★★ Release Day Review ★★ - Make Me Trust (Hard To Love) Book Two, by T.A. McKay

Title:  Make Me Trust

Series: Hard To Love book two

Author: T.A. McKay

Genre: Contemporary/romance

Length: Novel 271 Pages

 When the spotlight shines, sometimes it brings you something you don’t expect. 

Trey Colby has spent his life falling in love only to lose his heart to people who don’t deserve it. Time after time he's been left broken when his boyfriends have thrown him aside for someone else.

But no more….

This time he is determined to harden his heart. If he doesn’t allow himself to trust then nobody can hurt him. This is the easiest way, the only way, to live. And it works…
Until he meets the man who would test every limit he has.

Dancing has always been one of Roman Knox’s biggest loves, although he never imagined it would be on a pole in front of a club full of men; men who see his body, but not him. He spends his days being overlooked, and that’s the way he likes it. He has no desire to be noticed… until one fateful night. 
Now he has the one man he's always fantasized about, the one man he shouldn’t want, watching him as he dances, and first the first time he craves to be seen. 

When two worlds collide can secrets be kept? When the truth comes out can you convince the one person who refuses to trust, that you are there for them? Roman just wants to show Trey that he belongs to him, that he can give him everything he needs…

But when tragedy strikes can Trey depend on him for the support he needs? Can he give up the control he’s barely managing to hold on to? Can he keep the past from destroying his future? 

All Trey needs in his life is that one person to who he can finally say…

Make Me Trust.






 Make Me Trust opens up with the Epilogue from Worth The Fight, Book One in the Hard To Love series, by T.A. McKay. I loved that the author put that first because it was just enough to give my brain the boost it needed and it took me back immediately to how we were left seeing Trey get his heart broken.

Trey Colby, to everyone looking on the outside, is a very confidant and self-assured lawyer who has it all. These misconceptions are far from the truth, but that is exactly how Trey wants it. Everyone that he has given himself to have, in one way or another, stabbed him in the heart leaving him to put himself back together. Well… No more. He’s built a wall that no one will get through. Then he saw him. The most beautiful and graceful man he’s ever seen.

Roman Knox is invisible to other people and he’s okay hiding in the background. Away from his job, a couple nights a week, Roman let’s go of his inhibitions and expresses his one passion of dancing on a stage in front of men. As Romeo, he can be who he wants to be. He can be the confidant and outgoing person he longs to be. He shines on stage and as he reaches for the pole and allows the music to move him, he is beautiful and mesmerizing.

This is where Trey first notices the beautiful man, but it’s not the first time he’s seen him. Turns out that they are more closely connected than he realizes, but Roman hides behind black rimmed glasses and his insecurities. Trey may not have noticed Roman, but Roman has had the hots for Trey since the first day he saw him.

After their encounter at Crave, the nightclub where Roman dances, Trey cannot get the beautiful dancer off his mind. He doesn’t understand the pull he has or why he suddenly wants to change his plan of being alone. If he could have just one more time, if he could find out his name, he’s positive he could walk away and be fine.

As Trey spends his time trying to find Romeo, Roman spends his time trying to stay out of Trey’s line of sight. It was working pretty well too, until Roman has no choice but to make himself known. All it takes is for Trey to hear Roman’s voice and his insides begin to quiver. He knows that voice. It’s the same voice that whispers in his ear in the dark. How is it possible that Romeo was in front of him all along?

Trey doesn’t trust anyone and often allows his paranoia to run away with him. He’s positive Romeo/Roman is using him as well and he’s livid when he realizes he’s been under his foot this entire time.

“I could kiss you all fucking day, but I don’t trust you. Now get the fuck out of my office, I don’t want to see your face again.”

Omg, this was so devastating and heartbreaking to read. The author has the capability to twist your heart and squeeze. I felt so bad for Roman because Trey has painted him in the worst way, but I felt worse for Trey because he believes that another person has stabbed him in the back.

Fortunately, Trey can’t stay away from Roman and he wants to continue what they started. He can’t believe he never noticed Roman before because he is smart, productive, and extremely sexy and he’s hitting every button Trey has.

Giving control to Trey is something that Roman loves. He loves the feeling of being needed, appreciated, and wanted and with Trey’s dominating personality and need for control they are perfect for each other. They both have many layers and it was amazing watching them together as they strip each other of, not only clothes which was fabulous and HOT, but of their doubts and their own misconceptions of how they saw each other. They truly are absolutely, positively, perfect for each other.

The author does a great job of pulling the reader in from the very first page. I connect easily to her writing style so for me it was an absolute fantastic read. Their chemistry and connection to each other is sizzling and watching Roman take such kind and gentle care with Trey, proving he was/is trustworthy, is awe-inspiring.

The angst factor kind of jumped up and down on the scale which definitely kept you on edge. The secondary characters held their own and I love Nathan so much and can’t wait to read his story. Make Me Trust is one of those stories that sucks you in, makes your heart swell, causes you to break a sweat with the blistering sex, and overall just fall in love with the characters. A 5 star read for me.

**I want to thank the author for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

After being married for ten years and raising three beautiful kids I decided it was time to do something for myself. My passion for reading bled over with a need to tell the story that was repeating in my head and that was the birth of my first book. The rest they say is history. 

I love the creative release that writing gives you, being able to take someone away to a different world feels amazing. As a reader I know how important that escape is, and as a writer I love to be able to give people that. 

My other loves include music and reading (in case I haven't mentioned that before) and then when I have time a little more reading. I think if I could read for a living I would, but since I can't I will continue on the writing side of things.