Fire & Ice ( A Guns & Hoses Novel) by Brenda Cothern

Title: Fire & Ice

Series: A Guns & Hoses Novel

Author: Brenda Cothern

Genre: Contemporary/BDSM/

Length: 246 Pages (Novel)

Publisher: Brenda Cothern Books, Inc.

Heat Level: Explicit


Lukas Wolf has no desire to have a partner. He doesn't need any help, especially from some young graduate with no field experience, to catch a serial arsonist who is escalating in the county.


Austin Kinsley moved to Tampa Bay to reconnect with his cousin, Thomas Flame, and to apply for an arson investigator position with the county. Of course, getting his dream job is the easy part. Working with his new partner, Lukas Wolf, and finding what he needs to satisfy his craving for pain might be more difficult.


This book contains M/M & BDSM sexual situations and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.


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 Fire & Ice, A Guns & Hoses Novel, by Brenda Cothern hit every one of my buttons. I loved the pairing between Lukas and Austin and they made a perfect team. Whether in the field, the dungeon or at home they were exquisitely matched, except they don't know it, yet. One a masochist, the other a sadist, they complement each other beautifully.

You know what? Screw you Wolf, and your high horse. I know the addresses, so don’t bother getting up to do your damned job!
— Austin Kinsley

Austin has just moved to Tampa hoping to land the job that he wants so desperately. He just recently graduated with his Masters where he received top honors. Getting the job on his own merits is very important to him, but Tommy (Flame from Guns & Hoses) his cousin takes a different approach, against Austin’s wishes.

Speaking of Tommy, I was a little shocked at his behavior. He is very overbearing and protective of his cousin. I think he is having a hard time seeing Austin as an adult instead of the young teenager he was at their last contact. Tig is constantly pulling him back from the ledge that he insists on going over with his meddlesome views. How many times will Tommy come across as an overprotective father figure before Austin has had enough?

Austin is thrilled to reunite with Tommy, but he has some secrets of his own that he is not ready to share with his cousin. However, when danger happens on the job site he may not have a choice.

His biggest secret and passion is skin deep, literally, for all to see when he is injured. The biggest shock is to Lukas, who had no idea that his pain-junkie… that he anticipates meeting each weekend …is his partner on the job. Oh what tangled webs we weave when we want to deceive. How will Lukas react when he realizes the truth behind the hooded pain slut?

Keeping his secret of being a pain junkie from everyone around him is exhausting for Austin. He sets up a scene online for the weekend but it doesn’t give him what he truly needs. When his eyes land on Lukas, dressed to kill in leathers, Austin is transfixed by him. He knows Lukas could give him everything he wants and needs. But, would he if he knew his true identity? Wearing a hood and taking on a fake kink of silence allows Austin to scene with Lukas but how long can he remain silent when Lukas is giving him so much pleasure?

Lukas Wolf is misunderstood. He is moody, grouchy, and comes across as rude most of the time. He definitely does not want a partner on the job that he has worked by himself for 10 years. He is attracted to Austin from the minute he first sees him in Guns & Hoses. He has no idea he will see him again...the next morning.

 Walking in to perform an interview and coming face to face with those same green eyes pisses him off. He is certain Austin is getting the job because of who he knows and not for any skill he may have. They butt heads from the get-go and I loved Austin’s attitude toward his grumpy partner. Every time Austin flirted, winked, or smiled with evil thoughts I was also smiling from ear to ear.

I absolutely loved this story with Lukas and Austin. The author’s execution flowed smoothly taking us on a thrilling journey. She instills humor within the characters, especially Austin, and he used it quite often to irritate his partner.

How he’d become lucky enough to find a man that made him feel complete, made him feel alive, he didn’t know, but he would give this man whatever he wanted.
— Lukas Wolf

The plot has an underlying suspense that keeps you on your toes and adds a level of intensity making you wonder what will happen next. I loved the deception Austin was using against Lukas and I understood his reasons behind it.

Lukas is a sadist and he thrives on creating pain but he has never found the right person to be himself with. He doesn’t want a sub that he has to care for full time but someone who can be his equal.

He doesn’t apologize for his kink nor does he insult Austin by taking it easy on him. I read a lot of BDSM books and I thought Brenda hit this spot on. Even though Austin has a high tolerance to pain their scenes never escalated beyond what was safe and consensual. They were beautiful together and were able to give each other what they both craved.

I enjoyed seeing Tig and Flame again, even though Flame was a bit of an ass towards Austin, but I know his heart was in the right place. I love getting follow-ups of previous characters and to see, both, being very comfortable outside of their elements with each other was very gratifying.

If you have read Guns & Hoses I wholeheartedly recommend reading this story as well. Even if you haven’t they both can be read as standalone but you will be missing out on an amazing story. I, also, just learned that Shattered Illusions (Book 5) has John’s story from Guns & Hoses so I will be reading that one, as well. More time with any of these characters is a good thing and something that I want to delve into immediately.

Overall impression…This is my favorite, so far, and I really enjoyed reading about Lukas and Austin. The author’s creativity and resourcefulness along with her writing style made this a story I will come back to in the future. Hot men, hot sex, great storyline, what’s not to like, right? 


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