Kage Unleashed (Kage Trilogy) Book 2, by Maris Black


Title: Kage Unleashed

Series: Kage Trilogy Book 2

Author: Maris Black

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 197 Pages

Publisher: Maris Black Books

Heat Level: Explicit

Publication Date: August 24, 2015



My name is Jamie Atwood, and I am an idiot. Against all odds, I got the attention of Michael Kage, the hottest MMA fighter on the planet. To say he rocked my world would be inadequate. He transformed me completely, made me depend on him, and made me love him. And the sex? Let me put it this way: I'd never been with a guy before I met Kage, but I'd gladly spend the rest of my life on my knees for him. He is my obsession and my addiction. But I did something stupid, and now I'm paying for it. I don't know if I'll ever see Kage again.




Being Michael Kage was never easy. Too many demons, too much anger, and not enough to live for. And then I met Jamie Atwood. He's got this innocence about him that speaks to something deep down inside me-- in a place that's never been touched by anyone. He's beautiful, smart, and courageous, and he hasn't been tainted by the darkness that's ruled my life. I wanted him from the first second I laid eyes on him. It's selfish, I know. Because you can't bring an innocent thing into the darkness and not expect something to rub off.




 Well…SHIT!!!! Maris Black has AGAIN killed me with the ending. I HATE this feeling of helplessness and state of panic I’m in as I finish reading Kage Unleashed. I’ve been clawing to get my hands on the second book and once I had it I didn’t want to just speed through it. I wanted to savor it and take it slow because once you finish, it’s over. That was my intention, however, it didn’t quite work like that. Once you start reading, you will not put it down.

Kage Unleased starts off where the author left me gutted and draining at the end Book 1. I have re-read the ending of Kage several times because I didn’t want to forget that feeling of devastation and humiliation. Not only for myself, but for Kage and Jamie.

I experienced so many emotions while reading book 2 that I literally had to lay the book down and go outside.(Even though I said you won't put it down, I did need a breather) Maris Black can leave a hole in my heart faster than anyone and I knew I wasn’t going to like what was about to go down.

One of my emotions that was most prominent, was anger. I was furious with some of the revelations and the actions of, both, Kage and Jamie. I wanted to defend Jamie and give Kage a WTF lecture. I also wanted to give Jamie the same lecture that he needed to grow a fucking backbone. I wanted to defend Kage and hug him so tightly for the pain he is obviously in. Not physical pain because he thrives on that, but the internal pain that he holds so close to himself and refuses to share.

And, speaking of pain, Jamie and Kage are just as hot as ever in the bedroom, living room, or wherever they are when they have sex. Jamie thrives on the pain that turns to pleasure during their rough encounters.  When they are speaking , that is. 

When he took away my choice like that, made the rest of the world go away, it freed me up to be just as needy and depraved as I wanted to be. No, as needy and depraved as he wanted me to be, because he was the one in charge.
— Jamie

They never really hash out what happened at Jamie's house that caused Kage to flee. I think Kage thinks that Jamie would be better off without him, and he without Jamie so he starts acting like a big asswipe and pretty much keeps it up through the entire book. 

Jamie has school to return to which means leaving Kage behind and I wasn’t sure how that was going to go down. Whether other people admit or accept it, these two belong together. And believe me when I say there are too many people trying to keep them apart. Can’t they see how Jamie calms Kage when he is with him? Can’t they see that these two love each other and need each other? Well…obviously not or they just don’t care because they are selfish.

Jamie does sit down with his dad, at the hospital, after his mom’s surgery and has a heart to heart with him. This was very important because this is part of what made Kage so mad when he left Jamie in the yard. I was on pins and needles but I was also very proud of him for having the nerve to tell his dad how he felt. Jamie is a good son, a good person, and it was hard on him lying to his parents. It’s hard on him lying to anyone about his relationship with Kage but, for now, it is what it is. Hopefully, one day that can be open and honest with everyone, but that’s not today.

Up until now, Kage has fought only in underground fights. He is trying to get a contract with UFC so his training takes him away from Jamie more than they like. In absence, where the heart should grow fonder, it only seems to grow suspicion. There are some key players who have a hand in making sure doubts are put into place - making sure things appear different than they really are, and at one point, it looked as though they had succeeded. One of them really shocked me and threw me into a tailspin, although, looking back I should’ve seen in coming. They are, after all, on the uncle’s payroll.

What they don’t realize or want to consider is Jamie and Kage have a strong connection. If Kage asks Jamie to trust him, he does and vice versa. But, it's not really that simple as most of us have a weak link allowing doubt and suspicion to fill our hearts and minds. I hope in time they can see through the muck and not succumb to the inner workings of evil that have them in their clutches.

Kage is getting played (mentally) by a few people. He has always followed his Uncle's demands, and he makes me think of a voo-doo doll where he is getting stabbed all over-- he just doesn't know by whom. I just hope that he can weed through the lies and find the truth. 

In the first book, we never really met the illusive uncle that raised Kage. Jamie only met him once, I think, but you always felt this underlying tension that he was and is bad news. The author brings him out a little more in Unleased and if you thought he was a blood sucking scumbag that belongs under a street drain, then you would be right. He is the devil incarnate and I’m pleading to the author to give him in just due in the next book.

Maris Black keeps us on edge by giving us a few crumbs to nibble on. We still don’t know much about Kage’s childhood which I’m pretty sure is the root to his horrible nightmares. I do think that the time is coming that Kage will start to open up more to Jamie and share that part of his life. Although, I am not sure if Kage even remembers what happened back then or maybe he has blocked it out because if was so traumatic. I do think his nightmares are starting to reveal more to him and I’m hoping that Jamie will be his lifeline to keep him from drowning.

The author continues to sweep me up in a whirlwind with her writing and her ability to keep my emotions in a twisted knot. She blows me away with her imagination and creativity and I know that while I’m reading ...she has my full attention. Her ingenuity sets her apart and I admire her devotion and resourcefulness to her craft. When you read Maris Black be prepared to be taken on a roller-coaster of emotions.

Now, the countdown begins again, for Kage Unmasked, the final story to one of the best series I have ever read. The struggle is real!! I can’t imagine anyone not reading this but if you are out there, I can’t recommend enough this trilogy. If you love alpha men, hot sex, humor, suspense, and a plot that takes precedence over everything in your life, this is it. Note to the author: You're killing me!!



About the Author

 Maris Black lives in the Southern United States. In college, she majored in English and discovered the joys of creative writing and literary interpretation. After honing her skills discovering hidden meanings authors probably never intended, she collected her English degree and got a job at a newspaper. But she soon figured out that small town reporting wasn't going to pay the bills, so she went to work in the medical field. Logical progression, right? But no matter what she did, the self-proclaimed compulsive plotter couldn't stop writing fiction.

"The M/M genre feels sort of like coming home," she says. "I can't quite explain it. I've always had openly gay and bisexual friends and relatives, the rights and acceptance of whom are very important to me, so it feels great to celebrate that. But there's also something so pure and honest about the love between two men that appeals to me and inspires me to write."

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