Favorites of 2016 • "Recap" • Day 18 • Opportunity (Kingdom of Ara #3) by Nicholas Bella + Giveaway

For the month of December, MM Book Escape, will be posting a recap of the books that TOOK ME AWAY. They are in no particular order and if you enter the giveaway and give me your favorite book of the year, or at least one that left an impact, and the book you've been dying to read, I will gift that book to you, plus the $10 Amazon gift card.

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Théoden: It seemed my gut instincts were spot on. I tried to prepare my House as best as I could considering the limitations I was facing. The River Rock Alpha was coming and things were about to get very serious, very soon. Blood was going to flow like a river and supes were going to die. I just didn't know who. 

Noel: My heart is racing a mile a minute as I try to prepare for an attack I'm not sure I'll survive. I've been in fights before, but those were nothing compared to what was coming. I just hoped I'd be able to hold my own when the battle begins. 

Deacon: After watching Josef chasing his tale on the news, I'm sure he's approached the vampire Prince of the City, Théoden, about his dead wolf. I'm sure Théoden suspects Josef is responsible for his deceased vampire. My plan is working perfectly. Now, all I need to do is one more push, and then Théoden will have no other choice but to fall into my trap. 

Josef: The minutes are ticking by so slowly for me. All I can think about is liberating my beautiful mate from the clutches of that bloodsucking son of a bastard, seeing as Ara made him. I will shred the flesh of my enemies and leave his entire coven in pools of their own blood when I'm finished with them. Dante will be mine before this day is over. 


Warning: This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes. The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up. This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings, either. You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here. The vampires are not misunderstood, hopeless romantics looking for love. The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren’t the ones from your childhood. This is NOT a romance. 




The wait is over, or is it really ever over? At the end of Suspicion Nicholas Bella left us hanging on the edge of the cliff with our hearts in our throats. The battle between the wolves and the vampires have been in the making for some time and it has finally reached the boiling point of no return. You can thank Deacon for his dirty work of starting a feud that would never be over without bloodshed. As the dawn breaks for a new day who will be left standing at the end of this supe driven massacre?


Théoden – As the Prince of the City prepares himself and his sons for any and all possibilities of a war against Josef’s wolf pack he experiences something that he is not familiar with. Anxiety. He’s definitely apprehensive and he has every right to be. I know my anxiety was reaching high levels as I turned each page and it only continued to climb the further I read. Thank goodness he has his best friend Ty with him to not only watch his back but to help reinforce his defenses.


One thing, of many, that I admire about Théoden is his ability to see and plan on the spot. He is a master manipulator, and he uses it to his advantage - always, but he’s also fair to those in his house and those who are loyal to him. However, don’t underestimate his crude, rude, and barbaric behavior when needed because he will not hesitate to decimate you if you cross him or who belongs to him.


Josef – Finding his mate after 800 years has really changed the way Josef thinks about everything. His priority is getting his mate, Dante, by his side and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. However, he may have underestimated what he actually knew about vampires or, at least Théoden and his sons, because even though his strategy was good it was not fail-safe.


He’s going against Théoden into battle with a strong pack and as far as he knows his attack is a good one. The only problem with that is he doesn’t know what’s waiting for him on the other side of the door. His plan may have more flaws than he could have predicted exposing his weaknesses for all to see.


Noel – Going into battle weighs heavily on Noel’s mind for many reasons. Is he ready to fight like a vampire? Has Marco trained him enough? Will he make it through the fight? All of these things and more play through his mind but he knows he will be giving it everything he has to come through unscathed.


As the fight comes front and center, Noel, Marco, Donovan, Ryu, Bruce, and Derek are being the enforcers they have trained to be. Noel has never been more grateful for Marco’s training than he is now as he pulls from those lessons with strength and courage.


I felt so many different emotions reading Opportunity and in order to not leave any spoilers due to the high level of action and drama this episode involves I’ll just say that Nicholas Bella had me hanging on every word. There were moments that I was smiling from ear to ear and cheering, and there were moments that my heart was breaking and tears were running down my cheeks.


The world building the author creates and the ingenuity of switching and changing the plot around to something completely different is really mind-boggling sometimes yet Nicholas Bella does it with ease and you walk away in awe with a whole new perception of what’s to come.

This was an action packed episode, fully engulfed with flames and all, of hotness and adrenaline pulsing scenes. The battle may be over for now but the after affects are just starting to sink in and news is traveling across town.