Favorites of 2016 • "Recap" • Day 28 • Let Your Heart Decide by Lily Blunt + Giveaway

For the month of December, MM Book Escape, will be posting a recap of the books that TOOK ME AWAY. They are in no particular order and if you enter the giveaway and give me your favorite book of the year, or at least one that left an impact, and the book you've been dying to read, I will gift that book to you, plus the $10 Amazon gift card.

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New house, new job. A new start with his brother…. 

Two out of three isn’t bad, right?

Rhys returns to his hometown and must face the brother he’s been avoiding for two years. In his heart, Rhys still hopes to recapture the bond they once shared. 

Jake willingly offers him the hand of friendship, but Rhys is reluctant to confront their past, fearing it will only rip them apart again. 

When Rhys sees ghostly figures in the grounds of a local historic house, it leads him to investigate their shocking past—and to face his heart’s true desire.

**Please note this is a taboo romance featuring two brothers.**





Let Your Heart Decide is a beautifully written story of love that is so strong it, literally, consumes your every thought. You try to deny it, you try to run from it, you are hoping that something or a new someone will help you forget, and when that doesn’t work, you realize it may be time to face it and ultimately accept it for what you’ve always known. But. . . will everyone else accept it? And. . . does it matter if they don’t?


Rhys and his brother Jake have always had a close relationship. Separated by two years—with Jake being the oldest—Rhys always looked up to his brother. Jake was protective of Rhys but it was more than just big brother looking out for the younger, smaller version of himself. They had a strong bond that pulled them together, and inside their closed bedroom they began to explore and share more of themselves with each other.


It felt right and natural, and to them, it felt normal. For years, the boys touched and shared kisses, but they yearned for so much more. Their need for the other was all-consuming but Rhys was heavily encumbered by guilt, due to outside forces taking notice—that would eventually send him running—and in turn, destroy what was once a powerful and binding bond.


The story opens up two years later with Rhys back and hoping to make amends with his brother. It’s time to face his past and admit, not only to himself but to Jake, why he ran from the one person he loved/loves more than any other human being.


The author sets the scene perfectly alternating between present and past giving the reader a full glimpse into the brother’s childhood, and now as adults. Rhys is constantly visiting his memories of times past with Jake and he knows in his heart there will never be another to take his place. Will he be strong enough to lay his burdens down and love his brother as a lover? And. . .then there is Phillip, his new neighbor—who is definitely flirting—but does he want to fake another relationship?


As Rhys works on welding his life back together the author has spun a supernatural world around Rhys that he tries desperately to figure out, and at the same time, plays with the idea that he is pretty certain he is seeing ghosts. Ghosts? You may wonder if this story just fell off into la-la land, but let me say that the author had me believing and hanging onto every detail.


A very powerful and gripping story where I was consumed by every word the author penned. Some will consider this taboo and not give it the credit it deserves, but in my opinion, this is a perfect reflection of love is love. A bond that is so strong that regardless to where you are you feel the pull and the need to be as close as humanly possible. Your sexual desires cannot be extinguished by any other until the two come together clashing teeth and tongues, pulling and pushing, biting and scratching to get every single piece of each other . I was completely absorbed with these moments and had to say to myself. . .breathe.


I was enamored with this story and read it from start to finish and then I went back and reread parts that I highlighted as I went along. I was not ready to say goodbye and leave these two behind. The author includes secondary characters that are just as vibrant and funny, adding another level of enjoyment that complemented this beautiful tale. 


Read this story that—at its core—is about true love, soul-mates, and a love so powerful that until the two are joined they will not know peace and happiness. Past and present lives merge in this captivating story leaving you with a smile on your face, joy in your heart, and breathless with the intensity.