#NewRelease #Review 🏈 Offside (An EastshoreTigers Novel) #4 by Alison Hendricks

 Release Date: December 6, 2016 — Pages: 167

Release Date: December 6, 2016 — Pages: 167

They're both looking for a fresh start, but can they ever truly leave their pasts behind them?

Lance Harper knows how much the limelight can burn. A rising star who found all his NFL dreams coming true right out of high school, Lance crashed hard, pulled down by a string of bad decisions. Now, hiding from the media circus in Eastshore, Lance wants nothing more than to be left alone. But that all changes when a chance encounter brings him to the Tigers' practice field. 

Beau Woodridge figured out early on that being forgettable gets you nowhere. With a little bit of liquid courage and a willing audience, Beau’s managed to climb to the top of Eastshore’s social circles, but the field is another story. After an awful season, Beau’s NFL dreams seem barely in reach, and the lack of an offensive coach has left him directionless. But when a meeting with Lance leads the pro star straight to the Tigers payroll, Beau suddenly finds his path forward. 

Desperate to escape his troubled home life, Beau convinces Lance to mentor him. What starts as hero-worship quickly grows into a strong attraction--one Beau is shocked to discover isn't as one-sided as he thought. And when the spark between them finally ignites, coach and player are pulled into a secret romance. 

But it's only a matter of time before Lance's celebrity status forces their relationship into the spotlight. The sudden attention may be more than either can handle, and if they want to stay together, they'll have to take on the prying eyes of the whole world--and the demons that still lurk in their pasts. 

Offside is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.






 In the words of Beau “I don’t know what the fuck just happened, but Jesus.”

Offside is the fourth book in the Eastshore Tigers series and I loved the first one, a lot, but the next two didn’t hold the same appeal for some reason. I am happy to say that I loved the story of Lance and Beau. The author’s writing sucked me in and kept me in a vacuum where nothing else existed except this book.  

Lance Harper played for the NFL, but he was miserable for reasons only he knows, so he left in a cloud of rumors that everyone, especially media, freely speculated about. He walked away from football, a wife that he thought he loved, only to realize that she played him like everyone else, and he goes back home to Eastshore.

Beau Woodridge loves playing for the Tigers but he dreams of going to the NFL because he needs to get out of the small town, away from his verbally abusive - alcoholic father, and he knows that’s his only ticket out.

Being gay and playing for Eastshore is a blessing for Beau because the players never give him trouble but, unfortunately, he has other problems he keeps hidden. His father always tells him—he’s a worthless piece of shit—so maybe it’s time he proves it to everyone. He knows he drinks too much, but a trip to the ER . . .unconscious—kinda lets everyone else know—too.    

And then. . .

Shit, shit, shit!! There are some tough parts to read, and the waterworks were on full blast, but I also have a family member experiencing something similar so I could have been hit harder than others.

 Lance is bi and he’s working on accepting that part of himself and doing it in front of the media isn’t easy. Lance and Beau meet unexpectedly but they form a tentative friendship right away. Beau knows who he is but he doesn’t make a big deal out of it and that means more to Lance than words can say.

 Their relationship is a slow-burn but when they do come together it is


And, what I loved more than anything, when they realize they needed to cool their jets a little, they didn’t act like they didn’t know each other afterwards. I hate when that happens.

What I don't love is confusing statements in the plot that pull me out immediately like Beau saying —Ch -6 "Most of the guys I've been with have wanted me to top."  And, in Ch 16 he says —  "I’d only topped once before I met him—but now I can’t imagine going back to just bottoming." 

This didn't make me enjoy the story any less, but it shouldn't happen either and why I can't give the 5 Stars that I wanted to give because I really love the story. 

 Beau has some issues and so does Lance and they help each other. The dad is a real piece of work, a #1 asshole, but I love what the author does with his character and the strides that he and Beau, both take, to make amends for themselves and for their family.

On the field action is great also. Hendricks knows how to do

Play by play, the tension is mounting, your holding your breath, you’re in the stands, on your feet, you can see the plays as they happen because the author has laid them out in perfect detail, and when the touchdown is scored you are literally jumping for joy!! You feel pride as if you are a part of Eastshore Tiger’s community.

Offside is not a real long book and I read it easily in one setting. For me, my favorite in the series so far. Definitely recommend. 4 Stars


*I received an ARC from instafreebie.com in exchange for an honest review from the author*