Blog Tour: Assassins Love People Too by SC Wynne

This was my first book by SC Wynne and I really enjoyed the story. I wasn't too far in before I realized I was missing some vital information. So, after doing a little research I found out Assassins Love People Too is book two in the Assassins Love series. I read a few reviews for book one to kind of help me get up to speed but I definitely want to go back and read it for myself. 

Even coming in at a disadvantage I was still able to follow along easily and understand what was going on. The author has a light and fun writing style that is easy to adapt to and before you know it you are pulled into the story. 

Dillon finds himself in some very stressful situations trying to get to Marc's side. He doesn't know what's going on only that he needs to get there and refrain from talking to anyone in the process. But, for Dillon, that's easier said than done. He likes people, he likes to talk and make friends and he has a hard time accepting that not everyone is what or who they appear.

Marc is a trained assassin who has a hard time showing his emotions. He is used to being a loner but he really wants to make a go with Dillon so he's trying. Taking Dillon along while trying to stay ten steps ahead of another killer is not easy but it's the safest bet, he hopes. 

From the minute Dillon starts on his journey he is met with one strange situation after another. He really wants to make it work with Marc so he's pretty willing to do anything he asks or tells him but he would like to have some reassurances in exchange. Would it kill him to tell him how he really feels? Hopefully, no one gets killed before Dillon gets his wish.

This is a fast-paced story that can be read easily in one setting with just enough action and suspense to keep your interest peeked. There is danger and a little mystery that adds to the story but at the same time it's kind of light and fun.

 I never really felt like anyone was in any real danger but I was intrigued with the plot. Enough so that I'm interested in Ronin and what happens next. Overall, I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to others for a low angst, funny, yet adventurous read. 4 stars from me.