Author:  Aimee Nicole Walker

Publisher:  Self Pub

Publish Date: January 19, 2016

Page count:  258

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Two incurable bachelors, one incredible journey…


            Jagger Jackson hides behind a sexy playboy veneer. He’d rather people see him as a man who doesn’t believe in love, rather than one who doesn’t deserve it. No matter how hard he works, he still sees himself as the unlovable boy from the wrong side of the tracks.


            Miller Brexler doesn’t believe he’ll ever meet a man who could make him want to settle down. He’s perfectly happy with his hit it and quit it lifestyle. Behind his easygoing nature is a man who’s passionately devoted to his career, family, and friends.


            JJ and Miller are brought together when their best friends meet and fall in love. Sparks fly from the very beginning and no matter how much they try to fight it, their attraction is unavoidable. What starts out as “just sex” has the potential to become so much more if JJ can come to terms with his painful past, and Miller is willing to admit that love may be the missing piece in his seemingly perfect life.


            Will these two stubborn hearts admit that they might’ve been wrong about love or will they allow the chance at true happiness to slip away? This is the tale of two imperfect men that together make a perfect fit.


            Perfect Fit is the fourth book in the Fated Hearts series and can be read as a standalone novel or as part of the series. Many of the characters in the book have been introduced in Chasing Mr. Wright, Rhythm of Us, and Surrender Your Heart.


*This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults only.



“Heads or tails?” Miller’s whispered question in my ear sent violent spikes of lust straight to my balls. I could have told him right then that he could have me first, but my devilish side wanted him to earn it.


            “Tails.” I said naughtily. I reached inside his pocket and made a big show of looking for a coin. In the process, I teased his erection through the thin fabrics of his pocket lining and his underwear. Miller’s teeth grabbed ahold of my ear and bit hard enough to get my attention. I slowly pulled out a quarter from his pocket and held it up for him to take from me.


            Miller took a step back from me so he could flip the coin and I immediately missed his heat. He flipped the coin high in the air and it seemed like slow motion as I watched it arc and circle in the air before it descended to land by our feet.


            “Heads.” His triumphant voice was paired with a piratical smile. “Take me to your bedroom, RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.”

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I have always felt pulled to JJ for some reason, and was thrilled that Perfect Fit, Book 4 in the Fated Heart Series, by Aimee Nicole Walker, was going to be his book. Jag and Miller, two guys who swore they would never fall in love or be a part of a sappy couple.

Miller, best friend to Gray, and JJ, best friend to Chase. It almost seems as though it was destined for them to meet. If it wasn’t for Chase and Gray, they probably wouldn’t have met and would have continued on being the bachelors that didn’t believe in love.

Being familiar with JJ already and his penchant for playing the field, I worried that Miller would have a hard time believing anything he said. And, I wasn’t wrong, much, with that assessment. But, Miller has a reputation, as well, making it known that he would never settle for one person for the rest of his life.

These two started off on shaky ground and it stayed that way for quite a while. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever make any headway towards a relationship or would they continue to doubt and accuse each other.

Once they realized or rather admitted, if only to themselves, that no one made them feel as good as they do when they are together, the story really takes off giving the reader an incredible journey.

The author really puts them through their paces and puts obstacles in front of them that had me biting my nails for the first part of the book. There are situations that could have taken the story in a completely different direction but I’m so glad they didn’t fall victim in the traps that were set out for them.

Even though they both didn’t really want to define their relationship or place labels on themselves on what they were doing, it was easy to see how perfectly they fit together.

I love stories that allow the characters to have open communication with each other and work together thru their problems. When these two are by themselves, away from friends and family, they are amazing together. Their chemistry is off the charts, HOT.

Miller and Jag were afraid to hope or look to deeply at what they had but they were so in tune with each other and had an incredible connection and it was beautiful to see them come together and find love and happiness that before each other were afraid to hope for.

There is a considerable amount of angst in this book, not only as a couple, but with friends and family around them, and I love the way the author handled these situations. It’s also these times that Miller and Jag form a stronger bond that cannot and will not be broken.

The joy far exceeds the angst making this a great story you don’t want to miss. There are special appearances from all the guys that we love and of course it wouldn’t be the same without Gram and she is just as feisty and ornery as ever. She should win an award for the best secondary character ever in a novel. She is priceless and loves her family so much.

From the moment Miller and Jag give in to each other and have sex it becomes explosive as sparks fly and its super steamy hot. They both normally take the dominant lead but as they flip for position it’s not long until they willingly switch for each other. It’s not important who is where just as long as they are together.

Whether in the bedroom, around family and friends, or just hanging out, they are the perfect couple and complement each other beautifully. Chase and Gray were always my favorite but I think JJ and Miller may have passed them or at least stand equally beside them.

There is a surprise turn of events towards the end of the story that was so beautiful, heartfelt, and had my emotions in upheaval. The feels that I experienced through this story is what makes reading worthwhile.

Aimee Nicole Walker is an amazing author who has the ability to pull the reader into the world she has created and you become fully invested in the characters wanting only the best for them. Each story she writes continues to evolve giving this reader hours of happiness as I’m consumed by the journey she takes us on. A definite 5 Heart read for me. 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the author**


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