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First, I love A.E. Via’s alpha/hard-core men who know exactly what they want and know how to go after it. Promises, Part 1 starts off in familiar territory with the aggressive, no holds-barred bounty hunters finding their suspect and going after him.

This was definitely some action-packed, breath-holding moments that quickly turned into an emotional, gut wrenching fall out leaving Duke hanging on by a thread, literally.

This, also, is where we learn the most about Vaughan and his obsession/infatuation/love with Duke and how long he has harbored these feelings. Feelings that his father had been made aware of years prior, considering he is Duke’s best friend and business partner, but he supported his son, regardless of the mixed feelings he carried about the coupling.

I like Vaughan, and I like how he is completely focused on showing Duke that he is the man for him, in every way. What I have some reservations about was Duke, never realizing until now that Vaughan was interested in him, to give in so easily and accept the relationship as inevitable.

It’s pretty easy going from there and the tension that was felt in the beginning levels to a low hum. The author, towards the end, throws in little snippets about Quick and Dr. C. and I have to say I am looking forward to their story in Promises, Part 2.

Overall, Part 1 is an enjoyable read, and as A.E. Via always does so well, the sex was spontaneous and very hot. Duke and Vaughan make a good pairing, especially in the bedroom, and I really like the fact that even though Duke is older than Vaughan, age is never part of the equation for them.

The story, itself, is a 4 star read, for me. However, the editing is an issue and even though this is something I usually let slide, I am unable to when I am frequently pulled from the story, in order to re-read the line over to make sense. As a side note, I have an updated copy and it’s the same. With that said, I do enjoy the author’s writing style and look forward to the next release.

   3.5 -4.0



* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the promoter*