Troy - Into The Light - Book 1 by JJ Harper - Review & Giveaway

Title:  Troy

Series: Into The Light - Book One

Author: JJ Harper

Genre: Gay Fiction/Contemporary

Length: 175

Publisher: JJ Harper

Publication Date: Nov 26, 2016

Star Rating: 3 -3.5 Stars

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Blurb: Troy grabs his bags and, shoving in as much of his belongings as he can, he clambers out of his bedroom window. He can hear the shouts and arguments starting up and his name being called. Not able to face his parents, Troy runs away.

Leaning against the wall of the club, Troy’s eyes are drawn to the dark-haired man dancing fluidly with another man. Their eyes meet and Troy’s life changes in the blink of an eye. Inexplicably drawn to each other, they meet on the dance floor. Tremors course over Troy’s body as the handsome stranger touches him.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I don’t know how or why, but I know that you are mine.”

As he leans in, he whispers in my ear,

“I’m Franco; I am the man you’ve been waiting for, too.” Troy’s life alters irrevocably in that instant as he falls for the handsome, Italian man.

As they build their life together Troy and Franco discover true love, a love so deep they can’t be apart.

I hold his head against my body and, no longer able to hold back my emotions or my words, I stutter, “I love you,” into his hair as my lips cover his head with kisses. “I love you also, Troy. I never knew such a feeling was possible.” Franco whispers against my chest as I hold him. 

When illness strikes, Troy has to discover a new part of himself as he struggles past the pain. A new, stronger, braver man emerges, taking his life in his own hands. 



It states in the blurb that Troy and Franco meet on the dance floor and they are drawn to each other instantly. “I’ve been waiting for you.

 I don’t know how or why, but I know that you are mine.” As he leans in, he whispers in my ear, “I’m Franco; I am the man you’ve been waiting for, too.”

In an instant, they become lovers, soul-mates, and by the next day they have moved in with each other and are professing their love.


This is my first book by the author, JJ Harper, and I think I would have enjoyed Troy more had I read the Reunion series first.

The book says it's a standalone but there were a few times I felt lost so I did a little research and saw that Troy is a spin-off to the Reunion series.

By the reviews, Troy is already a well loved character so I am definitely lacking some history. 

 I am not a fan of insta-love and it’s extreme with Troy, but with that said, I kept reading and once they became secure in their relationship I enjoyed the book more and was really pulling for them.

However, it's not meant to be. Troy is really insecure at the beginning of their relationship, he’s immature, and the age difference really showed at times.

Over the years, Troy does grow in leaps and bounds but his life takes a detour he didn’t expect and now he’s left at a crossroads wondering what he should do next.

If you like insta love stories then I would say give this one a go, their love is sweet and the sex scenes are plentiful, but be prepared it takes a sad turn. 




* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the author *