and this was just messed up. Seth already commented on the coach not liking him much, if at all, so what happens in my opinion was rape. Seth was young, a virgin, and he’s up against an older man with authority who has a dominating personality and wasn’t given the option to walk away. In chapter two, they admitted their love for each other and…No, it came across as very unbelievable and I had to walk away.

I did finish reading the book, but the repetitive sentences and the angst that never seemed to let up continued to pull me out. I was really hoping to see Seth stand up for himself and stop caving to situations that were not healthy for him. At 75% in, he finally starts to stand his ground, thank goodness.

I did like the relationship between Seth and Colby and their connection and chemistry felt real and even though it moved fast, I believe it’s also what gave Seth the courage he needed to take a stand. A lot of the book takes place on the field or in the locker room and even though that was interesting I would have liked to learn a little more about Colby and Seth. Their time together mainly consisted of sex and the scenes were hot but there was so much they didn’t know about each other yet they were moving at a high rate of speed.

The book definitely started coming together in the second half and I found myself more interested in what was happening. There are a couple secondary characters, Jason and Wesley, that left an impression so maybe they will get their story in the future. I think most people will really enjoy this story, and for the most part, I did as well, but the repetition and the first chapter left me feeling disappointed.


**I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**