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Today, I have the good fortune of sitting down with Aden from Victoria Sue's Sirius Wolves series. He was gracious enough to answer a few questions so I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I did. 

Character Interview with Aden


1)      What do you find attractive in a man?

Honesty, protectiveness… (Aden sighs) No, it’s not just that. With me it’s the height thing. I mean, OMG they’re all huge. Blaze has got these huge muscles… (Aden pauses and his faces flushes)



2)     The first thing that went through your head when you saw Blaze

I thought he was an idiot! I was convinced he was human and he’d stopped the hunt. I thought he was going to get himself killed, I mean I knew they were going to kill me, but it would just have been such a waste for someone else to die. But he just stood there—all tall and growly—and made the pack let me go.


3)     Do you think you’ll insist the author visits you again?

Oh hell, I hope not. This is the third time she’s put us all through the wringer, and I want some peace and quiet for a change. (Aden snickers) Seriously – she’s got things planned for a lot of the characters she has mentioned in the last three books, and I will have to help of course because they’re my friends.




4)     Before you met Darric, what was your ideal man?

Well, if you’ve read the first book you’ll know I had a thing for Kellan, and he isn’t an utterly gorgeous six foot five man with black skin and silver hair. My taste has improved recently…



5)     You’re going out for dinner. What’s your favorite food?

I have a thing for bananas at the moment, and I’m not telling you why – you would have to read the book to understand the significance of it. I love anything to be honest, especially if I’m sat on someone’s lap and he’s feeding me


Thanks, Aden for being here and answering these questions. You are great! 


Victoria Sue

Sirius Wolves - Part 3

49,000 Words

Publisher: Dark Hallows Press 

Cover Artist: Three Rusted Spoons



How can you repair something that should have been unbreakable? Darric, Blaze and Conner had been together for centuries, and their bond, like their love, should have been eternal. Blaze is trying not only to hold his family together, but stop himself falling apart.

The fragile relationship between the werewolves and the humans is at risk once more, and the goddess Sirius seems to have deserted them. Inexplicable changes are taking place to their little omega, and whilst Aden’s powers are increasing, Conner seems to be losing his.


The terrorist group, The Winter Circle, is getting bolder and placing everyone in danger. Worse, there is a traitor among them, perhaps someone a lot closer than they want to admit. Just when Blaze thought the worst that could have happened is behind them, the traitor is revealed, and Blaze realizes that their circle is not only broken, but in danger of being irreparably torn apart.


It was stunning. Even though his vision was black and grey, the world looked sharper, cleaner. Aden felt the soft touch of Darric’s wolf in his mind, and felt the love swirl around him. The other, bigger, black Alpha- marked wolf stood beside him, Blaze’s massive head swinging cautiously to one side, scenting for possible danger. Always on the lookout, always in full-on protective mode. Aden whined and lowered himself down. Blaze was making him rest. Memories clawed at him, hurt, and he tried to push them away. This. This was when Aden felt truly, irrevocably free. As a wolf he wasn’t small and scarred. Pathetic, abused, and beaten. 

He felt a nudge against his side. Blaze’s wolf came and stood close, gently brushed his snout along the grey fur on Aden’s round belly protectively. No, that wasn’t fair. He was none of those things now, even as a human. Aden tucked his paws under him and panted. He knew Blaze was urging him to go home. They had agreed on the advice of the doctor that this was the last time he would shift before the baby was born. He’d known it was a risk, and not something the she-wolves did at all, but this was when he felt the most connection to his lover.

This was the one time Darric had never died. The time before that beautiful body had been laid finally to rest and gone to Sirius. He knew Darric would be with Sirius until it was finally time for Aden to join him, and it wasn’t as if he was in a rush to die, but these moments as a wolf were all he had left of his silver-haired, beautiful mate, and he wanted to hold on for just a few seconds longer.


Sometimes Aden wanted to disappear in his wolf and never come back.


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Has loved books for as long as she can remember. Books were always what pocket money went on and what usually Father Christmas brought. When she ran out of her kids' adventure stories, she would go raid her mom's. By the age of eight she was devouring classics like Little Women, and fell in love with love stories.

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