Title: Surrender Your Heart

Series: Fated Hearts Series Book 3

Author: Aimee Nicole Walker

Genre: Romance/

Contemporary/Coming Out

Length: 239 Pages

Publisher: Aimee Nicole Walker

Heat Level: Explicit





Blurb: Secrets and fears… Everyone has them; Jack Murphy and Liam Connelly are no exception. 

A secret brings Liam Connelly to D.C., but what he discovers upon his arrival is so much more than he expected. Hired to tend bar at Bottoms Up, Liam finds himself drawn to his enigmatic boss like a moth to a flame. 

Jack “Dragon” Murphy dedicated his life to serving his country, but PTSD forces him into early retirement. Jack sets out to build a new dream with the love and support of his family, friends, and his dog, Charlie. Bottoms Up becomes his new beginning and his solace from the inner turmoil caused by the secret he has been hiding for twenty years. A secret he is able to deny until he meets Liam. 

Jack is rocked by the death of the man he respects above all others. His loss brings about a new discovery, making him realize that things aren’t always what they seem. 

Fear of rejection keeps Liam from revealing the truth of why he came to town and guilt is eating him alive. He’s built a new life with wonderful friends and losing all of it seems like more than he can handle. He turns to the man who has come to mean so much to him and learns that he’s not the only one hiding a secret. 

Jack wants Liam more than his next breath, but can he take the risk of losing everyone he holds dear; to take that leap that will either bring him happiness or cause him to lose the one person who makes him feel complete? 

Jack and Liam join forces to find closure for Jack’s lost hero and learn a lot more about themselves and each other along the journey. Will these two men find a future together or will outside forces keep them apart? Are they brave enough to surrender their hearts to one another or will fear break their bond? 

Surrender Your Heart is the third book in the Fated Hearts Series. It can be read as a standalone book, but has many characters that have been introduced in Chasing Mr. Wright and Rhythm of Us. 

*This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults only. 






OMG!! Can Aimee Nicole Walker write or what? Surrender Your Heart, Book 3 in the Fated Heart Series, will have you in a bawling heap one minute and big smiles the next. Grab your tissues, you have been warned.

Jack Murphy has hid behind his job, his family, and his friends for twenty years. He knew by the age of sixteen that he was gay, but he was so confused by these feelings that he decided to pretend they didn’t exist. And…he almost got away with it. But, Liam showed up and Jack’s world tilted and everything he has sacrificed will be put to the test.

Liam moved to DC because he found out that there was more to his family that he thought. He got a job bartending at Bottoms Up and almost two years later, he’s still carrying secrets that are weighing him down.

Everyone working at the bar sees how Jack watches Liam, except Liam. But, when Jack loses someone that is his whole world, Liam takes a chance to offer support. Being close to Jack but not close enough is killing Liam. So, he makes his move and he can’t believe it when Jack gives in.

The Fated Heart Series is one of my most favorite series, ever, and each time a new book is released, in this series, it’s like Christmas. I love catching up with past characters and getting a glimpse of what’s happening now, in the present.

Also, if you are a lover of this series, then you know about Gram who is one of the best characters ever written. She has her time in the spotlight here, as well, and trust me, you will be cracking up. Everyone should have a Gram like her.

This could be read as a standalone because the author does a great job of getting the reader caught up when old characters are introduced. However, knowing their story and what they went through to get to where they are now, is so worth the read. You will not be disappointed with any book in this series.

Jack goes through a lot of changes and revelations in Surrender your Heart. He realizes just how special his family and friends are, and how much he is loved. 

He will be forced to face some new information that could have damaged him, but he takes it with reverence and grace. As he stumbles through the past, he realizes that he may have not been as hidden as he thought.

Letting go of the reservations he has held onto for so long, accepting what he knows is the truth, is magical, and coming clean with Liam  and taking what he wants, needs, and desires is breathtakingly beautiful reading. You won’t put this book down, and if you do, you won’t wait long to pick it back up.

Jack and Liam are a perfect match and they complement each other so well. Jack may be older and was in the military but he’s never been with a man, until Liam.

Watching both of them find their way and learning each other’s bodies is beyond sexy and extremely hot. Exposing their true feelings and seeing the connection and chemistry they have between them will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can.

I couldn’t imagine a time when I would look at him and not find him beautiful.
— Liam

The sex between the characters will have you holding your breath from the intensity, but it’s never overdone. I love how the author instills humor with the characters and their banter back and forth will have you laughing out loud.

I have always connected with the author’s writing style and love everything that she has published.  The connection with Surrender Your Heart, for me, was even more powerful because of where the family comes together.

The Murphy's are in my home state and even though I wasn't exactly positive of their exact location, I have been there. I've been to that cabin surrounded by woods and changing colors. I felt like a family member that gathered around the fire, laughing and sharing stories. 

There is just so much awesome that I strongly encourage you to pick up this entire series and read it. Aimee Nicole Walker is an auto-buy author for me and that hasn’t changed. Go get it, you will be hooked. 

                     5Stars from me


Love IS a beautiful thing. I've wanted to write and publish books for many years, but it never seemed like the right time. I've learned one very important thing in my life...if you wait for the right time, then you'll never do it. You'll spend all of your time wishing and hoping instead of living. So, with much enthusiasm and support from my family and friends, I've set forth on this new adventure.


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