Favorites of 2016 • "Recap" • Day 27 • BARE by Lynn Kelling + Giveaway

For the month of December, MM Book Escape, will be posting a recap of the books that TOOK ME AWAY. They are in no particular order and if you enter the giveaway and give me your favorite book of the year, or at least one that left an impact, and the book you've been dying to read, I will gift that book to you, plus the $10 Amazon gift card.

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Ev Myers is a former high school football star and Republican State Senator's son, raised in a strict Southern Baptist household where his only option was to be silent, behave and, no matter how he might be feeling, to put on a happy smile.

Desperate to escape the pressure to be the man his family insists he become, Ev has fled Kansas to attend college and is working to find out who he really is beneath the lies and carefully composed public image.

But when he applies for a job as a nude model for a life drawing class out of a desire to be seen in a way that shatters all of his family's taboos, it's just the first step on a path that leads him away from everything he's ever known. Handsome and headstrong adjunct arts professor,

Adam Buchanan, is the first person to recognize Ev's potential, and his determination to have Ev realize the importance of truth and stark honesty, as well as the beauty of flawed vulnerability provides the hope Ev needs to escape a world rife with kidnapping, brainwashing and deadly determination cure homosexuality, using whatever means necessary. 





Bare is one of the best Lynn Kelling book I’ve read. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. You can feel the nervous energy pouring off Ev when Adam walks in the room. You see, Ev is modeling nude for extra money in an art class. He feels vulnerable and exposed already. Self-conscience with his nudity and everyone staring at him as they draw. He hears heavy boot steps but he’s afraid to look or move from his position.

When he’s face to face with the eavesdropper, Adam Buchanan, he is drawn to his appeal, his dominance. When he’s asked to model, just for him, he’s intrigued and interested—even though he knows he shouldn’t do it—but knowing he’s going to just the same.

I was confused by Adam for quite a while. Is he a jerk? Yeah. . . I think he was. Is he controlling? Oh, yeah. Was he being unprofessional? I thought he was. . . at first. But, the more I got into the story, the deeper I went, the more I realized that I could trust Adam and I saw what he was doing. He wasn't a jerk, at all. Far from it. He was pushing Ev past his boundaries, making him reach within to accept the real him. The person he always wanted to be but was and is truly fearful of admitting.

I saw where he was going with Ev, who he insisted on calling Evelyn, his given name, even though Ev hated using it because it was feminine. My mother’s name was Evelyn, btw, so I rather enjoyed his name. But, I understood why Ev was having trouble and it all stems from a religious, conservative background and a family structured set of boundaries he had to adhere to.

Adam isn’t much older than Ev but he is much older in the ways of the world. He’s lost his parents, so he’s had to do a lot of things on his own, but he has an amazing support system through a very close knit group of friends and a wonderful and loving grandfather. He’s been out with his sexuality for a long time and he’s proud of who he is as a man and a human being. He’s also a Master and a dominant who has had subs and can read Ev clearly and knows he is fighting with an inner struggle against himself.

As Adam paints Ev, he challenges him to confront his fears, face his demons that have haunted him for years, and find and stand up for himself, for the person he wants to be, and in the process an amazing love story develops and unfolds before our very eyes. Ev is a natural sub who doesn’t understand the dynamics exactly, but only knows that his world is centered when he’s on his knees in front of Adam. He’s at peace, a simple existence is there, his world is right.

Of course, his family gets wind of his so-called perversions and they step in to save him from sin. While you may roll your eyes at the intent let me say that this is hard to read. This is real-life, this happens, still to this day, which makes me cringe, and the author doesn’t spare our feelings. She gutted me with her writing that pulled me and made me feel as though I was running through the halls looking for Ev myself trying to get him out of that dreadful and scary place.

Bare wouldn’t be everything that it was without the amazing cast of secondary characters that Kelling introduces us too. There are several so I’m not going to name them here but they are all worthy and fabulous and each had their roles and I would love to get every one of their stories someday. Soon rather than later, lol. Especially Oliver and Leo.

Lynn Kelling is a fabulous storyteller and that is so apparent with this story. The details and descriptions will pull you in and hold you hostage through the whole story. This is a very sexual and highly erotic story. Adam and Ev are in a very passionate and expressive relationship and they are pulled to each other constantly. They get down to the very basics, the raw and dirty, hungry and possessive, love between two men and it's a beautiful story.

I’ve been a fan of Lynn Kelling for a long time. I love that she can take me to another place and make me feel so many emotions. I was literally consumed the whole day as I read Bare and hated the moments when I had to lay it down. However, there were times I thought I was going to have to walk away because the fear was overpowering me, but I stuck with it because I had to know what was around the corner, what was waiting for Ev and Adam, did they have a future together? Ev goes through a rebirth or reawakening and it’s beautiful to not only see him find himself but to believe in himself as well. Highly recommended.