#Promo - Full Moon Dating (New Moon) by Julia Talbot

Julia Talbot FULL MOON DATING: NEW MOON <juliatalbot@gmail.com>
Release Date: April 1, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-943576-692
Categories: Gay, Werewolves, Anthology FLAME: 4

 Full Moon Dating: Dating and Mating for Shifters and More!

Matchmakers Stone and Harve vow to find a mate for even the toughest to match shifter or vampire. New Moon includes four novellas featuring werewolves, vampires, and were-kitties searching for their other halves, no matter how challenging. 

Aiden and Ben: After these wolves get together, Aiden doubts he’s found his match. Ben knows better, but can he convince Aiden to stay? 

Coy and Denver: City wolf Coy isn’t sure he wants to give up control. Denver is just the vamp to give Coy what he needs, but their match creates a whole new set of problems for the dating agency.

Evgeny and Feng: Tiger Evgeny worries his sheer size and strength turns off most lovers. Snow leopard Feng is an acrobat used to working without a net, but he falls hard for his tiger. When Feng disappears, Evgeny doesn’t know if he can find him soon enough to help. 

Gage and Hamish: Gage is an impossible bottom. No one can tame this cat, but bear shifter and effortless Top Hamish is certainly willing to try. 

Harve and Stone hope their success rate is 100%, but the path to true love is never easy.


Okay, cold.
And it was November.
It was eighty degrees at home, eighty-five on a warm day.
Still, Aiden thought as he looked around at the town, it was beautiful here. Like a postcard.
He got his camera out and started taking shots. Everything was dusted with snow, making great light and shadow and these amazing crisp edges. 
Even if the whole Meet Your Mate thing didn’t pan out—and it wouldn’t, a computer couldn’t figure that out—at least he got to see something new. Mostly for free. He’d been given a cabin and a flight, plus transfers. How hard did that rock? Meals he could pay for with the pictures he’d take. He could sell a lot of them to magazines, websites. Even stock photo sites. Hell, he had two hundred bucks in his pocket and that brown-haired chick on TV used to eat for forty bucks a day.
Brr. His balls tried to crawl up into his body when the wind blew in a hard gust. Maybe it was time to get the meet the date part over with. They were meeting at this burger and beer place. 
Burger, beer, small talk, then he could explore a little.
He headed down the road, the tavern doing a rocking business. He supposed that didn’t surprise him. This town was a weird combination of luxury and cowboys, with a few fancy places and a couple of smaller joints.
The lights outside the buildings were beautiful, festive, reminding him of fairy lights. They glowed a little in the twilight.
He wandered inside, the heat making his cheeks heat right up. Toasty in here. 
Aiden shrugged off his jacket, breaking out in a sweat almost immediately. How did people live like this, with all the on and off of coats? He glanced around, trying to see if he could identify his “date.” 
A dating service for guys like him had been too intriguing to resist, but Aiden knew it wouldn’t work. 
All he knew was his date was another wolf, a male. Someone like him. He scanned the little groupings of men in gimme caps and cowboy hats, finally settling on the one man sitting alone, cowboy hat pulled low. Broad shoulders covered in a denim jacket with a sheepskin collar, tanned skin, and an incredibly strong jaw told a pretty compelling story. This guy was used to getting his way. 
Aiden’s tail wanted to wag. With his luck, that one was waiting for some female.  
He headed up to the bar and ordered himself a microbrew.
He turned to go and find himself a table, and Mr. Tall and Toppy was right there, almost knocking his ass down. 
“Are you Aiden?” 
Oh, God. That deep, gravelly growl made him shiver. 
“I am.” He held one hand out, smiled. “You must be Ben.”
“Yep. You get a drink already?” Ben shook his hand, the touch of those callused fingers making his arm tingle all the way up to his shoulder. 
“Ordered a beer. I wasn’t sure if I was early.” His fingers twitched to get at his camera. There was something about the way the cowboy hat shadowed Ben’s face, the way every plane and angle fit together. Something insanely attractive.
“Good deal. Come on and sit with me. We can order some food.”
“Sure. Sounds good.” His nose was working overtime, trying to learn every nuance, every scent. Spicy. The man was like good Texas barbecue. Smoke and spice and denim. He followed Ben to the table in the corner. 
He sat, carefully putting his camera case in the booth beside him. “What are you drinking?”
“Just a beer. I wasn’t sure if I would be driving.” Ben smiled, taking off the hat and setting it brim up on the table. 
“Did the service not offer you a room?”
“They did. I took a cabin out on the edge of town. Horse stable. Jacuzzi. Cozy. But if you wanted to hang out here in town, I could just check in here.” 
“Oh. Neat.” He sipped his beer. “I have to admit, I’ve never done this before.”
“No? I mean, I haven’t done it via Internet or on this scale.” Ben chuckled, the sound flowing over Aiden like warm caramel. “But I have had some crappy blind dates.”
“Haven’t we all?” He chuckled, the beer relaxing him a little. “I can’t believe how cold it is here. Very different than home.”
“Yeah? This is where I was born. I mean, a little farther out.”
Look at them, achieving small talk. 
“I’m in Dallas. I mean, I have a sublet there. I travel. Lots. Dallas is... urban.” Hard to shift if you were stuck there, and fighting the change sucked. 
“That’s a lot of tall buildings. How do you even see the moon?” Ben’s eye lines were fascinating, crinkling up that way. 
“I have a great zoom lens.” He could tease right back.
“Ah, right. You’re a photographer, huh?”
“I am. It’s a good job.” Mostly. When you weren’t broke.
“You must be pretty good at it, then.” Ben leaned forward, elbows on the table, nose twitching. 
“I hope so.” His belly went tight, cock filling, nipples going hard. “What do you do?”
“Wolf conservation. I relocate, track, teach ranchers how not to kill the wolf population.” 
“Oh, wow.” Way to make him feel useless. I take pretty pictures. You save wolves.
Ben laughed. “Hey, it keeps me from getting caught and sent to a zoo.”
“That would totally suck. Especially that morning after when you’re naked and exhausted.”
“Exactly. My foster parents raised me on a ranch, but cows are terrified of me.” 
Okay, that was hilarious.

About the Author: Julia Talbot lives in the great Southwest, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and everything from meat and potatoes to the best Tex-Mex. A full time author, Julia has been published by Samhain Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, All Romance eBooks and Changeling Press. She believes in stories that leave a mark, and that everyone deserves a happy ending, so she writes about love without limits, where boys love boys, girls love girls, and boys and girls get together to get wild, especially when her crazy paranormal characters are involved. Find Julia at @juliatalbot on Twitter.

For more information on other books by Julia, please visit her official website: JuliaTalbot.com.