#ReleaseTour The Ghost in the Mirror (Samuel Dexter #1) by Faith Gibson

Title: The Ghost in the Mirror (Samuel Dexter #1)
Author: Faith Gibson
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: September 29, 2016
Photographer: Randy Rls Sewell
What do you do when you have no memories of your life except the one moment that took everything away? My name is Dex and I'm a Marine. Somewhere in the horrors of the sand overseas, an explosion took out not only most of my unit but also my memories of everything that happened before that day. When my memories don’t return, the explosion also ends my career in the military. That one moment costs me everything. Starting from scratch sucks. I don’t even know what foods I like or what types of music I listen to. Am I a boxer or briefs man? Do I like women or men? I also have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life from this point on. While adjusting to my new life, I start seeing things -- things that no one else can see. I think that maybe my head injury caused more than amnesia. When one of my "visions" won't leave me alone, I have no choice but to believe in ghosts. Along with the ghosts during the day, at night I dream vividly of two men. But are these two men merely dreams, or are they memories? When one man steps through the door of my hospital room, I have the answer. This man literally tries to lead me down memory lane, culminating in a searing kiss. Too bad my brain isn't cooperating, because this man is breathtaking. With the help of my sassy grandmother, I begin to rebuild my life. I am Samuel Dexter, and these are my stories. WARNING: This book contains scenes that might be considered triggers for some. Sam is a Marine involved in an explosion. This book also (mildly) describes children being kidnapped in the past and their remains found later.
“Let me say I love the characters in this book!” - Tasty Wordgasms
“It draws you in and you have to keep reading.” - Alpha Book Club
“Love, love Faith!!!! I highly recommend this book. Another smashing success by a very talented author.” - Reader Review
I sat down on the stump and allowed the sound of the water to soothe my soul. When I had complained about karma coming after me for some wrong I’d done, Grams chewed my ass out and said I was being kept alive for something I had yet to do. Fate had tried to kill me twice, and I had survived both times, so I obviously had a purpose for still being here. That purpose manifested itself in front of me. I was so used to Cindy being around me now that I had stopped being surprised when she showed up. She climbed down the bank and stood in the water.

“Can you feel that? Can you feel the water rushing over your feet?”

She shook her head no. The little girl bent down and tried to run her hand through the rolling water, but nothing happened. It was in that moment that I vowed to stop being a whiny bitch. This little girl had lost her life, most assuredly in a horrific way, and I was complaining because I was alive. She floated back onto the bank and walked toward me. Cindy climbed up on my lap and leaned her head against my good shoulder. I would have given anything to feel her hair tickling my neck. This precious child needed comfort, and I couldn’t give it to her.

“I’m sorry I got hurt, but I promise I’ll start searching for clues again real soon. I have to go to see Dr. Carr tomorrow, so I’ll stop by the old fairground then.” Her essence combined with mine briefly, letting me know she was okay with what I had said. It was the strangest feeling, having another entity flow through you. She leaned back and mouthed something. Of course I couldn’t hear her and reminded her of it. She jumped down from my lap and mimed singing into a microphone. “You want me to sing?” Cindy nodded so hard, her hair bounced up and down. “Okay, kid. It’s your ears.”

I’d been in a pensive mood ever since Orlando’s visit at the hospital, so I decided to sing something upbeat. I started belting out Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, and my little ghost started dancing. She grabbed the sash of her dress, holding on to both dirty ends as she twirled around, making her blue dress float around her. For the first time since she appeared to me, Cindy smiled, and I laughed. I was so caught up in the connection between the two of us that I didn’t hear the footsteps behind me. When a voice joined mine, blending in perfect harmony, I froze and Cindy disappeared.

I wanted to stop singing so badly, but I wanted to continue hearing his beautiful voice worse. I closed my eyes and sang, because if I looked up at Orlando, I’d have probably done something really unmanly. Like cried. And begged. And begged while I was crying. I’m not sure what I’d have begged him for, but it seemed the right thing to do. After the song was over, only then did I open my eyes. “We always did sound good together,” he whispered.

“I wish I could remember that.” I spoke honestly, keeping my eyes to the spot where Cindy had been. “I want so badly to remember it all, and I bet you’d probably like to forget.”

“Honestly? Yes. Most days I would like to forget I ever met you. Then there are the good days I cling to what we had and hope it wasn’t my only shot at ever finding love. But if it was, then at least I knew a love like no other.”

Orlando’s words killed me. Stabbed me in the heart, twisted, and pulled the organ out of my chest, tossing it to the ground where it landed with a flat thud at my feet. Then I remembered that he had a wife and child. If what he just said was true, he didn’t love his wife. God, how screwed up was that?

“Before we get to the reason I’m here, would you mind telling me who you were singing and laughing with when I walked up?”

Well, fuck.
Faith Gibson is a multi-genre author who lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her four-legged best friends. She strongly believes that love is love, and there's not enough love in the world.
She began writing in high school and over the years, penned many stories and poems. When her dreams continued to get crazier than the one before, she decided to keep a dream journal. Many of these night-time escapades have led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story. You won't find her books in only one genre, but they will all have one thing in common: a happy ending.
When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say to entertain the masses. Even if it's one person at a time. When Faith isn't hard at work on her next story, she can be found playing trivia while enjoying craft beer, reading, or riding her Harley.
Faith is the author of The Stone Society, a paranormal, post-apocalyptic shapeshifters series; The Music Within, a MM romance series; and The Samuel Dexter books, stories about a retired Marine ghost hunter who has lost all his memories from before the accident that took him out of commission.
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This book was equal parts heartbreaking and fascinating but more so enlightening in the way that Samuel Dexter aka Dex or Sammy Lou to his grandmother realized he could see ghosts in the form of his buddies who gave their lives on their last mission but it was more than just seeing a ghost. He could actually talk, in a roundabout way, to these ghosts.

There were really only two prominent people he could see and who kept coming to him in the beginning. Danny, his marine buddy and possibly a lover, and a little girl of 6 or 7 years old that he named Cindy.

The reader learns about Dex the same time Dex learns about himself. After his last mission went bad, leaving him the only survivor, he now has amnesia and remembers nothing of his life prior to the accident.

Throughout the story, fragments of his life come through in bits and pieces but having no recollection of what’s real or not Dex can’t differentiate between the two. He’s determined to put his life back together or at least move forward and he realizes his purpose may be to help these “beings” cross over who can’t seem to go on their own.

With the help of his grandmother, who is a remarkable woman and a blessing for Dex, he begins to look for leads that will help him find closure for Cindy. During his research, he discovers a lot more about himself, about his gift, and he finds others who are willing to help him and for the first time in a really long time he feels like he has a purpose.

The most surprising revelation for Dex was discovering his teenage lover still lived in his hometown and he was still waiting for Dex all these years later. With his memory loss, however, Dex struggles to make a connection and he’s afraid that he may not be the same man now that he was before he left for the marines.

I really enjoyed the mystery and suspense aspect of the story and the “whodoneit” element. I was completely surprised with the findings when they were all presented at the end and everything laid out in the order of events.

The love interest for Dex took a back seat for me especially since nothing really happened until the 95% point in the book. I was glad they reconnected but for me the supernatural and the investigations took my interest and ran away with them.

Dex certainly seems as though he may have nine lives but a couple times he got hurt seemed unnecessary and out of context with the story.

Does Cindy find what she is looking for? She seems very happy where she is and I would definitely recommend reading to find out. Dex still has a long way to go piecing together his memories and this is just the beginning stories of Samuel Dexter. 4.Stars



* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the promoter/author *