REVIEW: Lovelorn (DEMON GATE SERIES #6) BY Nicholas Bella

Title: Lovelorn

Series: Demon Gate Series – Episode 6

Author: Nicholas Bella

Genre: Paranormal/Dark/Erotic/Horror

Length: 48 pages

Publisher: Nicholas Bella

Heat Level: Explicit


Blurb: “It’s one thing to know that I’m a knight in King Adriel’s court, but it’s another thing to know what that really means.” 

I’ve had one successful mission that I managed to complete by the skin of my… well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Raphael’s help. He’s become a huge part of my life now and after learning even more about myself and what my role is in our relationship, let’s just say that I think I’m adjusting rather well, considering the circumstances. On top of my personal issues—and I have plenty—the Society has tasked me with another mission. No rest for the wicked, and I do find that I’m enjoying my wickedness even more now that I’m a demon. Nonetheless, I’ve been assigned to a case where a demon is killing and feeding on a bunch of innocent people who seemed to just be a little down on their luck in the love department. Well, that just doesn’t sit well with me and I’m making it my business to bring this demon to my dinner table.


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 What is it about two sexy demons eating strawberries, dipped in whipped cream, no less, to make your heart go pitter patter, and to top it off…Valentine’s Day? Brian and Raphael are finally reaching the stage in their relationship where they can talk and discuss almost anything like two lovers should. Brian is learning and he sees the advantage of working with Raphael instead of against him.

Of course, Brian has only been a full-fledged demon for approx. two months but it seems so much longer than that. Especially with everything he has been through and has encountered. Just when he thinks he’s getting the upper hand on his new life something or someone comes along and knocks him back a few paces.

In Lovelorn, Brian comes face to face, literally, with a Bahare demon but thanks to Raphael and his many years of experience, and more importantly, his love for his mate, he pops in just in time to save the day.

Not willing to let Brian wallow too long feeling like a failure Raphael teleports them to a romantic setting in Italy for Valentine’s Day. Raphael is quite the romantic fella and I love, love, love, that Brian is feeling the effects of their mating. Hot, sexy, and explosive as only Nicholas Bella can do. Can’t wait to see what this magnetic couple gets up to next.