DREAMSPINNER PRESS NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Say It With Ink (The Seattle Chronicles), by C.C. Dado


Title: Say It With Ink

Series: The Seattle Chronicles

Author: C.C. Dado

Genre: Contemporary/Gay Romance/Coming Out

Length: 60 Pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Heat Level: Low


Levi can remember the exact moment the projection of his life changed entirely, from homeless dropout to college graduate. It was the day he found Jamie Donovan standing on his front porch—the boy Levi had secretly drooled over from afar would become the best friend he secretly drooled over up close.

When Levi gets a full ride scholarship but Jamie doesn’t, Jamie becomes an exotic dancer to help pay his tuition. Watching Jamie perform is pure torture for Levi, and hiding how he really feels starts to take its toll. And when the hot new guy from his Econ class hits on him, Levi has to decide just how long he’s going to stay devoted to his straight best friend.


ISBN: 978-1-62380-945-4

Product Link: Dreamspinner Press  | Amazon US

Add to Shelf: Goodreads

 I love opening up books from an author I have never read before and thoroughly enjoying the journey I’ve been taken on. That’s how I felt with Say It With Ink, by C.C. Dado.

The story is short, just around 60 pages, so you know it’s not going to be an in depth read, However, I felt as though the author still dedicated the story to getting to know the characters and building up to the love interest. The story didn’t feel rushed trying to get them to the sex. There wasn’t one scene of sex….”gasp”… and I loved it just the same.

Levi and Jamie have been best friends for a long time. They have been there for each other through many ups and downs. Because they are such close friends Levi never felt comfortable telling Jamie how he really felt about him. He was terrified he would lose him if he knew he was gay and crushing on him in a big way.

Now, they are rooming together in college and Levi can’t hide any longer. He seeks friendship with another student by the name of Sy (whom btw needs his own story because he is one super interesting character), as he tries to get himself pulled together after spilling his guts to Jamie in a drunk moment of weakness.

The author takes the reader through the lives of both boys and your heart hurts for Levi because he loves Jamie more than anything. You are introduced to Jamie’s amazing parents who love Levi as if he was their own son.

 The story ends with what I would consider a happy for now but I would have loved to have had more time with them trying to work out this new revelation between them.

When the story finally gets to the truth, I felt like it ended too abruptly. I know you have to end at some point. I wish the ending would have left me feeling happier for Levi and being more secure with how things were going to turn out.  

Maybe there will be a follow-up down the road for these two because I would love to see how they are getting along.

Other than that, a truly enjoyable read that put a smile on my face more than once from the funny banter back and forth between these two lovable characters.

Sy, the new friend, was definitely a highlight and I would love to know his story, as well as, David, Jaime’s brother. In other words, lots of great characters. 


      4Stars from me

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Creative Minds Promotion**