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Title: The God of Jazz: Fugue Concord

Series: N/A

Author: Varian Krylov

Genre: Romance/Fiction/Contemporary/LGBT

Length: 326 Pages

Publisher: Varian Krylov

Publication Date: September 25, 2016

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Blurb: After years struggling to realize his dream of directing a feature film, on the final night of his fundraising campaign Godard is on the cusp of having everything he ever wanted. The man he loves is upstairs waiting for him, and he's just a few dollars short of his Go Fund Yourself goal.

Then everything falls apart.

His personal and professional life in ruins, when his old nemesis from film school offers to fund his dream project if he's willing to shoot it in Spain, Godard knows it's a deal with the devil. But he also has nothing left to lose.

Among the labyrinthine streets of Barcelona's Barrio Góthico, the city's vibrant music scene, and the sun-gilt beaches of the Costa Brava, Godard begins shooting his dream project and putting his life back together, largely under the domineering gaze and deft touch of Ángel, the god of jazz.

But Ángel is keeping a secret, and a deal with the devil always comes at a price.


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Review: Godard has been struggling for years to make a movie that is very close to his heart and when the funding falls through and he realizes his dreams are not going to happen he ends up drinking his worries away. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing that is falling apart. His 5-year relationship with his boyfriend also comes to an end which comes as a complete shock to Godard leaving him flailing without a paddle.

When help comes from an old film school friend, Godard knows he is left without any choice but to accept. The only condition, however, is he must make the film in Barcelona, Spain. From here, the story takes off giving the reader a beautiful visual of the surroundings, the language, the music, and you are captivated by the culture.

Trying to get acclimated to his surroundings, Godard visits the beach and he sees a beautiful man who he later sees again at a little bar/jazz club that evening. He is infatuated with him and quickly becomes consumed by all things Angel, his god of jazz.

Their affair is hot and passionate and Godard is intimidated by Angel, at first, maybe a little scared of him, but he begins to open himself up more, experiment more, and be freer with his wants and desires, and, in turn, it frees his emotions up as well. Angel understands that Godard has been hurt in the past but he’s also been hurt, so he’s trying to be considerate and allow them both time to move at a pace that is right for them.


When he broke off the kiss and gazed into me, I had the unsettling sensation he was feeding on me—on my arousal, on the unfamiliar uncertainty of being so suddenly and utterly under his power, as if my weakness fed his strength.
“Mmmmm,” he purred. “Your want makes you even more beautiful. Do you know that?”


Even though Godard is consumed by Angel and working tirelessly with his film, Jordi, the friend that is paying for the film to be made, has been in the background and only comes out at times to make a brief visit, but you can tell that he is not a nice man. He is possessive and jealous of Godard, and he wants him for himself, and when Godard finally realizes this, it almost comes too late.

There were some beautiful, enriching moments throughout the story that completely had me enthralled and there were times that I had tears pouring down my face. There were also some moments that I wanted to throttle some people and say WTF are you doing?

 I feel like Godard went to Spain a little clueless and immature and I feel like by the time the story was over that he matured to a very respected and well-loved man who knows what he’s doing in the film industry or, at least, is on his way to being a big success. Of course, he has a great team supporting him that helped him to get to where he is which are the secondary characters in the story, all of which, became very valuable friends and supporters to Godard.

Overall, I enjoyed the story very much. There were a couple things that seemed irrelevant to the story-line or unnecessary, but they didn’t pull me out of the story. The film being made was almost like another story within this story, and I even enjoyed reading those lines and the history behind why Godard wanted to do the story was very moving. 4.5 Stars


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About the Author

Varian Krylov


Growing up near Los Angeles, I spent much of my time frolicking in the Pacific Ocean and penning angst-twisted poetry. Now I'm living in sunny Spain writing pathos-riddled fiction. Ironically, two of my favorite things are traveling, and swimming in the ocean, despite increasingly intense phobias of sharks and flying.

I've always loved the music and substance of words, always loved writing in well-worn notebooks by hand, tapping at the keys of the computer, and, of course, conjuring up stories.

And from my earliest memories, I've always been fascinated—maybe obsessed?—with sex and sexuality.

In my writing, sex is the medium, the expression, and the tool of discovery for my characters' insecurities, the needs that drive them, the comfort they can't live without, the joy and relish of life that makes each of them intense, strange, and alluring. You can find more at www.variansfiction.blogspot.com