#BookTour - Bryan & Jase (Something About Him) by AD Ellis

The story of Bryan & Jase span over a decade starting out with a friendship and finally, after a long time, a relationship. There is a 20 page short story called, Bryan & Jase, The Beginning that explains how they originally met, so you may want to read that first. You can find it here.

I think the author does a good job of filling in any questions the reader may have at the beginning if you choose not to read the short. The story starts off with Bryan going home to Texas to attend a friends wedding. It's been over a year since he's been home and who does he run into at the airport? Yep, Jase, and he's not alone. 

The story follows Jase and Bryan over the course of many years. After they run into each other at the airport and they have a brief week-end fling they both go their separate ways again and it's another five years before they ever see each again. Jase has a horrible marriage to a mean and selfish woman, and she basically has a noose around his neck if he doesn't do what she wants. 

Jase is not ready to come out of the closet mainly because he is surrounded by homophobic bigots who keep him walking a tightrope. 

Bryan tries to date other men but his thoughts always lead back to Jase. He has hope that one day they will meet again and they will be together. He's never connected to anyone like he does to Jase but he also understands Jase has a lot of responsibilities. 

A lot of the story seemed to focus on their own reflections with a lot of wishing and hoping. When they do find each other again it's like no time has been lost between them. Every thing falls together quickly and there's no angst to speak of. They do run into a bad situation with Jase's parents but that was remedied fairly quick and it appears to be in the past. 

Bryan is a very easy going and understanding guy. I liked that he was so helpful and agreeable when it came to Jase and his son but I think it would have been more realistic to see him get upset sometimes with so much injustice being thrown at Jase. Their intimacy and bedroom times definitely took a backseat with most of it happening off page. 

The writing flows well but there were a few times that the scene changed abruptly and I'd have to back up and start over. Overall, this is a very sweet and low angst story that shows fate does seem to play a factor in life. And, if you are willing to wait and be patient, she may just give you everything you ever wanted. 3.5 Stars 


** I want to thank the promoter for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review **