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 Changing On The Fly

 M/M Hockey Charity Anthology

 PUBLISHER: Self-Published COVER ARTIST: Jen Needles LENGTH: 368 Pages

PUBLISHER: Self-Published COVER ARTIST: Jen Needles LENGTH: 368 Pages


Avon Gale, V.L. Locey, Cherylanne Corneille, Mary Smith, Heather Lire, Samantha Wayland

RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2016


Changing on the Fly is a celebration of romance, featuring six M/M stories about hockey players falling in love on – and off – the ice. All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to a charity that supports inclusiveness in athletics.

The anthology will be available starting in October, 2016, for a limited time only.

It includes the following stories:

Even Strength by Cherylanne Corneille

Next Season by Avon Gale

Going Home by Heather Lire

On Broadway by V.L. Locey

The Brother and the Retired Player by Mary Smith

Take a Shot by Samantha Wayland



 V.L. Locey's On Broadway


"You're about as far from being just a guy as I am from being able to play “Rocket Man” on harmonica.”

            "Is that the song your mom named you after?" I fell back to the bed, feet dangling to the floor and hands clasped behind my head.

            "Good guess." He appeared behind me after a moment. I tipped my head back to look at him. His green eyes were darker now, smoky jade and hot with desire. "You're really sexy in a Toby McGuire Spider-Man kind of way."

            "I don't have any superpowers," I replied as he leaned over and placed his hands on either side of my head.

            "Not true," Rocket whispered before covering my mouth with his. My eyes drifted shut as my fingers knotted up the bedding. His mouth was hot and wet, his tongue skilled, his taste a subtle blend of Korean buffet. "You're Riley Zeally," he murmured between nibbling kisses that made my heart pump faster, "the face of professional hockey."

            I reached up from the duvet to push my fingers into his hair. "I want you," I panted between his short, maddening sweeps of my mouth.


Samantha Wayland’s Take a Shot


“There already is someone who loves to spend time with you, who loves hockey and your friends and their ridiculous pranks. Who gets that you have to travel and that you’re tired!”

Tim blinked, appearing utterly bewildered. “Who?”

“Me, you asshole! Me.”

Tim threw his hands in the air. “What about you?”

“I appreciate you exactly as you are. I love our life. Our friends. You. Even the super fucking irritating things, because apparently there is something wrong with me. I love that you can’t hide what you’re feeling, almost ever. And that you say what you’re thinking, even when I can’t do the same. I like living with you, a fucking neat-freak nudist, and working with you, and there’s never been a time, not once, that I was tired of being around you. You’re gorgeous and you’re kind and you’re the best person I know. So shut up about there not being someone who can appreciate everything about you. There already is. And unfortunately for you, it’s me.”


Heather Lire’s Going Home


“What the fuck, man?” Blake growled at Dex.

“What?” he asked, innocently. Too innocently. “I was just making conversation with an old friend from high school. One who helped both of us graduate.”

If he’d known when he started this trip down memory lane that he’d be running into the person who’d had a staring roll in the epic disaster that had been his last night in town, he’d never have started it. Micah had also held a staring roll in every single one of his sexual fantasies back then as well.

“Fuck you, Dex.”

“Think about it like this…this is a new start for both of us. A chance to fix the things in our lives that we fucked up. Me with my career and you with Micah.”


Cherylanne Corneille’s Even Strength


He took a few laps around their end of the rink to loosen his legs. On his fourth pass around the net, he picked up a stray puck and carried it on his stick before shooting it into the net. Boone bumped his shoulder and nodded toward the glass as they rounded their end of the rink again.

What the hell? He glanced in the direction his teammate indicated. Two men around his age wearing New York’s jerseys held up a brightly colored sign that said simply, “Thank you, Nate.” He puzzled on the meaning until he made another lap. One of them also held a small rainbow flag.


Mary Smith’s The Brother and the Retired Player


Our lips touch, and the spark is struck. He pulls me closer and grips my hips. I can feel his hardness already, and my dick twitches at the contact. Our kiss intensifies as our tongues touch. I hold him closer, and the light scruff of his pale beard tickles me. I never want to leave this spot, but finally, I pull back.


Avon Gale’s Next Season


Nick stopped as Sparrow went to get into his Escalade, which he’d somehow remote started the second they got out of the building. Nick drove a 2002 Ford Focus and was lucky if it started when the key was in the ignition.

“So, uh,” Nick said, not wanting to just walk off but still as uncertain as he’d been in the locker room about what to say. “See you in Philly, I guess.”

“Yeah,” Sparrow muttered, yanking the door to his luxury SUV open with too much force. “See you in Philly, kid.”

Nick managed to get his own car door open, grabbed his ice scraper, and turned the car on so he could blast the heat. He watched Sparrow drive away, leaving tire tracks in the snow.


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I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology and each author was a new author to me. Of course, you have favorites, but overall each story was well written, made me smile and sometimes, literally, laugh out loud, made my heart soar, and have those great butterfly feelings with new and exciting romance.  After reading this I know I will be looking for some longer books from these authors. Individual reviews below. 4.5 Stars overall

Even Strength

By Cherylanne Corneille

(1 Flaming Puck)



Nate Ward is doing what he’s always wanted and that’s playing professional hockey. However, being the first, out and proud, gay player has its moments of stress that he’s dealing with mostly on his own since his boyfriend, Tristan, is working away more than he is at home.

Luckily, Nate has some really great and supportive team mates who have his back and are more than willing to stand in support by his side. But, when some misunderstandings turn into worry, Tristan finds time to be more present for Nate, as well, and the relationship is all the better for it.

Even Strength is a beautiful story of love, commitment, perseverance, and most of all, being true to yourself. The author chose to go off page with the sex scenes which didn’t take away from the story, at all. The romance between Nate and Tristan was perfect and overall the story was so good. I was disappointed when it came to an end. 4.5 Stars



Next Season

By Avon Gale

(3 Flaming Pucks)


Nick Miles soon learns that getting traded to Philadelphia won’t be the only adjustment he has to make. Everett Sparrow, a key player for the Knights, has also been traded and they are now sharing the same apartment.

Sparrow is moody, gruff, and a little temperamental, but he’s hiding secrets of his own and there’s a lot more going on with him than what appears on the surface.

Tired of lying, Nick comes clean with Everett and things just explode between them. Their friendship grows, their chemistry if off the charts, and the story is fantastically fun and sweet.

I love inclusiveness of family and their acceptance that is a given. I love the team dynamic of coaches and staff, from top of the chain to the bottom, in support. I love the realism and the modern day events that make the story as relevant as if it’s happening today. I love that the story put a smile on my face from the start until the very end. 5 Stars



Going Home

By Heather Lire

Series: Las Vegas

(2 Flaming Pucks)

The author pens the story of Blake, accepting a new position as an assistant coach, doing what he loves; with the new professional hockey team in Vegas. It’s been a decade since he’s graduated high school or even returned to his roots but along with his best friend, Dex, he decides to take a road trip and return even though going down memory lane will more than likely be the wrong move.

Micah loves both, men and women, but ten years ago when he let Blake get away he knew it was the biggest mistake of his life. Now, ten years later, he can’t believe it when Blake walks into his bar. He knows this time, thank you fate, he will not let him get away, and he sets out to win Blake back.

The author sets the story up nicely introducing the reader to the back history of both, Blake and Micah, so even though it’s in the present we also know what happened a decade ago and we aren’t left to wander. This is just an introduction into these two complex characters and their complicated lives and I hope the author decides to tell the rest of their story because I am definitely interested in finding out where they go from here.

One heated kiss that has the potential for so much more. Great story. 4.5 Stars



On Broadway

V.L. Locey

(3 Flaming Pucks)


From the outside, Riley Zeally, captain and star center for the New York Nightwings has it all. What only a select few know about Riley is he is gay and really wants someone to come home to. Waiting one morning for a photo shoot, he notices a beautiful young man skating with a hockey stick and his moves are incredible. Riley can’t stop thinking about him so he decides to walk back to the same area the next day to see if he can find him.

When fate steps in and puts these two back in each other’s path, Riley is determined to help this young man who goes by the name of Rocket. Riley doesn’t know what his story is and he’s afraid to push for too much information for fear that he will run and he will never find him again. However, when Rocket does disappear, Riley’s world seems to tilt and he decides he needs to make some changes for himself.

The story doesn’t delve too deeply into Rocket’s history but we do find out enough to know that he’s a survivor and wants more for himself than what he has been given. He and Riley are a great fit, they understand each other, they have amazing chemistry, and they help each other be better people.

This was a great story that I would love to read a full length version to see if they followed through with their plans. 5 Stars


The Brother and the Retired Player

Mary Smith

(3 Flaming Pucks)


Kian is in his forties and has been taking care of his brother for the past several years since their mother passed away. He basically put his life on hold so he could do everything for his brother. It put a huge strain on his relationship and eventually caused them to go their separate ways.

Now, Kian wants to start doing some things for himself. His brother is doing great, has a wonderful girlfriend, is going places in his career, so Kian decides to step out from behind the scenes and take back control of his own life.

Running into Tim, who has also recently retired, gives Kian the boost of confidence he needs. Tim invites him to dinner and they hit it off immediately. Everything that went wrong with Kian in his past relationship has no place in his new one. Tim is the perfect boyfriend and gives Kian everything he has been looking for.

Their relationship is an insta connection and they both question the validity of their feelings but decide to just go with the flow. This was a fast paced story about finding yourself and moving forward regardless to what others may think. Kian finally gets his life back but gets to keep everything that he holds most important to him, like family, close which is what he always wanted. 4 Stars


Take A Shot

Samantha Wayland

(3 Flaming Pucks)



Hot! Hot! Hot! Samantha Wayland knocks this one out of the park with Tim and Chris who are teammates and best friends. Chris has loved Tim for a long time but has always been afraid to voice his feelings aloud or even share with anyone that he may be gay or at least bi. But, when he gets hurt on the ice, a whirlwind of emotions take place. Not just with Chris but with Tim, his best friend.

Seeing Chris laying on the ice, hurt, rocks Tim to his core. He’s always been protective over Chris but now he is beside himself with wanting to take care of him. With the help of a couple teammates, Chris decides to tell Tim how he feels after a "not so great phone call from another girlfriend" who finds fault with Tim.

Tim realizes he, apparently, is the only one who missed all of the signs, but now that he sees he plans to put everything right in his world. Taking care of Chris, cooking for him, making love to him, getting him to open up about his feelings, are all things he loves to do and he is great at doing all of them. 

This is a great story with a lot of humor, great team support, hot sex, and great chemistry between two best friends who love each other!! 5 Stars



About the Author(s)


V.L. Locey

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.



Avon Gale


Avon Gale was once the mayor on Foursquare of Jazzercise and Lollicup, which should tell you all you need to know about her as a person. She likes road trips, rock concerts, drinking Kentucky bourbon and yelling at hockey. She’s a displaced southerner living in a liberal midwestern college town, and she never gets tired of people and their stories -- either real or the ones she makes up in her head.



Cherylanne Corneille


Cherylanne Corneille has been writing almost as long as she has loved the game of hockey, so it was inevitable that she would eventually combine two of her favorite pastimes into one hobby. She will watch almost any game but prefers to cheer on the Carolina Hurricanes, Anaheim Ducks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Tyler Seguin.

When not writing or watching hockey, she enjoys running and has completed 18 half marathons.  She also loves Stars Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Captain America.

Cherylanne lives in Central Florida with her cat, who was almost called Puck or Hanifin but sometimes answers to the name Phasma.



Heather Lire


Heather has traveled all over the world, speaks several languages, collects romance books like they’re going out of style, and has multiple book boyfriends. Ok, she hasn’t been all over the world, except in her mind. She does however speak multiple languages and collect romance books. Her long-suffering husband and sons roll their eyes at all her book boyfriends. When she’s not busy on her next novel she can be found in her classroom where teaches one of those many languages, at one of her sons many sporting events or on twitter talking about what else, romance books.



Samantha Wayland


Samantha Wayland has three great loves in life; her family, writing books, and hockey. She is often found apologizing to the first for how much time and attention is taken up by the latter two, but they forgive her because they are awesome and she clearly doesn’t deserve them.

Sam lives with her family—of both the two and four-legged variety—outside of Boston. When she’s not locked away in her home office, she can generally be found tucked in the corner of the local Thai place with other socially-starved authors and an adult beverage. Her favorite things include mango martinis, tiny Chihuahuas with big attitude problems, and the Oxford comma.



Mary Smith

Best Selling Author, Mary Smith, has been coming up with stories her whole life. She has written A HOCKEY TUTOR and THE NEW HAMPSHIRE BEARS SERIES along with numerous other titles, as well as co-authored THE PENALTY KILL TRILOGY, OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN SERIES, and THE NINTH INNINGS SERIES with Lindsay Paige. When not busy writing or rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks you can find her with her nose stuck in her Kindle.





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