#BookTour - Bryan & Jase (Something About Him) by AD Ellis



TITLE: Bryan & Jase 

SERIES: Something about Him 

AUTHOR: A.D. Ellis 

COVER ARTIST: Andrea Michelle 

LENGTH: 52,000 words 

RELEASE DATE: April 28, 2016 

BLURB: Jase Rafferty grew up hiding his sexual curiosities—until he meets Bryan Keating. Bryan’s sexual preference is no secret, and being deployed overseas together allows the two men to forge a solid friendship. The sexual attraction is undeniable, but after one lust-filled week, they must go their separate ways. 

A year later, a chance meeting gives them one more weekend together, even though they know Jase can’t risk his military career or his family obligations to be with Bryan. 

Several years pass before Jase finally accepts the desperate longing in his heart and body. But when fear and hatred threaten to tear them apart, Jase must make a tough decision, one that he isn’t sure he and Bryan can overcome. Together, they must choose to weather the storm or say goodbye forever. 

**This is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to adult language and adult situations.** 


A movement to my left caught my eye, and in the next second my heart seized in my chest. Bryan had put his hand on Grayson’s chest and my baby boy had immediately gripped his finger.

Blushing furiously, Bryan cleared his throat and husked out, “Wow, he’s got a tight grip.”

“Yep, you’re like his best friend for life now,” I joked. “Once he gets hold of something it’s like prying that fist open with the jaws of life to get it loose.”

I reached up to stroke my son’s hand. Electricity crackled between Bryan and me when our hands brushed together. His eyes held heat and longing when he drew his gaze up to mine. I smiled slightly and squeezed his hand almost as tightly as Gray was gripping his finger.

“Later,” was all I had the ability to mouth to him before the shuttle squealed into the hotel parking lot.




A.D. Ellis spends the majority of her days loving and wrangling two school-aged children and a husband before heading to the inner city of Indiana to teach a challenging group of alternative education students in grades third through sixth. Most days she hits the gym after school in hopes of running and lifting away the stress and headaches of the day before picking up her children and squeezing a whole day’s worth of loving and living into the too-short hours before bed. It’s no wonder Ms. Ellis lives for the slower, easier days she gets to enjoy on breaks from school.

Growing up in a small farming town in southern Indiana, A.D. is grateful to her mother for passing along the love of reading. With her nose constantly stuck in a book, Ms. Ellis became accustomed to friends and acquaintances snickering and shaking their heads at her love of reading.

A.D. never dreamed of being anything but a teacher, although there are certain times of the year when she laments her career choice. Ms. Ellis had a story idea floating in her head for about a year. After persistent prodding from a friend, A.D. put pen to paper and began writing her first story in October 2013. From that moment on, she was hooked. Taking the people and stories from her head and sharing them with readers is a scary, exhausting, rewarding, and fulfilling experience which A.D. plans to continue until there are no more stories banging around in her mind.


Winner’s Prize: E-copy of Bryan & Jase


April 29: Unquietly Me

May 2: Drops of Ink

The story of Bryan & Jase span over a decade starting out with a friendship and finally, after a long time, a relationship. There is a 20 page short story called, Bryan & Jase, The Beginning that explains how they originally met, so you may want to read that first. You can find it here.

I think the author does a good job of filling in any questions the reader may have at the beginning if you choose not to read the short. The story starts off with Bryan going home to Texas to attend a friends wedding. It's been over a year since he's been home and who does he run into at the airport? Yep, Jase, and he's not alone. 

The story follows Jase and Bryan over the course of many years. After they run into each other at the airport and they have a brief week-end fling they both go their separate ways again and it's another five years before they ever see each again. Jase has a horrible marriage to a mean and selfish woman, and she basically has a noose around his neck if he doesn't do what she wants. 

Jase is not ready to come out of the closet mainly because he is surrounded by homophobic bigots who keep him walking a tightrope. 

Bryan tries to date other men but his thoughts always lead back to Jase. He has hope that one day they will meet again and they will be together. He's never connected to anyone like he does to Jase but he also understands Jase has a lot of responsibilities. 

A lot of the story seemed to focus on their own reflections with a lot of wishing and hoping. When they do find each other again it's like no time has been lost between them. Every thing falls together quickly and there's no angst to speak of. They do run into a bad situation with Jase's parents but that was remedied fairly quick and it appears to be in the past. 

Bryan is a very easy going and understanding guy. I liked that he was so helpful and agreeable when it came to Jase and his son but I think it would have been more realistic to see him get upset sometimes with so much injustice being thrown at Jase. Their intimacy and bedroom times definitely took a backseat with most of it happening off page. 

The writing flows well but there were a few times that the scene changed abruptly and I'd have to back up and start over. Overall, this is a very sweet and low angst story that shows fate does seem to play a factor in life. And, if you are willing to wait and be patient, she may just give you everything you ever wanted. 3.5 Stars 


** I want to thank the promoter for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review **